Bremen Airport

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Overview Bremen Airport:

Bremen Airport ranks among Germany’s leading international commercial airports with nearly 30 non-stop destinations in many countries in Europe and North Africa. Bremen Airport is the fastest departure airport in Europe. Passengers are not going to find an international airport nearer to the city center in Germany. It only takes passengers eleven minutes to get from the city center to the airport. The tram stops right outside the terminal.

The excellent daily connection services for passengers to major European hubs such as Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Zürich, and Istanbul are available.


Bremen Airport is Northern Germany’s city and state airport. It is 3.5 km (2.2 mi) south of the town, and it has recorded to handle 2.66 million travelers in 2015. It showcases mainly flights to metropolitan and recreational destinations in Europe.

Children’s services:

Planning is essential when traveling with kids.  Airlines offer additional services that facilitate flying.  There is the option to book a baby cot for long-distance flights. For the security of the child, the child must be strapped into a car seat. A seat belt generally secures flight passengers.

Day of departure:

Getting to the Airport

Flying should be fun for all. The airport’s central location is a good precondition for this: traveling from Bremer City to Bremen Airport takes only 11 minutes. You can park your car in front of the terminals quickly and easily. Bremen Airport has more than 4,500 parking spots in two parking lots, from which you can reach the terminals in just a few minutes of walking distance. But, the kids may, also want to have some of their demands fully met before a flight lasting multiple hours. Looking at this, make sure to allow enough time for your trip to the airport and the check-Ins.

Airport stays

You can find great pastimes at Bremen airport. There is a variety of food options available, ranging from pizza, pasta, burgers, etc. for you and your children. The kiddie land in Terminal 2 and the McDonald’s playland, offer children the opportunity to play to the content of their hearts. The onlookers get mesmerized by the unimpeded view of the aircraft’s take-off and landing strip in the Bremen Hall. The “Airport Flight Experience” in the Spaceship provides great memories for kids.

Baby changing rooms:

Separate baby changing rooms can be easily found in all terminals as well as the security area that can only be accessed after check-in by passengers.

When your pets are traveling with you

Most airlines allow carrying small dogs and pet cats (less than 5 kilograms) in the aircraft cabin. Only the cargo can hold more massive pets and animals such as birds, guinea pigs, or rabbits be transported. If you wish to take your pet with you, you must promptly and in writing, send this to your airline or tour operator, which is only available after check-in to passengers.

Animal transport container:

The passenger must accurately organize containers for animals separately. For example, in Bremen, you can purchase these containers at the Lufthansa Cargo for dogs and cats. 


Usually, checking in pets takes place simultaneously with travelers, that is, without extra waiting times. Please note the laws of your destination regarding the entry of animals. 

Travel services and routes:


  1. Follow the signs having the airport symbol.  Use the highway A1, exit Arsten, from Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven: take the A 27 motorway, reach Bremen-Überseestadt, then the B6 motorway and the A281 motorway. Follow the signs having the airport symbol
  2. From Oldenburg: Via B75 and the A281 motorway. Follow the signs with the sign for the airport. Please ensure that it is updated with the latest information when using a GPS. The A281 highway has lately been finished, and the data may not be up-to-date. Follow the signs having the airport symbol if you have any confusions. 

Train and tram

If you are traveling by train to the airport, you can quickly reach Bremen Airport by tram, line 6, by the Central Station. Tram, Line 6 University, Central Station, City Bus leaves every 10 minutes to the airport at the Line 52 Hunting, Kattenturm.


It costs about € 10.00 for a cab ride from- or to Bremen Airport taking approximately 20 mins (depending on the traffic)


Free bicycle parking spaces are available directly in front of Terminal 2. The trip requires about 15 minutes from the town center.

Park comfortably – directly in front of the terminals

There are 500 parking spaces outside the terminal in two parking lots. Both parking lots have long-term and short-term parking spaces. You can reach the terminals within a few minutes of walking after parking your vehicle. Approximately 30 meters from car park 1 to terminals 1-3. The Ryanair Terminal is 100 meters away.

Comfortable parking spaces up to 3.85 m wide can be discovered in the freshly constructed “Comfort Parking” region on the ground floor of the multi-story parking garage 1.


In exchange for a flat service fee of € 18.50 and the parking space fee of € 22 per 24 hours, you have the choice of handing over your car near the terminal and collecting it immediately after your return. You can also deliver your vehicle straight to the terminal if requested. Your vehicle will be accessible to you after reaching the terminal after your journey.

Access to the Comfort Parking Area is via a Cecond Barrier.

When you enter and exit, use the same method as when arriving at the multi-store vehicle park, i.e., either the ticket from the dispensing device or your loan card.