Cologne Bonn Airport

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Cologne Bonn Airport is Germany’s fourth-largest international airport in Cologne. It also serves Bonn, the former capital of West Germany. It is the seventh-largest passenger airport in Germany and the third-largest in cargo operations, with around 12.4 million passengers passing through it in 2017. The airport is in the fifth position in Germany by traffic units combining cargo and passengers. The airport named after the native of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer, and West Germany’s first post-war chancellor.


The Cologne Bonn Airport “Konrad Adenauer” is stationed among Cologne and Bonn in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, about 15 km from the city center. For holidays or business trips, more than 10 million passengers travel here each year. This airport ranks seventh among the commercial airports in Germany. It provides you with more than 12,500 parking spaces for your vehicle for comfortable arrival and departure.

The procedure for outbound flights

  1. Drive to the airport terminal in Cologne-Bonn
  2. The airport staff will recognize you through our EDP scheme to hand over your car and understand you through your registration plate and car. The vehicle will then be checked at the terminal.
  3. The appropriate handing over and existing condition of the vehicle will be documented by both sides using the car transfer slip
  4. After all, it has been done correctly; the parking fee will be paid.
  5. Airport staff will drive the vehicle to the airport parking area. Cologne-Bonn Airport is just a few minutes’ drives from the car park

The procedure for inbound flights

  1. Call the airport hotline 10-20 minutes before your arrival and let us know your arrival time at the airport.
  2. Before you arrive, your car will be prepared to drive
  3. The airport employees will have your vehicle ready at the airport terminal, from where you can drive home straight theoretically.
  4. The airport employees will help you load your luggage into your car
  5. At last, a vehicle inspection slip will be used to verify if your vehicle’s condition is the same as when you left it

 As soon as all the formalities are done, you can drive off.


Long-term parking

You can use the P2 and P3 vehicle parks if you are traveling by vehicle to Cologne Bonn Airport for your vacation or business trip. The P2 car park is directly situated at Terminal 2. For the first week, you’re going to pay € 89 here, if you book online, you’re only paying for the first week from € 49. Parking P3 is especially appropriate for vacationers who want to minimize their travel expenses. The parking lot is just 350 meters from the airport.

Short-term parking

Cologne Bonn Airport’s short parking area is situated right in front of the terminals. You pay € 1.50 per 10 minutes here, and you can park for up to two hours. Therefore, this parking is appropriate primarily for quick drop-off and pick-up.

You can use the P1 car park straight at Terminal 1 for a brief journey or a short company rendezvous. It costs for the day € 4.50 an hour or € 33.

For all entrances and exits between 08.00 and 19.00, if you want to park on a Sunday or public holiday, you pay only the € 3 fee. 

Book & reserve parking spaces online

Cologne Bonn Airport advises pre-booking at least 24 hours in advance of the P1, P2, P3, and P-Nord vehicle parks. The benefit of this is that the different prices of limited parking spots can be booked readily and without prepaid or charge. Pick the reservation period and the parking space you want and secure a parking space. Express bookings bookable up to 1 hour in advance are subject to a 5 € fee.

Other car parks and service-parking

The highest vehicle height at the airport car parks is 1.95 meters. Only 150 meters away from Terminal 2, oversized vehicles or motorhomes that exceed this height can be parked in the north car park on foot. You are paying € 3 per hour or portion of it. It costs € 33 per day on the first and second day; it costs € 89 for the first week. 

Shuttle service           

You can get the shuttle services quickly at the airport. But, if you arrive in your vehicle at Cologne Airport, you might need parking assistance to begin your journey smoothly. The airport parking services ensure comfort and safety and a pleasant beginning to your vacation without any trouble! Different prices allow the correct option of facilities for both long-term and short-term parkers.  Travelers can be ensured that they do not have to search long before they board a plane in Cologne for an appropriate parking space.

Valet Parking Airport Köln

At Cologne Airport we give valet parking at decent rates. Cologne Airport’s long-term valet parking enables you to save time and money.  Contact the airport so they can fill you in on valet parking opportunities. You hand over your vehicle straight to the worker at the airport and get on the aircraft instantly. 

When do I have to be at the parking space?

There’s no set time for the arrival. Please remember your airline or tour operator’s data. Airlines usually ask their clients to arrive two to three hours before departure at the airport. For parking, payment, and shuttle to the airport, we suggest an extra 30 minutes

When do I have to pay the parking fee?

You can pay the parking fee straight on-site at the parking space upon arrival. The airport wouldn’t want your bank information; you will have to pay in cash.  After you have paid the fee, you can obtain a receipt for the quantity of the payment.

Cheap parking at the airport in Cologne

Even though the airport is relatively big, it is often tough and expensive to park at Cologne Airport. Parking at Cologne Airport is particularly costly for travelers arriving with their vehicles. Luckily, there are solutions to current parking facilities that prove to be much economical and more convenient, particularly at Cologne Airport for long-term parking.  Many travelers are afraid that their car will be in danger in their absence.

Moreover, the airport service provides safe and secure parking facilities; the airport has trained personnel for monitoring passenger cars as they are parked at Cologne Airport.

Fair prices with Cologne’s “Easyparken” (secure parking)

The airports provide an organized scheme composed of different areas where parking expenses at Cologne Airport will be capped for a more extended period. The air traveler can select from a customized service range and does not have to risk a long-term parking explosion at Cologne Airport during his or her travel absence. The airport service provides tremendous economic and convenience advantages for travelers at Cologne Airport who park their cars.