We love to make traveling as easy as possible

Mobilitybooker started in a small team at the end of 2018 to discover how the mobility around airports works out. We  discovered that more and more travelers were on the road and the predictions were that this was only going to be more. So it quickly became clear to us that internationalization did not work to everyone’s advantage. By being experienced travelers we know that you run into communication problems along the road. Knowing this, it quickly became clear to us that finding your mobility service should be much easier and clearer for any traveller in any language or country.

With that in mind, Mobilitybooker maked  a start with small team of online marketing professionals back in the beginning of 2019. Each team member has a background in online marketing and is a experienced traveler. The team took the following key factors in mind by developing Mobilitybooker:

  • Provide mobility information on dekstop and mobile  about many crowded places including airports
  • A mobility information facility available in every language and every country
  • The traveller should be able to make directly a mobility reservation so we can  guarantee the traveller of a mobility service. With doing this the traveler no longer has to arrange the mobility service locally in different languages ​​and foreign currencies

In addition to knowledge as online marketing professionals and experienced travelers, we had to find bookable mobilities in many international areas.. This turned out to be quite a challenge until we finally came in contact with MOBIAN. MOBIAN turned out to be a professional in the field of international bookable mobility products (as a supplier). With help of  the technical, financial and customer service facilities of MOBIAN, we suddenly had the opportunity to offer our website visitors relevant mobility products which they can book and pay directly. This resulted in that we quickly redesigned the website into a bookable website with a renewed layout. With this new website we try to help our international visitors as much as we can.

We allready served 17.000+ people with a mobility service. Hopefully we can also provide you with a desired mobility service. If you cannot find a service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Travel without any worries!

The Mobilitybooker team