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Parking Circuit Zandvoort

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    Parking Zandvoort Circuit

    Circuit Zandvoort is connected to Zandvoort inseparably. It is a legendary and globally renowned track with far more than 70 years of recorded history. There are still tens of activities that attract tens of thousands of supporters annually. The calendar also includes many amazing domestic motorsports races as well as global highlights such as the Deutsche Toerenwagen Masters (DTM) and Formula 3 Masters.

    Here is a complete guide on how to get to the Circuit Zandvoort and where to park your cars:


    Circuit Zandvoort is a motor race track situated in the dunes south of Zandvoort, Netherlands, alongside the shore of the North Sea. Due to its fast, winding corners like Scheivlak and the “Tarzanbocht” (Tarzan corner) at the end of the start / finish straight, the circuit achieved popularity. Tarzanbocht is the circuit’s most popular corner. It offers excellent overtaking possibilities as there is a camber in the corner. ⠀

    Not only is Circuit Zandvoort famous for its iconic races and incredible environment, but it also praised for its race track and the incredible place. Visiting Circuit Zandvoort is no less than a celebration on its own, with the beach so close by and a dream race track. Various modes of transportation can be used to reach the circuit.

    Parking at Zandvoort

    Circuit Zandvoort’s event zone has various parking places that can accommodate a few thousand vehicles. Guests can park their car at one of those fields for a charge during other activities. The complete= complete saying is right here. Visitors must follow the Parking B / C signs, except as otherwise stated.

    There are always events. However, if parking spaces are no longer accessible at Circuit Zandvoort, guests can always go to the Zandvoort municipality’s parking fields that include:

    1. Barnhart Boulevard (near the beach),
    2. Fauvageolein
    3. The town center garage
    4. De Zuid Parking

    Zandvoort municipality typically offers a fixed fee throughout the year, so you can make the most use of it, especially during the times of significant events where the parking is jam-packed.

    Peak Times

    During unique activities, pay close attention to the blog for information regarding the parking slots and charges. In some instances, there will be a piece of adapted parking advice. Always visit the particular event’s webpage for the new tips.

    Visitors by vehicle must bear in mind that there may be a circuit event on the same day as a beach day that may trigger traffic jams. Think and plan your journey and measure delays in some additional time. On these beach days, the amount of accessible parking places is restricted. Please consider using public transport to travel the last bit.

    Public Transport

    Many race events are prevalent with race enthusiasts from the Netherlands and other states at Circuit Zandvoort. Usually, there is high traffic, that’s why there’s another option besides traveling by vehicle: government transport.


    Due to a direct train link from Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Den Haag, Zandvoort is readily reached by train. Zandvoort Circuit is just a 10-minute walk from Zandvoort station. If you’re standing at a platform with your back, go straight and walk in the path of Van Speijkstraat. You walk across the road towards the end of the highway and walk past the gas station. After that you follow the highway across the Alphenstraat Bugermeester.


    You can also travel by bus to Zandvoort. Not only do the buses commonly leave Circuit Zandvoort from the center of Zandvoort, but they do also have a connection with bus number 80. This buss number links to Amsterdam and NS Station Haarlem-Spaarnwoude. Bus number 80 (with a stop at Haarlem NS Station) stops near Circuit Zandvoort’s primary entrance.

    Car Parking For Disabled Visitors

    At Parking A, behind Main Grandstand, Zandvoort Circuit has a good amount of restricted vehicle parking areas. A blue European disability badge must be exhibited in your automobile to park in any parking space. For the Jumbo Racing Days, ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain GT World Challenge Europe, and Historic Grand Prix, you need to create a unique booking.

    If you have any trouble parking at the venue, kindly make your way to the initial reception so the Zandvoort management can handle your issue. Clamping / towing of the vehicle can be in service, so kindly guarantee the right passes are displayed. For not so big activities, blue badge owners will be permitted to park within the circuit in the assigned handicapped parking fields and for the very tiny club conferences near the disabled viewing fields.