Parking Hamburg Airport

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Parking Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport, also known as the Flughafen Hamburg Airport, is an international airport in Hamburg, Germany. Due to heavy international passenger traffic, it is the 5th largest airport in Germany. There are two terminals at the airport, each with their information desk to make it easier for the passengers to locate their flight information. The airport is around 8 miles from the city center of Hamburg and provides ample transport systems to facilitate its travelers. Moreover, the airport has approximately 12,000 parking spaces to assist travelers from coming to the airport.

Long term parking Hamburg Airport

The Hamburg airport offers separate long term parking spaces for travelers looking to park at the airport for a longer period. The passengers can choose their choice of parking zones according to the time they wish to park their car for, according to their budget. 

 P1 multistory parking Hamburg airport

The P1 parking lot is a spacious multi storey car park within proximity to the airport’s main building and terminals. Including the P1 parking lot, the airport offers around 9,200 parking spaces right next to the terminals, to make it easier for the passengers to walk between the parking lots and the airport terminals.

The P1 parking lot has six levels of the car park and around 2,800 parking spaces to facilitate the heavy passenger traffic at the airport. The car park charges €6.00 for one hour, regardless of the level parked at, with prices increasing as the time stayed at the airport increases. You can also avail of different discounts and special offers at this parking zone during holiday seasons.

 P2 holiday smart parking Hamburg airport

The P2 parking lot is also known as the Holiday Smart Parking, as it facilitates long term parking during holiday seasons. The parking zone is relatively smaller than the other parking lots, with around 710 car spaces. However, the parking zone offers wide spaces and has nine levels to make it easier for passengers to park their cars. Only the 9th level has an open structure, while the rest of the eight levels are enclosed and provide a premium level of security. 

Passengers can easily make their way to the airport terminals, which are only at a distance of 50 meters from the parking zone through the three elevators found near the exits. The parking zone charges €6.00 for one hour. It is important to note that there are some vehicle restrictions if you park at the P2 parking zone. The maximum height to be able to park here is 2.00 meters.

P4 long term parking Hamburg airport

The P4 parking zone is another long term parking zone at the Hamburg airport. The parking lot is located directly opposite Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. This particular parking lot has three levels and offers around 2500 spaces to facilitate heavy airport traffic easily. 

This parking zone has four elevators, all near the exits of the lot, to make it easier for travelers to make their way to the airport terminals before their journey. The parking lot has an enclosed structure, with the 3rd level being open. The closed parking zone ensures that your car is parked safely. The parking lot takes €7.00 for one hour to park at the ground level and €6.00 to park at the rest of the parking levels.

P5 parking Hamburg airport  

The P5 parking zone at the Hamburg Airport has eight parking levels with around 450 parking spaces, making it the smallest long term parking lot at the airport. The parking lot is adjacent to Terminal 2. The parking zone has two elevators inside to make it easier for the passengers to walk from the parking lot to the main airport building. Similar to the other parking zones, the top level is open, whereas the rest of the seven levels are covered. Charges are €6.00 for one hour to park the car in the long term parking. 

P8 and P9 parking Hamburg airport          

Parking Lots P8 and P9 have seven levels and offer 149 free spaces for passengers to park their cars. This parking zone is further from the terminal at a distance of around 1.5km. However, there are free shuttle bus services provided by the airport to ensure that the passengers can easily get to their desired terminals in no time. Parking charges at these two parking lots are €5.00 for one hour. 

Short term parking at Hamburg airport

The Hamburg Airport has different charges for its various short term parking zones to ensure a budget-friendly experience for its passengers.

P1 smart parking Hamburg airport

The P1 parking zone at the Hamburg airport is also known as the Smart Parking Zone. It is right in front of the airport building and terminals, making it easy for passengers to access quickly. The parking is mainly used for short term parking and has five levels. Each level has wide parking spaces of up to 2.50 meters and a height of 3.00 meters, which is ample space for travelers to park without any hassle. To park in the smart zone, you have to pay €5.00 for one hour. 

Meet and greet parking Hamburg airport

The Hamburg airport also offers a meet and greet parking area designated only for passenger drop off and pickups. However, passengers with electric cars are allowed to park in this zone for only 60 minutes for free. After the free time is over, the cars are fined. 

Disabled parking at Hamburg airport

The Hamburg Airport does not offer a separate parking lot for those with disabilities. However, there are designated parking spaces near the exits of all the parking zones for people with disabilities. It is required to show your disability card to be able to avail of the priority parking space. 

Services at Hamburg Airport

There are many services available at the Hamburg airport. Read below to find: 

Electric car charging stations

The Hamburg Airport ensures that they cater to all their traveler’s needs. The airport provides a free electric car charging station for passengers with electric cars. However, to access it, you must have a parking ticket for any one of the parking zones at the airport.

Car wash

You can get your car washed at the airport so, when you return, you find your car squeaky clean, waiting just for you.