Lodz Airport

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Lodz Lublinek Airport

Adress: Port Lotniczy Łódź Sp. z o.o.ul.Gen. S. Maczka 35, 94-328 Łódź, POLAND
IATA Airportcode: LCJ
ICAO Airportcode: EP
Alias: Internationale Airport Władysław Reymont Łódź

Lodz is 130 kilometers southwest of Warsaw located in the central area of Poland. One can directly take a flight to both Warsaw or Lodz. The Lodz Airport allows consistent flight connections to and fro Dublin/London, Munich, East Midlands, and Athens. You can also travel to Warsaw Chopin Airport, which permits 123 natural ways to 52 countries daily. From there you can reach Lodz either through the inter-city train or through a bus. Lodz also offers direct coach links to/from Vienna and Prague and rail connections to all big cities.

P1 Parking Lodz Airport

The entire region is highly excellently-lit, has a landing surface, which is fully enclosed with an entrance barrier, and is widely protected. Throughout the business hours of the airport, the Lodz Airport parking area is scanned with Cctv camera across the clock and is very well-guarded. At the airport itself, Lodz Airport P1 offers inexpensive parking. You will not be taken advantage of for the comfort of conventional airport parking area: please look for yourself as to alternate parking is inevitably more affordable. You no more have to wait for a pick up from and to the terminal. Why be reliant on an additional method of transport when you can appreciate the independence of parking your car at the airport terminal? Clients with incapacities are provided extra assistance, and they are exempted from all parking fees. To redeem free Lodz parking, kindly refer to the staff who will authorize your parking voucher to cancel the payment.

P1 Airport Parking Lodz Specs:

  • An astonishing place head-to-head to the terminal
  • feeing scheme successfully challenging with substitute car park lots
  • Exclusive support facility for disabled clienteles, who are exempt from any fee


You can acquire a booking receipt covering the park’s location and contact number, alongside any match directions, upon authenticating your booking. To observe the place of the airport Lodz parking area, visit the airport’s online web.

Getting To And From Lodz Airport

By Plane

As Poland’s third-biggest city, Lodz gets its reasonable portion of air travelers. With the modern terminal, the feel of flying in and out of the Lodz has become progressively more enjoyable.

By Train

With the city lying in the core of the country, Lodz is a junction for many rail networks comprising of the country. To control the traffic, Lodz has three stations – Widzew (north/south routes), Kaliska (west/east routes). The third large station is the new Lodz Fabryczna, which is the essential and essential center of the three. It also serves as a dead end with all trains ending here, although that will change once the connecting tunnel to Łódź Kaliska is accomplished in 2022.

Warsaw line has experienced a considerable renovation, and top speed connections will now allow you to travel to the capital in less than ninety minutes. You can find trains easily from Lodz to the most famous big Polish cities, but the speed of many can be slow and slight delays are normal. Currently, a 250km expedition to Krakow should take somewhere between 2 to 4 hours. Gdansk, 370km away, will take roughly five and a half hours.

By Car Hire

If you strategize to travel in diverse parts of London utilizing inexpensive airlines you can come to Lodz airport to find some of the top locations in Europe and Poland. You require to understand that appointing a car upon arriving at the airport is so important, particularly if you have your families with you. When you rent a car at Lodz Airport parking and drive the vehicle in the country, specifically if the motorist came from countries outside of the EU. Before you are allowed by car companies to lease a car and drive, you must have a legal US driver’s license for at least two years. This is the only way they will permit you to drive a vehicle.

By Bus

Flixbus assists Prague, Berlin, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Katowice, and Poznan. They facilitate with free of cost onboard ticket and Wi-Fi for the most excellent price. Buses leave from Łódź Fabryczna bus station.

Small minibus and bus companies offer connections between Lodz and several cities (small and big) around Poland. While many of these advances from Lodz Fabryczna station, some buses go to Warsaw Chopin and Warsaw Modlin airports. The Czech bus company Leoexpresss connects Łódź Fabryczna railway with the bus terminal name Warszawa Zachodnia as well as Marymont metro station and Chopin airport.

What To Expect

Lodz airport has a small, new terminal that is segmented into non-Schengen and Schengen exiting areas. Amenities provides free Wi-Fi, three shops and a few restaurants. For relaxation, while you wait, passengers on a budget can pay to enter an airport lounge, which has showers for tidying up.

More Services

Cash Machines/ATMs

Need money? ATMs are available. Machines are functioned by Euronet, BZ WBK, PKO BP, and Planet Cash. Charges may apply, so be certain to confirm the bank’s fee calendar and your daily withdrawal limit if you are traveling globally. It is prudent to inform your bank about your travel plans.

Currency Exchange

Two exchange offices are available at the airport.

Sites: first floor, near Exit/Entrance.

Duty-Free & Shopping

Katniss and Aelia duty-free shopping is available at the location. Magazines, books, drinks, appetizers, and more are available for buying at PHU Konard, Relay, and 1Minute.

Drinks & Food

Food businesses all through the airport function on varying timetables throughout airport terminal hours of action. Dining choices contain Flying Bistro, 1 Minute, and Coffee House.

Observation Deck

Relax and watch planes landing and taking off from the vantage point of the airport’s surveillance deck:

Position: airside, first floor.

Where To Eat In Lodz

If you are eyeing for reasonable foods, you can get an astonishing meal at one of the several food stalls besides Ulica Piotrkowska for €6 per individual. Those considering authentic polish flavors should make bookings at Restauracja Anatewka on Ulica Sierpnia. The eatery provides typical Jewish and lives Klezmer music at a regular priceof zł2, 200 per meal.