Parking Stuttgart Airport

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Parking Stuttgart Airport

The Stuttgart Airport is an international airport in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Due to this international status, the airport has catered to around 11,832.642 passengers, making it the 6th busiest airport in all of Germany. The airport is around 10 km from the city center and has been christened after one of the former mayors of Stuttgart, Manfred Rommel.

Long term parking at Stuttgart airport 

The airport management has designated separate parking spaces for travelers who wish to park at the airport for a longer period. The passengers are free to choose the parking zones according to their budget, as each car park has a different parking fee.

P0 long term parking zone

The P0 Parking lot has five separate zones, two of those are parking spaces for families, and the other three are for those with disabilities. The parking lot allows both short term parking, with around 1769 parking spaces and long term parking, with around 20 parking spaces. The P0 zone is free of charge to park for the first hour. After availing parking for one hour, the lot charges €3 for two hours. Long term parking in this lot is allowed for one week only, with charges of €55.

The parking lot is an enclosed garage with multistories. For easier access to the passengers, the airport has built lifts in the parking lots, with many staff persons found at the zones to assist you. However, the parking lot has some restrictions, such as height restrictions set for cars. Cars no more than 2.10m can enter the enclosed parking garage. For easier parking, airport management has allowed passengers to pre-book their parking spaces at the airport. A valet service is also available on demand.

P4 long term parking zone 

The P4 parking lot is a multistorey garage. It offers long term parking for passengers who wish to leave their cars at the airport when traveling. The parking zone is situated in the proximity of the main airport building, taking around 3 minutes of walk to reach the terminals from the garage, making access to the terminals easy for the passengers. The parking zone charges €4 for one hour, with an increase in parking fees as the number of hours parked increases. 

Similar to the other parking zones, the garage is enclosed, with a height restriction of 2.10m for all vehicles. To ensure maximum security and safety of your cars, the airport parking lot has a 24 hr CCTV coverage.

The airport parking management offers many discounts and packages during high traffic seasons, such as in the summers. Long term parking is extended and allowed for up to six weeks for a one-off fee. However, due to high demand, you should book your parking spaces in advance, well in time.

Short term parking at Stuttgart airport

The Stuttgart Airport has different charges for its various short term parking zones to ensure a budget-friendly experience for its passengers.

P0 short term parking zone

The P0 Short Term Parking Zone is located directly in front of the airport building. It has both short term and long term parking spaces. However, the short term spaces dominate the latter. The P0 zone is the most economical parking zone at the airport, with no parking charges for the first hour. However, the airport charges €3 for two hours, which is still pretty reasonable. The other two highly budget-friendly short term parking zones are P8 and P11, but they are further away from the main airport building.

P2 short term parking zone

The P2 Parking Zone is another short term parking lot at Stuttgart airport. It is located in front of the terminals, making it easy for the passengers to access it. The parking lot charges €4 for one hour and €7 for two hours. Parking for a more extended period is not allowed here. 

The parking lot offers over 1300 parking spaces, with 57 reserved for women and four reserved strictly for those with disabilities. The structure of the parking zone is a multistory indoor garage with a height restriction of 2.10m for all vehicles. The parking lot also has its valet service system for the travelers’ ease.

P3 short term parking zone 

The P3 Parking Zone is right next to Terminal 1. It is not the biggest parking lot at Stuttgart airport. Although it is a multistory garage, It has limited parking spaces of around 48, with two parking spaces strictly dedicated to people with disabilities. For traveler’s easy transfer between the parking and the airport building, there are lifts in the parking lot. The parking lot charges a parking fee of €2.50 for 30 minutes, with an increase to €5.00 for one hour. 

Disabled parking at Stuttgart airport 

The Stuttgart airport does not have a separate parking lot for those with disabilities. However, it has designated a specific quota, by dedicating parking spaces to the nearest entry and exit points in every garage to those with disabilities. The airport also offers personal assistance to those in need of it. However, you must ensure that you inform the airline beforehand. 

Other parking services at Stuttgart airport 

The Stuttgart International Airport provides other parking services, such as several electric cars charging stations, to facilitate its passengers.

Electric car charging

The Stuttgart International Airport provides electric car charging stations free of cost for drivers with electric cars, as they are in the parking ticket and the service charges that are inclusive in the parking tickets. The charging stations provided at the airport have both AC and DC charging capabilities. 

All the AC charging stations have a type 2 interface and a charging capacity up to 11 kW. Whereas, the DC charging stations have one CCS adapter minimum and a type 2 chademo outlet. The variety in the charging station allows the passengers to choose the charging points according to their car’s requirements. Most of these electric charging stations are inside all the parking garages at the airport.