Weeze Airport

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Weeze Airport

Adress: Flughafen-Ring 60, 47652 Weeze, Germany
IATA Airportcode: NRN
ICAO Airportcode: EDLV
Alias: Düsseldorf Weeze Airport en Düsseldorf Niederrhein Airport

Weeze Airport, also known as Airport Niederrhein, is located close to the Dutch/German border, in the Niederrhein zone of Germany. Reasonable carriers, including Ryanair, usually use the airport. Weeze Airport (NRN) is the 3rd largest airport by travelers in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located five km away from Weeze and almost seventy km far from Dusseldorf. From Germany, it can be reached easily through the A57. Exit 4 and Exit 3 of the A57 motorway take you in ten minutes to the airport.

Weeze Airport parking

Weeze airport has seven-thousand parking lots, all in the open air. Car parks P3, P2, and P1, are within the walking zone of the terminal building. Nevertheless, Weeze Airport P1 parking lot is much nearer than P3 and P2. Weeze airport makes use of a fantastic technology to produce an additional profit. Each driver has to pay €3.00 at the arrival portal of the airport to reach to the terminal P3, P2 or P1. Meaning, you have to add €3.00 to the Weeze Airport parking fare. It is not hard to aid a Weeze parking lot at Weeze airport.

P3 Affordable Parking At Weeze Airport

The parking places at P3 are ten to five minutes’ walk (400-1000 meters) from the exit hall. The authorization plate is positioned at the entrance. The machine hands out a parking ticket at the Weeze Airport. This parking receipt must be added to the departure top to open the barrier. Do not appoint a usual parking fare at the entry. In case of any problem, the 24/7 parking facility will allow you a physical parking voucher adding the booking data by the barrier system.


  • From the A73 get the A77 words Cologne
  • At the boundary of Germany, the A77 becomes the German A57
  • leave the A57 at the Weeze/Goch exit
  • Follow the symbols to the airport

Tip: Have Two Euros Ready

Weeze airport now has the entrance gate where you have to pay two euros to enter the airport zone. So, we suggest you have the right cash ready. Additional tip: you can drop off your baggage and customer in front of the terminal before parking your car in P3. This means you will not need to carry around the bags, and your fellow visitors do not need to walk.

Weeze Airport P2 Parking

Weeze airport P2 parking area is reachable to book online. It is positioned in the airport so you can leave your automobile at this car parking area, just minutes walk away from the terminal. As well as the authorized airport car park, lots of parking companies offer you with alternate Weeze airport parking options that are dependable and secure. So whatever your choice is, you will get the highest standard airport Weeze parking facility.

On the other hand, if you do not appreciate the idea of allowing someone else drives your car, you can also book the shuttle bus facility. Booking your Weeze airport parking space through the website before the day of need will assure your safe parking space. At the same time, you will also take benefit from inexpensive charges. Preserving your parking space is easy and takes less than fifteen minutes.

Affordable public transportation to Weeze Airport

Coming to Weeze Airport is not most difficult, but it is more complicated than traveling to other large German airports. Weeze airport is about 70 km to the northeast of Dusseldorf and thirty kilometers from the Nijmegen in the Netherlands. You can arrive at the Weeze airport by bus, car, and train but transfers usually are required.

By Car To Weeze Airport

Driving is the easiest way to come to Weeze Airport. The airport is just off the Autobahn A57 (use exit 3 – Weeze/Goch or exit 4 – Weeze/Uedem), with the most exceptional access from most cities in the Ruhr zone or Dutch cities such as Nijmegen, Arnhem, and Venlo. Rationally priced parking is freely available at the airport. Car rental businesses with car rental desks within this airport consists of Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, and Avis. Rental cars at Weeze airport are best reserved in advance for the inexpensive costs and to make sure availability.

By Train To Weeze Airport

Weeze Airport is not connected to the rail junction of Germany, but trains are the most excellent option for traveling from the airport. From Weeze airport, take a 10-minute bus trip to Weeze train station. The bus runs typically once per hour with times related to departure times/train arrival. From Weeze station, two trains per hour go to Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof. Düsseldorf has extraordinary railway connections to all areas of Germany. Visitors to Ruhr cities such as Bochum, Essen, Duisburg, and Dortmund, alongside Bonn, Cologne, Venlo, Aachen, and Mönchengladbach can exchange trains at Krefeld, which is forty minutes from Weeze station in the route of Düsseldorf.

Private Shutter And Taxis

Private airport shuttle and airport taxi facilities are best reserved in before traveling from Weeze airport. Guess to pay for pre-booked individual airport arrivals close to Düsseldorf €100, Essen €100, Duisburg €70, Weeze station €25, Cologne €130. For locations in the Netherlands guess to pay to Arnhem €100, Venlo €40, Nijmegen €70 and around €280 to Amsterdam.

Many single visitors will find outstanding worth when going by train or bus even though small groups and families may have the opportuneness of going straight from the airport to accommodation without transfers. Private shutter facilities are also outstanding when traveling at strange hours or to locations without regular public transport connections.

By Bus

Buses provide a seamless, uninterrupted facility from Weeze Airport to Dusseldorf and Duisburg downtown. Expedition charges and times are similar with using the train but minus needing transfers during the journey. The bus schedule fares are charged seasonally depending upon the flight packages and normally run earlier hours than most train facilities. Weeze airport to downtown Dusseldorf by bus through Duisburg takes just less than 2 hours. For single visitors, buses usually are reasonable than the train when traveling from Weeze, but groups can keep using the Schöner-Tag-Ticket NRW on domestic trains and city buses.