Parking Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport


Parking Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport is also known as the Roissy Airport. It is France’s main international airport and has very heavy airport traffic, making it the 2nd busiest airport in all of Europe. In 2019 alone, the airport handled around 76,000,000 passengers and 500,000 planes. This heavy traffic gave it the label of the world’s 10th busiest airport. Paris Charles De Gaulle is the central hub for Air France. The airport is around 23km from the Paris city center and is easily accessible through the main highway.

Long term parking zones at Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport

The Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport has a separate parking zone for long term parking to make sure travelers that want to park their cars for longer periods are easily facilitated. The travelers can choose between the varieties of long-term zones that best fits their budget, according to the amount of time they want to park their cars. Below are the long-term parking zones: 

CDG long term parking zone

There are two long term parking zones at the airport, namely, Car Park PR and Car Park PX. Both of the parking zones have an open structure; however, to ensure maximum security for passenger’s satisfaction, the airport offers 24-hour surveillance camera security and regular patrols. If you are using public transport to come to the airport, you can smoothly enter and exit the car park through the CDG-VAL rapid light rail, which brings you to the car park in a matter of minutes. 

Furthermore, the car park is close to the main airport terminals. For easy conveyance of the passengers, there is a bus shuttle service that can easily provide transfer from the airport parking lot to the main airport building. The long-term parking zone has a parking fee of €120 for the first week, with the price increasing as the number of days parked in the lot increases. Parking is allowed for up to 15 days at the airport. Passengers looking to park for an extended period can use the CDG long term parking zone. The parking zone is very affordable, as compared to the other parking lots. 

CDG hotel parking 

A lot of passengers are unable to find parking at the designated long-term parking zone due to the heavy airport traffic. To facilitate the travelers, the airport has given the passengers the option of parking at the CDG Hotel for longer periods. However, ensure that you are staying at the hotel, even for one night. The airport offers a lot of attractive discounts and stay and fly packages. Passengers can take a quick rest at the hotel before continuing their journey and leave their cars at the parking lot until they return from their travel.

You need to book the hotel rooms and parking spaces before you arrive at the hotel, so it is hassle-free for you to find a space. To make it even easier for you to transfer between the hotel parking and the airport, the airport has provided a free bus shuttle service so you can be stress-free before your flight.

Short term parking at Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport

The airport also has short term parking to easily facilitate pickups, drop-offs, and shorter journeys. Read below to find out about the short term services at the airport:

CDG drop-off/pickup parking

Charles de Gaulle Airport has separate parking for quick drop-offs and pickups, where you can easily meet your loved ones before their journey. This short-term parking zone is directly in front of the main airport building, which means that it is right next to Terminal 1, Terminal 2A-D, G, and Terminal 3 at only a two-minute walk. The parking lot has an open structure, with no height or width restrictions. Drivers are only allowed to park here for a short period, as the long-term parking zones are in separate spaces. 

The airport allows parking up to one hour but prefers if you park here only for 10-15 minutes, as there is a lot of traffic at this parking zone.

Terminal short term zone

At CDG Airport, there are also enclosed short-term parking zones, to ensure your car is safe in the parking zone. The P1 terminal car park is close to Terminal 1, 2, and 3. It is free to park here for the first ten minutes; however, after that, the parking lot charges around €4.00 for one hour, with an upward increase in price as the amount of time parked at the zone increases.

Drivers are allowed to park at the Terminal short-term zone for up to 5 hours only, after which they may park at the long-term zones instead. As there is a lot of traffic at the airport, you should purchase your ticket for parking in the short-term zone before arriving at the airport to ensure there is no hassle faced.


Disabled parking at Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport

CDG airport offers special parking privileges to those with disabilities. Prices are reduced by 50% if you display your French disability badge when parking at the zones. However, to avail of this discount, it is important to keep your badge with you. 

Other services at Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport

There are a variety of services available at the airport. Read below to find out some of the best services that you can avail while you park your car.

Car wash

To facilitate the passengers, the airport has established several car wash stations around the airport, near all the parking lots. It is especially helpful for those passengers who avail of long-term parking and want to clean their cars as soon as they are back from a long trip.

Electric car charging

The Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport has electric car charging points in most of its car park zones, to make sure all travelers can find valid services that too easily. There is no additional fee for the usage of these electric chargers; however, you have to pay the regular parking fee to use the car changing stations.