Eindhoven Airport

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Eindhoven Airport

Adress: Luchthavenweg 25, 5657 EA Eindhoven, The Netherlands
IATA Airport Code: EIN
ICAO Airport Code: ENEH
Alias: Eindhoven Welschap Airport, airport Eindhoven

Eindhoven Airport is known to serve both military and civilian traffic at the same time. Located in the south of Netherlands, the airport the second largest in the country in terms of passenger traffic. It is a popular departure point for holidaymakers as well as business visitors. It connects direct flights to over 40 destinations in Europe and is located at a distance of around 10km from the city center. Several airlines operate from Eindhoven Airport – Wizzair, Transavia, Corendon, and Ryanair, to name a few. Transavia and Ryanair handle the more significant part of the traffic.

Eindhoven Airport Parking

Eindhoven Airport has divided its parking according to the traffic it serves. It has five parking facilities- Gold Parking (P0), Bronze+ Parking (P4), Silver Parking (P3), Budget parking (P8), Bronze Parking (P8 and P5). P0 is situated opposite to the terminal and is mostly used for picking up, dropping off and short-term parking. At Eindhoven Airport, P8 is the most suitable parking according to us. You can also make a reservation for P8 parking via the internet. P3, P0, P5, and P4 can also be used without booking.

P5, P4, P3, and P0 parking areas are located in a manner that you can reach the airport terminal on foot in no more than seven minutes. To compensate for the distance, a free shuttle service is available every twenty minutes between P8 and airport terminal. A roof covers the P4 parking area. Only on the top floor, your vehicle would be exposed to the sun. On the other hand, Bronze parking area, P5 is an outdoor parking area. The unsheltered, Bronze parking areas of the airport are pretty much affordable than the covered parking areas of the Bronze+ parking areas.

Gold Parking (P1)

With an entrance through the roundabout, the P1 parking area is located right in front of the airport terminal.

Silver Parking (P3)

The P3 parking lot is located beyond the vehicle rental place, on the left side of the terminal. A 5-minute walk shall take you to the airport terminal.

Bronze Parking (P4 & P5)

The P4 and P5 parking areas are a mere seven-minute walk from the airport terminal.

Kiss & Ride Lane

To compensate for the distances between the terminal and parking areas, a Kiss & Ride lane drops off passengers. It is available from the roundabout and is accessible and can also pick up passengers. The passengers do have to be standing in the lane to get a ride though. Parking on the Kiss & Ride lane is strictly prohibited. If the passengers are not ready to ride in the Kiss & Ride lane, you can park in any parking space on P1. The Kiss & Ride lane is also useful to the passengers who prefer parking their cars in the car parks located at a distance from the terminal. Upon entering this lane, the driver can drop off the luggage or a fellow passenger and quickly drive to the long term parking areas and Eindhoven Airport.

Public Transport And Eindhoven Airport Parking

Bus to Eindhoven Airport

There is a well-organized public transportation system between the Eindhoven Airport and the Eindhoven Railway station. The bus line 400 and 401 are nominated explicitly for that purpose, and they run between Eindhoven Airport and railway station. The buses are easily recognized by the words “Airport Shuttle” on them, and they run six times an hour on Line 400 which is an open link. Line 401 is comparatively slow as it makes different stops. Like line 400, it also departs six times an hour. Line 400 reaches the Airport in 20 minutes while the line 401 takes around 25 minutes to reach the Airport.

Bus Tickets

If you’re using a rechargeable OV-Chipkaart, a one-way ticket will cost you around €2.60 while the average price for it is €4.25. You cannot use the same ticket on different buses. You can purchase your ticket from the bus driver, ticket machine placed outside the terminal or Hermes shop at Eindhoven station. The e-ticket purchased through the site of connexion is only valid on bus numbers 401, 400 and 20.

Eindhoven Airport AirExpressBus to Amsterdam

If you want to travel inter-city and reach Eindhoven Airport, AirExpressBus should be your choice of commute. You can move between the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Eindhoven using the service several times a day, seven times on average. A commute time of 1 hour and 45 minutes is required to travel between the Airport and Amsterdam.

AirExpressBus tickets

Tickets are available to be purchased at the parking lots of Eindhoven Airport or via the internet on the website. The ticket is available for an affordable price of €3.00 which are reserved in advance for an insignificant amount of €1.50 per ticket. A single ticket shall entitle you to carry one suitcase and one piece of hand carry. You will have to pay and an additional amount of €10 for an extra bag.

The bus journey from and to Utrecht is also quite affordable. The bus makes a stop at the Prins Hendrikkade, located near to the Amsterdam Central railway station in Amsterdam. AirExpressBus does not make a stop in Den Bosch anymore.

By Train

To travel by train, you would not need to make a booking in advance. The passengers landing in Eindhoven airport can catch a local bus easily to the central train station of the city which will take them to the capital city. Courtesy of Dutch Railways. The bus line 401 is located very near to the Eindhoven Airport Parking, just outside the Airport Terminal. Tickets can be quickly drawn from the machine located inside the bus. You can also find the bus schedule on the Dutch Travel advice service website.

You can also take an open link to Amsterdam Central Station from the Eindhoven station. The intercity train shall transport you within 1 hour 20 minutes from Eindhoven to Amsterdam Central.

By Car

Traveling by car would only be suitable if you drive from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam. You can easily find many vehicles renting firms just outside the Airport Terminal at Luchthavenweg 13, which mostly operate out of Eindhoven Airport. You can also get some advice on driving to and from the Eindhoven Parking area from inside the Airport. The said drive between Eindhoven Airport and Amsterdam is a 120km drive which can take around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Opening Hours of Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands

A frequently asked question by many visitors – particularly the ones who have an early morning flight or the ones who experience flight cancellations or unpredicted delay is whether they can spend the night at Eindhoven Airport or not. Spending the night at Eindhoven Airport is not an option because the Airport facilities close at midnight and remain closed until 4:30 am the next morning. But you can make a reservation at the Tulip Inn Eindhoven airport hotel located on the first level of the terminal building. You can spend the night there; sleeping in one of significant and cozy 120 guest rooms. Or you can exercise at the gym or perhaps relax at the bar until your flight.

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