Parking Charleroi Airport

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Parking Charleroi Airport

Charleroi Airport Parking

Brussels South Charleroi Airport unofficially called Brussels-Charleroi Airport is an international airport in Gosselies, a part of the city of Charleroi in the Province of Hainaut in Wallonia, Belgium.

Long Term Parking Spaces:

You can select from various parking choices to park your car at Brussels South Charleroi Airport throughout your stay abroad. Here are a few options for long term stay parking. 

Parking P4

Rue d’Heppignies, 6041 Charleroi Brussels South

 You can park your car here in P4 car park if you are going on holiday. This parking lot is at a walking distance of 15 minutes from the terminal. Through a safe pedestrian path, you can reach the airport very easily and quickly. If you want to ensure your spot at the P4 parking, you must prebook for the place. Parking P4 is also the cheapest on-site parking spot at the airport.


  • 24 hours: €16 (from the 6th hour)
  • Two days: € 22
  • Three days: € 28
  • One week: €48
  • 13 days: €72 +€ 4 per extra day

If Parking P4 is full, you can make a reservation at P3 Parking. Nonetheless, the rates are the highest. The parking lot is farther down, but there’s a shuttle bus operating from 4:00. It takes 10 minutes to get to the airport.

Reservation changes

If you decide to adjust your reservation, you must update the reservation information up to 5 minutes before the time of reservation. Be vigilant; it is no longer feasible to adjust the reservation if the car is parked.

Ace Parking

Ace Parking provides private and safe parking situated 3 km from Brussels South Charleroi Airport. There’s a shuttle bus ready to carry you to the airport in 5 minutes. You need to reserve your parking space beforehand.


  • 24 hours: € 20
  • Three days: €29
  • One week: €49
  • Ten days: € 29+€4 per extra day

123 Parking

123 Parking provides private and safe parking situated 2 km from Brussels South Charleroi Airport for your convenience.

They’ll get you to the airport in just three minutes. Or drive you back to the parking lot. The shuttle bus has 7 to 9 rows. Parking is open 24 hours a day.

If you intend to put your car in the enclosed parking area, you must pay an additional € 20 for the above rates.


  • One day: €16
  • Three days: €22
  • One week: €32
  • 15 days: € 56+ €3 per extra day

Short Term Parking Spaces: 

Here are a few options for short term stay parking.

Kiss & Ride

Perhaps one of the most challenging facets of the trip is airport transfers; there is still scope for delay, additional costs, and the worst of all: hassle. Kiss and ride is a perfect choice as licensed car parks have free and regular shuttle service to the terminal building. Because you will be parking farther away from the terminal center, you may, therefore, assume the price to be cheaper than if you wanted on-site driving.

Q-Park PE Express

If you’re just to drop somebody off at the airport, go to the P2 car park, which has a drop-off parking section, the PE Express. The first 30 minutes cost 2€. Just enough time to assist with luggage. Parking is a 2-minute walk from the terminal.

Parking P1

If you’re trying to be the nearest to the departure area, Parking P1 is the one for you. This car park provides multi-level, enclosed parking spaces. The elevator will transfer you straight to the check-in area. There’s no need to walk while carrying your baggage. It is the perfect parking spot, but make sure to book it in advance. This parking lot appears to be busy.

Park at level -1 and +1 if you want to find a parking space easily without looking for it for a longer time. If you book online, you’ll get preferential deals depending on the duration of your stay.


  • 1 hour: € 3
  • 24 hours: €24
  • Three days: €59
  • One week: 1€02
  • 13 days: €136 +€  6per extra day

Q Parking Lockpark

Rue Charles Lindbergh, 6041 Charleroi Brussels South

Parking Lockpark is the ideal parking lot if you are looking for a safe parking spot. P1 Lock is a premium car park at Charleroi Airport. The elevator offers easy access to the departure area. It is in a protected area that is divided by a grid from P1 Parking. Only get to level -1 and follow the directions to get to the Parking Lockpark.

You must know that it is important to book in advance for this parking lot. Try to ensure you arrive and depart at the time of your booking to stop charging the extra amount for your parking. 


  • 24 hours: €27
  • Two days: € 54
  • Three days: €69
  • One week: €120
  • 13 days: €180

Valet Parking Charleroi Airport

Valet car parking at every airport allows less time to get your car after your journey, and with the official car parks, it always ensures a warm welcome from the qualified workers. It makes your ride, whatever its nature, even more fun and unforgettable. (Please note: valet services are now available for short-term parking bookings at Charleroi airport)

Disabled Parking at Charleroi Airport

Many of our airport parking choices at Charleroi are suitable for disabled persons and with access requirements, but please review the preferred car park in advance to validate this. You may also have the option to avail extra facilities, like coffee and hot chocolate, concessions at airport shops or baggage packing, by booking online.


You can avail many services at the Charleroi airport car park;

Electric car charging:

You can charge your electric car at the airport car parks.