Parking Lodz Lublinek Airport

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Parking Lodz Lublinek Airport

Lodz Airport parking

Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport is a regional airport in Lodz, central Poland. The airport is around 6km away from the city center and 130km from Warsaw. The airport connects passengers to and from all main European cities, such as London, Munich, Athens, etc. The airport offers several different modes of transport, including public buses and travel, as well as private car transfers. 

Lodz airport has many parking options. Precisely there are approximately 450 parking spaces divided into short term and long term parking. 

Short term parking at the Lodz airport

Lodz airport has many parking options. Read below to find some short term parking areas:

P1 short term parking zone

The Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport has a separate parking space for short-term parking, making it convenient for you to drop or pick your loved ones quickly. The parking space is a fully enclosed garage, which is very well lit up and has a smooth landing surface to provide a comfortable experience to the travelers.

The garage is protected with 24-hour CCTV and regular security patrols. The garage also has an entrance barrier that is fully secured. The parking zone is directly in front of the airport, which makes it easier for you to access all the terminals with just a few minutes’ walks. As the airport has a lot of passenger traffic, it is best to pre-book your parking spaces here before arriving at the airport to save you from the hassle of looking for a parking spot.   

Disability parking at the Lodz airport 

There are a few designated parking spaces for those with disabilities at the P1 short term parking zone. The Lodz airport offers special parking privileges to those with disabilities, such as special assistance as well as no parking ticket charges. So, it is completely free of cost! However, to avail of this facility, it is essential to keep your disability badge with you.

Other services offered at the Lodz airport parking 

Although Lodz airport is relatively smaller than the other airports in the region. It still offers as many facilities as it possibly can, to make sure passengers have a comfortable experience at the airport.  

Cash Machines/ATMs for parking 

The airport management makes sure it’s got your back while traveling and provides ATMs near the airport parking zones. The machines are sponsored by Euronet, BZ WBK, PKO BP, and Planet cash. However, standard charges apply, so it’s essential to be aware of your bank’s fee policies. Passengers who have arrived from a different country should ensure they have informed their local banks of their traveling plans, so cash is easily withdrawn from the machines provided. 

Drinks & food near the parking

Lodz airport provides many basic amenities located next to the parking lots. It offers three shops and a few restaurants. While you wait for your loved one’s flight or even your own, you can easily stroll around and explore the shops and grab a quick snack. On average, it costs around €6 to buy a snack.