Parking Barcelona El Prat Airport

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Parking Barcelona El Prat Airport

Barcelona El Prat Airport parking

The Barcelona-EL Prat Airport is an international airport in Barcelona, Spain. It is the 6th largest in all of Europe. The airport deals with 71 international airlines on average, such as British Airway, EasyJet, Iberia, etc. Due to the heavy airport traffic, the airport has managed more than 47,000,000 passengers in 2017 alone. The airport is located around 12 km away from the city center, and it is easily accessible through the different means of transport available at the airport. At the airport, there are about 20,000 parking spaces in the parking lots.

Short Term parking zones at Barcelona Airport

The Barcelona Airport has a separate parking zone for short-term parking so passengers can easily be picked up and dropped off without creating a hassle for other passengers and drivers. There are two short-term parking lots to ensure a budget-friendly experience for its passengers.

T1 Short term parking zone

The T1 Short Term Parking Zone is a short-term parking zone that has open access to the terminal. There are three further divisions in the T1 parking lot, which are Exterior Parking zones, Common Parking, and Long-term parking. The short-term common parking has around 12,000 parking spaces to accommodate a large number of cars and is located right next to the main airport building and terminal. The T1 parking zone only allows pickups and drop-offs to make sure all passengers have a hassle-free experience at the airport. The parking is free for the first 20 minutes, after which you have to leave the parking zone or else you have to pay a heavy fine.

T2 Short term parking zone 

The T2 Short Term Parking Zone is one of the two short term parking lots at Barcelona airport. The T2 zone is also known as the exterior or ground parking. It has an enclosed structure with two buildings and around 1,600 parking spaces. It is further from the main terminals; hence, the airport has a free bus shuttle service to ensure the passengers do not have to walk for long right before their journey. The bus shuttle service also facilitates the passengers by providing stops at several restaurants and food chains, such as TGI Fridays and Burger King, etc. The surface parking is connected to the ground parking, or T1 through a portal as well. 

Long term parking zones at Barcelona Airport

There are many parking options at the airport. Read below to find options for the long-term car parking at the Barcelona airport.

T1 long term parking zone

Barcelona Airport only has one long-term parking zone, also known as the T1 long term parking zone. The long-term parking is made separate from the short-term parking, so there is no hassle for the passengers arriving at the airport. The T1 long term parking zone has around 1000 parking spaces, some of which are enclosed, and some of which have an open structure. There are 24-hour surveillance cameras and regular security patrols at the parking to make sure all the cars are safe. The parking lot charges €20 for four days of parking, which is the minimum amount of time you can park in this zone. Parking is allowed for up to a month for the long-term. The parking lot is 2 km away from the main airport building; hence, the airport provides free bus shuttle service to accommodate all passengers. The bus runs every five minutes to ensure all passengers reach their terminals in time. The long-term lots are accessible 24 hours, and parking is allowed for up to one month.  

Because there is a lot of airport traffic, you should buy your tickets before arriving at the airport for long-term parking. It is easier to make an online transaction as you can just show your ticket information once you arrive at the parking booth. Once you get inside the parking lot, according to the rules set by the airport, you should drive slowly towards the parking ticket counter, and either show your pre-booked ticket details or buy your tickets from the counter on the spot. When vacating the airport parking lot after utilizing your long-term parking, you have an additional 20 minutes above your ticket time to vacate the parking space. After that, you will be charged a fine.

Disabled parking zone at Barcelona Airport

The Barcelona Airport offers disability parking at the T2 short term parking zone. You are required to show your disability card to be able to avail of the priority parking space; otherwise, you will have to use the regular parking spaces at the parking lot.  

Other services at Barcelona El Prat Airport 

To make sure all passengers are facilitated at the Barcelona airport, the airport provides several other services to create an easy experience for the passengers at the airport. 

Petrol station 

There is luckily no need to search for a petrol station near the airport. The Galp Petrol Station is a service station located inside the airport’s grounds, near the airport’s entrance. Many road signs can easily guide you to the petrol station, so you don’t have to look around for too long. The service station is open 24 hours and even has its car wash, in case travelers wish to use it. 

Electric car charging station

The Barcelona El Prat Airport ensures all their traveler’s needs are catered to. The airport provides a free electric car charging station for passengers with electric cars. However, it is only available to those who park at the parking zones, as it requires a parking ticket to be used. The airport is big on environmental care, and hence takes strict measures. Endesa-AENA powers the electric car charging station.