Parking Rotterdam Airport

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Parking Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport parking

Rotterdam The Hague Airport, is 3 NM northwest of Rotterdam in the Netherlands; it also is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands. It covers the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, as well as their areas. The airport served more than 1.6 million travelers in 2016 and provided daily services to European regional and leisure locations. It is also commonly used for commercial aviation.

Parking Rotterdam (Zestienhoven) Airport

The airport of Rotterdam has around 2,500 parking spots. It has dedicated areas for short-term parking, and some are for long-term parking. There is also another car park known as P10, which is a discount parking lot. The three car parks are a quick walk from the central terminal center. You can pay to park by cash or credit card on one of the pay stations as you return to your car.

Long term Parking Rotterdam Airport

Parking lots 1 and 3 were built primarily for long-term parking. Car Park 1 is near the gas station, on the left side of the entrance road to the airport building. Although Car Park 3 is situated next to Car Park 2, from around the main terminal building and to the west. You can leave your car in this long-term parking space for more than 15 hours.

P1 + P3 Parking Rotterdam Airport

Parking P1 or P3 is the perfect option whether you’re on vacation with your friends and relatives. Such parking spaces are all within a close walking distance of the airport building and are technically part of Rotterdam The Hague Airport parking facilities. Through identifying the license plate by using your credit card, you can conveniently and efficiently access and leave the parking spaces.

You can also reserve your parking spot through the official Rotterdam The Hague airport reservation program. Also, you can book a parking space for up to 3 hours before departure. You will park your car in the P1 and P3 parking areas for EUR 4 per hour and EUR 35 a day.

Budget and cheap at Parking Rotterdam Airport

P10 Parking Rotterdam Airport

P10 is a cheap alternative! You can park in one of the official car parks of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, beginning at €4 a day! You’ll have to drive to the airport building in about 8 to 10 minutes from the parking center.You can only use P10 if you book well in advance. The sooner you book the parking spaces at P10, the better the chances of getting a cheap car park. Visitors can reserve their parking spot via an authorized reservation program for the airport in Rotterdam, The Hague. You can make
your reservation for the parking spot up to 3 hours before departure.Those who choose to park their car at the airport have a wide variety of designated parking spaces at Rotterdam Airport itself. Each of these car parks has different facilities and hence different costs.

Modern amenities
While the price is low, P10 Parking Rotterdam Airport has the same luxurious facilities as the other car parks in Rotterdam The Hague Airport. E.g., identification of a license plate scheme may be checked in P10 parking areas like any other parking lot. It lets you move easily with your booking card in hand, and it also keeps the parking space super secure. You will park your car in the P10 parking area for EUR 4 a day.

P6 Parking Rotterdam Airport

P6 is a perfect place to park your vehicle! You can park your car in one of the designated parking areas of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, opposite the terminal. Also, you can easily access the P6 parking lot using your license plate or credit card. The P6 is similar to the terminals where you will be in the airport building only minutes after you park your car. You can reserve a car park for up to 3 hours before departure and can park your car in the P10 parking area for EUR 4 an hour and EUR 40 a day.

Short Term Parking Rotterdam Airport

Car Park 2 is designated exclusively for short-stay parking. It is situated across the central airport building and is only a short walk away. You will park your car in a short-term car park for up to 15 hours.

P2 Parking Rotterdam Airport

P2 is a perfect alternative for business trips! Rotterdam The Hague airport is popular for the option of leaving your car outside the airport building. You may park your car safely at P2 in front of the airport building in one of the airport’s designated parking spaces. It’s perfect whether you’re on a business trip or want to experience extra luxury while on holiday in the area. You can also charge the electric cars at P2 since there are many electric cars eligible for
parking. For parking, you can conveniently book your parking spot online at P2. You can park your car in the P2 parking space for EUR 4 per hour and EUR 45 per day.

Parking for Disabled people
Disabled parking spaces are at Car Park 2, situated right in front of the airport terminal.Travelers with conditions are eligible to a long-term preferential rate upon submission of a disability passport and an airline fare.
There are many services provided at the airport. Find below.
Electric car charging spots
You can charge your electric cars at The Hague Airport Parking. Several cars charging sports are available at Rotterdam Airport Parking P2.