Parking Cologne Bonn Airport

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Parking Cologne Bonn Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport


Cologne Bonn Airport is an airport in one of the largest cities in Germany, Cologne. The airport caters to all domestic and international flights. The international airport also provides services to Bonn, West Germany’s former capital. In 2017 almost 12.4 million travelers used this airport; it is Germany’s seventh-largest passenger airport and the third-largest in freight operations.

Parking Cologne Bonn:

It can be straightforward to start your trip to Cologne Bonn airport. The airport provides you the facility to park your car at the airport. On arrival, the parking radar system will notify you about the free car parking slots. It will also demonstrate the quickest route to get there–no matter if you like to use the parking spaces next to terminals P1-P3 or the “Nord” car park. There are 12,500 parking spaces at the airport.

Online Parking Reservation:

It is prudent that you make your booking at a minimum of 24 hours before your arrival to the Car Parks P1, P2, P3, and P-Nord. There will be an additional booking fee of 5 € for express bookings up about one hour until the parking time starts.

Keep in mind that only a limited number of exclusive deals in P2 and P3 are accessible, so early reservations should be made as soon as possible.

Maximum Height:

The maximum height for cars is 1.95 m.

Cars more in height from 1.95 meter should be parked in the Nord car parking area

Payment by EC- / credit card

Payment can be charged by credit or debit card (Mastercard, VISA, Amex) or by an EC card from a German account at all automated pay points. It is also possible to use the mentioned credit cards to access the car parks without buying a ticket. The very same bank card will remove the departure barrier, and you will earn a parking fee invoice.

If you want, you can add your vehicle registration code as a new means of access to digital booking. It will allow you to leave the car park without any additional identification media.

Parking for motorcycles/motor Scooters

In the distinct security area (multi-story car park 2, level 4, section D), users can park their bike or motorized bicycle at the standard2-rate parking lot.

To use it, you will have to use the new entrance that connects to level 4 in P2 from the motorway. Use the speech feature instead of taking a standard ticket at the entry barrier. Then a pass will be given, and the barrier will be lifted manually. The workers at the multi-story parking garage will then unlock the security area where you can park your bike or motorized bicycle.

Once you have parked your motorbike at the pay station (next to the pay stall), you will have to verify your ticket at the standard P2 price. On return, you will have to visit the pay stall. This will allow you to enter the security area that will be opened by the staff. Then re-activate the speech feature at the exiting barrier, then the barrier will be lifted manually.

Parking for Electric Cars: Charging Station

Ten charging stations for electric vehicles are located in each of the 2 and 3 multi-story car parks in collaboration with RheinEnergie. The car charging stations are available and can be used for free. Moreover, parking is to be paid at the car park’s regular rate.

The multi-story car charging stations are at level 6 in Sector A. They are also located at level 1 in Sector A in multi-story parking lot 3.

The courtesy period after payment:

Car park 1: 15 minutes
Car park 2: 15 minutes
Car park 3: 30 minutes

Long Term Parking Cologne Bonn Airport

  • Car Park 1
    One hour – 4.50 euros.
    One day – 33 euros.
  • CarPark P1A
    In Terminal 1, UG
    10 minutes – 1.50 euros
  • CarPark P20
    In Terminal 1, UG
    10 minutes – 1.50 euros
  • Car park 2
    1 hour – 3 euros.

You can easily book your parking space online for this car park.

  • Car park 3

 1 hour – 3 euros.

  • Car park “Nord.”
  • This carpark space is suitable for large automobiles.

One hour – 3 euros.

You can book slots in this car park online.

Short Term Parking Cologne Airport

Just in front of the terminals for every 15 minutes: 1.50 €

Short-term car park 32, P1 and P2 for every 15 minutes: 1.50 €

P1A and P20 for every 10 minutes: 1.50 €

Parking spaces for the disabled

Parking spaces can be reserved for persons with disabilities with a blue EU parking permit:

  • car park 1 (upper level),
  • car park 2 (level 4/sector A)
  • car park 3 (level 1/sector A).

If you are using these parking places, the blue EU parking permit must be visible

Disabled Person Parking

Disabled persons holding a blue EU parking permit and whose authorized disabled person’s pass is labeled “aG,” “H,” “B” or “Bl,” may serve as a sign of gratitude, free parking (100 percent discount) in Car Park 2, short-term Car Park P1 K or P1A for up to 1 hour, upon display of the permit at the ticket booth in P2 (Level 4, at the motorway/autobahn exit) or our information desk. Show your disabled pass and ID there. The disabled person needs to be present during this. You will then receive a 1-hour voucher. For accounting reasons, you have to give your personal information. 

Your parking time exceeds 1 hour

If lucky, if your charging period reaches 1 hour, you can earn a 50 percent discount on the standard rate at car park 2. Once you depart Car Park 2, you will have to present your severely disabled pass and ID card at the P2 ticket office (level 4, at the motorway/autobahn exit). The attendance of the severely disabled individual is also required.

Online Reservation

Volunteer incentives do not extend for online rates or booking for internet parking.


The cardholder must be there as there is no exchangeable EU parking permit. Note that the 50 percent and 100 percent discounts given by Cologne Bonn airport voluntarily and are only issued after submission and confirmation of the disabled person’s permit and ID card. The severely disabled individual should own the permit and ID card.  There is no legitimate claim for such discounts. Parking sectors in Car Park 2 have emergency service buttons that can be used if required to ask for assistance.