Parking Reus Airport

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Parking Reus Airport

The Reus Airport or REU Airport is an international airport by the beaches of Costa Daurada. The airport is approximately at a distance of 8 km from the city center of Tarragona in Spain. This airport serves as the airport for the city of Reus as well as the town of Constanti. Given the location near the coast, the airport receives heavy traffic from tourists heading towards the beach resorts at Cambrils and Salou. The airport’s area also makes it a hub for tourists heading to Barcelona, which is located 85 km northeast of Reus.  

The Reus Airport also has the Mountains of Prades nearby, an exotic Mediterranean mountain range, which also attracts a large number of tourists. In 2018, about one million passengers went through this airport, and it has seen a steady boom in the number of passengers since then.

The airport is easily accessible via all public transport in this region and taxis available from their respective stops. You can easily access the airport through your vehicle if you travel on the highway, which will get you straight to the airport without any hassle.

Airport parking

Reus Airport has several parking options that will facilitate all passengers, whether you are looking for a short term or long term parking solution. The parking has been renovated and updated in recent years to further make it state of the art and comfortable for customer’s usage.

The majority of the parking spaces at the Reus Airport are dual-purpose and serve as long-term and short-term parking, depending on your needs.

Short term parking:

There are many parking options available at the airport. Read below to find the short term options:

Public parking P2 short term

The P2 parking is stone’s throw away from the terminal entrance and is great for short term use. Without any hassle or carrying heavy luggage across the airport parking, you can walk a few meters to your destination.

The parking space is open from 8 am to 11 pm in winter, and 8 am to midnight in the summertime, so you will have to plan your parking accordingly. The parking has a capacity for 546 vehicles that is suitable for an airport of this size.

If you park your car from 2 minutes to half an hour, you will have to pay 0.014 euros per minute, while parking your vehicle for more than half an hour will cost you an extra 0.028 euro per minute. If you park your car for the entire day, you will have to pay 10.50 euros, with the same rate applicable till you reach four days. After this, you will have to pay 8.25 for each extra day spent.

Long term parking:

There are many parking options available at the airport. Read below to find the long term options:

Public parking P3 long term

The P3 parking lot is created in assistance to the P2 parking lot, so when it is at full capacity, this parking space is open for use. The parking is at the same distance from the terminal as P2 parking, and they are adjacent to each other.

 The opening and closing timings are kept the same as the P2 parking, alongside the parking charges. You can almost consider the P3 parking lot as an extension for the P2 parking. The parking is an excellent choice if you are looking to park your car for the long term, as it is less frequent, and your vehicle will be kept under security surveillance.

Public parking long term P4 and P5

The P4 and P5 parking is another continuation for the P2 parking, and they can serve as both long term and short term parking. The timing and parking rates for these parking lots are also kept the same as the P2 parking. The parking is at a few minutes’ walk from the passenger terminal, so you will not face much trouble navigating your way around the airport.

Together, they can hold 1,079 vehicles convenient for the users if they cannot find any space in the P2 or P3 parking zones.

Parking lot P1

The Parking Lot P1 is reserved for car rentals, buses, and the Reus Airport employees. The parking houses a few roofed and covered parking spots, for the protection of the employee cars and travel buses. The timings for this parking space is in harmony with all the other parking lots at the Reus Airport.


Motorcycle parking

To facilitate all passengers or drivers on motorcycles, the Reus Airport has specially allocated parking spaces in front of the terminal departure area. The parking in this area is free; however, there is no security guard available so that you will be parking at your own risk. 


P3 bus parking

At the public P3 parking lot, a few slots have been reserved for all public buses and transport that enters the vicinity of the airport. These spaces help to facilitate all passengers using shuttle service or other coaches to get to the airport.

Disabled parking

The parking also enables all reduced mobility passengers to travel with ease, with the specially allocated parking spots. The disabled parking is kept as close as possible to the terminal entrance so that the passenger can travel in the utmost comfort.


There are several services available at the airport. Read below to find: 

Charging stations

At the Reus Airport, you will find charging stations at the Public Parking P2, where you can quickly charge your electric car. Similarly, if you want to charge your care after parking for an extended period at the airport, you can visit this parking, and you are good to go!

Valet service

If you want to save time, you can merely hand over your keys at the valet counter and forget about your car. The valet drivers will safely park your car and bring it outside the terminal whenever your flight lands.