Parking Paris-Orly Airport

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Parking Paris-Orly Airport

The Paris-Orly Airport, mainly known as the Orly airport, is the busiest domestic flight airport in France. The Orly airport is an international airport that sees heavy traffic from all continents and is a hub for AirFrance flights. The airport located in Orly is a 13 km ride south of the capital city, Paris. Some reports and estimates represent that in 2018 alone, the airport saw 33 million passengers. The airport covered 15.3 km of area and served as the sole airport for Paris until the Charles Airport in Paris was built and divided the air traffic between these two airports.  

Airport parking Paris Orly

Orly airport is connected to the city through the A106 autoroute, which is the fastest way to get to the airport by car. Similarly, the tram and train system is well connected with the airport and can easily transport you in a few minutes. Once you are within the airport’s bounds, you will find seven total car parks, which are open around the clock.

The parking at the Orly airport simultaneously serves as a short term and long term solution. Depending on whichever car park you choose to go for, you can keep your car there for a matter of minutes or 45 days maximum. All 7 of the car parks at the Orly airport follow the 45-day limit. The first ten minutes in all the car parks are free, and you will only have to pay this once after crossing this period. 

Similarly, the charges are the same throughout the parking, so the only difference between them is their location. Five out of the seven parking lots are covered, while all of them are monitored by security to ensure the maximum security of all vehicles.

Short term airport parking Orly

Read below to find some of the best short term parking options at the Paris-Orly Airport.

P2 parking zone

At the P2 parking, you can park 2,855 cars at one time. The P2 car park is right next to the airport terminal 1 and 2, and provides you easy access to them, especially if you are looking to complete a drop-off merely. The charges start from EUR 3 for 15 minutes, and with each 15-minute interval till you reach an hour, increase by EUR 2. After the hour mark, you will pay EUR 9 plus and additional EUR 2 for each 15-minute interval. A full day at the car park will cost you EUR 36.

P3 parking zone

The P3 parking is adjacent to the P2 parking and is an equally ideal place to park your car if you are not looking to spend long at the airport. The ease of access to the terminals makes it perfect for you to get out of your car and walk for 3 minutes till the entrance. The rate for this parking is the same as the P2 parking.


P4A and P4B parking zone

These parking zones are next to terminal 4, mainly used for only two boarding gates and do not have frequent heavy traffic. They are ideal as a short term parking solution for only those who may be dropping off someone who has a flight boarding from terminal 4. Otherwise, it puts you further away from the rest of the airport. The charges for these car parks are the same as the car parks mentioned earlier.

P4C parking zone

The P4C parking zone is the furthest away from the airport, and a five-minute walk would only get you to the terminal 4. However, for anyone looking to save money on short term parking, this car park has some open-air parking spots with a reduced fare. Once you get to the car park, you can check the marked down rates, which are subject to change depending on your stay.

Long term parking Orly

Read below to find some of the best long term parking options at the Paris-Orly Airport.

P2 parking zone

While this parking zone is next to the terminal 1 and 2, another prominent feature is that it is fully covered and secured under 24-hour surveillance. A prime feature to consider is looking for long term parking, especially with such proximity to the terminals. The charge for two days is EUR 66, while three days is EUR 86, four days is EUR 115, and from four till forty-five days, EUR 20 per day.

P3 parking zone

The P3 parking has the parking spaces for 1,090 cars and once again provides the safety of being covered and under surveillance. The parking proves to be another great option for parking your car long term, without having to walk too far to reach the terminal. Especially, if the P2 car park is full, you always have the option of relying on the P3 zone to cover you, with the same benefits.  The charges for this parking zone are uniform to the ones mentioned above.

P4A and P4B parking zone

These parking zones are ideal for long term parking as they are further away from the crowd and covered and kept under surveillance. There is ample space to find a spot for your car amongst the many parking spots available. The charges for these spaces are the same as the other long term car parks.

P4C parking zone

The P4C is the prime option for long term parking since the parking slots can only be booked online, that too beforehand. The only payment option available is through credit or debit cards. Among the 1,541 slots available, you can easily park your car in this covered and secured parking area and be stress-free. The same charges for long term parking apply to this car park as well.


The P Eco 2 parking is an uncovered parking lot, only open from March till June. The car park serves as a temporary car parking solution between those months, especially for those looking for cheaper parking rates. The car park can be a short term or long term solution, but only ranging till between these three months.

Disabled parking at ORY

All the parking lots, except for P4A, have specially reserved slots for people with reduced mobility. P2 has 36 parking spaces, P3 has 35, and P4B has 20, while P4C has 3. The airport has also provided special ramps for wheelchairs and other such contraptions.

Motorbike parking

Each of the parking lots, except P4A and P4C, has specially designated an area for motorbike parking. These lanes are within the car park’s confines and provide the same coverage and safety offered to the cars.


There are many services available at the airport for passengers. Find some of the services below:

P ECO valet

The design of this car park is to house those cars which are handed over to the valet service provided by the Orly Airport. However, this car park is uncovered and only serves as a short term solution. It is open from 5 am till 12 am, and within this period is your only chance to avail of the valet services.

Car park shuttle

The Orly airport provides the passengers with a shuttle facility as well. After parking your car, instead of walking to the terminals, you can avail of the shuttle service. The shuttle service is available 24 hours, free of cost. A shuttle bus arrives at the designated stops every 9 to 19 minutes, making your trip a smooth ride.