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Parking Efteling

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    Efteling is a fantasy-themed theme park in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. Landmarks embody the characteristics of old myths and legends, fairy tales, fables, and folklore.

    The park came into being on 31 May 1952. It has grown from a nature park with a playground and a fairytale forest to a full-size amusement park. It also caters to both adults and children, with its political, romantic, and nostalgic styles, as well as its wide variety of amusement rides.

    It is the biggest amusement park in the Netherlands and one of the oldest theme parks in the country. It’s twice as big as the first Disneyland Park in California, and it’s three years old. The park has far more than 5 million tourists a year. It was the third most visited amusement park in Europe in 2018, behind Disneyland Paris and Europa-World. Efteling received the 123,456,789th tourist in 2015.

    Parking at Efteling

    Sufficient parking is available for you to park your car. Vehicle parking costs €12.50 a day. You can purchase passes to the parking lot online or in the street. Coach parking is available free of charge. Charging stations are accessible at an electric car fee. You will have to bring your charging cable. Car attendants will be there to guide you to reach the right place and direction to park your car.

    Kiss & Ride

    In specific places, coaches and buses pick up, and drop off is permissible. You will also not have to stop at the bus stop. If you are bringing wheelchairs with yourself, then there is a specific wheelchair pick up and rip off area next to the bicycle park where you can drop off your wheelchairs.


    If you are traveling by taxi, go to the specific pick-and-drop zone for disabled guests at the junction of Kinkenpolder and Eftelingsepad (Efteling Path).

    Parking for guests of Efteling hotels

    If you are staying at Efteling Hotel or Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk or Efteling Loonsche Lan, you can park your car free of charge in the central parking lot. You can use the charging points for electric vehicles by merely paying a fee. You’ve got to carry your charging cable, however. You can take the Efteling train to the theme park from Efteling Bosrijk and Efteling Loonsche Land or walk. Hotel guests will pass through an exclusive gateway to the park.

    Car parking area for spectators

    If you attend a show at this theater, you can park close to the park’s main entrance. Parking tickets cost €7.50 for attendees. You can only buy these individual and unique parking tickets from Efteling Theatre.