Parking Zaragoza Airport

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Parking Zaragoza Airport

Zaragoza Airport is an international airport. It is on the west side of Zaragoza, approximately 16 km, 270 km from the west side of Barcelona, and 262 km from the northeast side of Madrid. The center of Zaragoza is very nearby, at a distance of just 12 kilometer, which is 20 minutes of drive by car. It operates as a major cargo airport, as well as a commercial airport. It also serves the Spanish air force. There is a bus line that connects the airport to the city center. The bus line is called 501.

The Zaragoza airport has one terminal for its passengers. It is on the ground floor and has many services and facilities for travelers. On the left-hand side is the arrivals hall, whereas the departures hall is on the right-hand side, from gates 1 to 6. In the center are the check-in counters.

In the summer, from April till October, the airport’s opening hours are 4:45 AM to 9:00 PM during the summer. In the winter season, from November till March, the airport’s opening hours are 5:45 AM to 10:00 PM.

The airport has many airlines that fly to and from Zaragoza. There are five airlines:

  • Air Europa
  • Volotea
  • Ryanair
  • Wizz Air
  • Vueling

Airport parking Zaragoza 

The airport offers many facilities to its customers, airport parking being one of them. The Zaragoza airport’s parking lot has more than 1,000 car park spaces for passengers. These are in close vicinity to the terminal building making it easily accessible to travelers. Passengers do not need to walk for long periods to get to the airport. The airport and its parking area are well managed with strict security measures in place. The parking zones are open 24 hours with staff around at all times.

You can book the parking spaces online, before the actual day to avoid stress last minute in complete sell-outs.

Short term and long-term services

Zaragoza airport parking is flexible; whether you plan on going for a long trip or a short one and need to park your car for a specific period, you can utilize the airport parking lots as the rates are competitive and affordable. The rates for both the parking lots, P1 and P2 are the same. They are as follows:


  • 60 minutes:  € 1.54
  • One day: € 9.70
  • Two days: € 19.40
  • Three days: € 29.10
  • One week: € 62.20
  • Two weeks: € 116.80
  • Three weeks: € 171.40

Pickups and drop-offs

Not only does the Zaragoza parking lot offer car parks, but there is a pickup and drop off option available too. Drivers can simply drop and pick the passengers. It is free of cost, and there is enough time for passengers to load or unload their luggage at this time.

P1 public car park

The P1 public car park is located just a few meters away from the terminal’s main entrance. It is opposite the terminal building at a walking distance. It has a total of 817 parking spaces. The car park is located outdoors. However, the spaces are covered and roofed. There are security personnel present in this car park to ensure the safety of your vehicles. Airport staff is available as well to help you out. The maximum height of vehicles acceptable here is 2.40-2.90 m. It is recommended that passengers book online for better deals and packages.

P2 public car park

The P2 public car park at the Zaragoza airport is located close to the terminal building, at a distance of just 2 minutes on foot. The parking spaces are all covered in an outdoor parking zone. There are a total of 229 spaces for passengers to park their vehicles in. The parking zone is managed by the staff and the security at all hours of the day. Hence, you can leave your vehicles here, stress-free, and enjoy your vacation.

Disabled parking

There are spaces reserved for those passengers that have any form of disabilities, illnesses, or reduced mobility. You can quickly identify these spaces as they are either marked, or a sign is attached in front of them that indicate their purpose. In case of any confusion, there is parking lot staff to help you out. However, it is recommended to bring your disability parking permit along with you to avoid confusion or conflict. If you need extra guidance or assistance, you are requested to contact the airport 48 hours before your flight departure, on doing so you will be provided with extra help by the airport.


Zaragoza airport offers many other services and facilities such as:

Valet parking

The airport offers valet parking services for anyone who may be interested. It is one of the easiest methods to park your car as it is fast and easy. All you have to do is drive to the terminal, hand your car to the valet driver, and take your car and park it for you in the airport’s car park. On your return, you can contact the driver, and the driver will get your vehicle directly back to you.

Shuttle services

The airport provides shuttle services, this is also an extremely easy method as you can park your car at the airport’s car park, and then the shuttle service will take you to the terminal building. On your return, the shuttle will take you back to the parking from in front of the terminal. You can communicate the time of your departure or the time you will be reaching the airport parking to the shuttle service provider beforehand.

Car wash

The parking lot staff provides car washes as well to those who use the car parks. These car washes include internal washes and external washes. There are other services as well, such as car polishing.

Disabled services

The airport management wants its services to be easily accessible to all its customers. They assist PRM and disabled passengers. You are requested to alert the airport staff 48 hours before your flight. You can contact the airport or the information desk to get more details or assistance.