Parking Nuremberg Airport

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Parking Nuremberg Airport

Nuremberg Airport, also known as Albrecht Durer Flughafen Nuremberg in German, is an international airport in the region of Nuremberg. The Airport is located around 5km away from the city center, towards the north. It is Germany’s 10th largest Airport and is the second busiest Airport in the Bavarian region, after the Munich Airport. 

Its services extend to the Franconian metropolitan area and all famous travel destinations in Europe, especially leisure destinations along the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands. In 2017 alone, the Airport managed around 4.2 million in and out-going passengers.

Airport parking zones

You can access The Nuremberg from the main highway through different exits, which connect all major cities in the region, including Nuremberg, to the Airport. The Airport has a wide range of parking lots, with around 9000 parking spaces in both short-term and long-term parking zones. The zones have two divisions, such as open-air parking lots, garages, and park houses, all near the main airport building and the terminals.

Short term parking

The Nuremberg Airport offers short-term parking, located directly in front of the Airport’s arrival and departure terminals. These are the best parking zones if you wish to drop off and quickly say goodbye or pick up your passengers. Short term parking at the Airport is divided between P1 short-term, P2 short-term, and P5 short-term parking zones.

P1 short-term parking zone

The P1 parking zone is directly in front of the Airport. It is less than a minute’s walk to the arrival and departures terminal, making it convenient for travelers to reach the terminal from their parking spots. The parking zone is an indoor zone, with an underground transfer to and from the airport building and terminals to the parking zone. It costs around EUR 2 to park here for 30 minutes. However, if you wish to park for longer, say a few hours, then you have to pay more accordingly.

P1 service and short-term business parking

The Airport’s service and business parking are only available at P1. These are highly protected parking zones, valet services, and 24/7 security parole to ensure the utmost safety of your cars. To park here, you must pre-book your spot via the online ticketing portal of The Nuremberg Airport. Charges start from EUR 10 for service parking and EUR 14 for business parking for 1 hour. The rates increase upward, with more time parked at the zone. For 24 hour parking, it approximately costs EUR 28 for service parking and EUR 30 for business parking zones.

P2 short-term parking zone

Like P1 short-term parking zone, the P2 short parking zone is an indoor parking garage located opposite the airport building, at a walk of around 2 minutes or so. Charges start from EUR 2 for 30 minutes and upwards.

P5 short-term parking zone

The P5 short-term parking zone is a new edition in the Nuremberg Airport’s parking zones. It has parking spaces up to 2,200 with around seven levels, all of which provide very cost-effective parking. Each parking ticket costs EUR 1 for 30 minutes. However, if you wish to park for a whole day, you must pay EUR 30. Hence, it’s more cost-effective to park at the long-term parking zones for more extended stays at the Airport.

Long term airport parking

Like short-term parking, the Nuremberg Airport offers long-term parking to passengers that wish to park their cars for a more extended period. Whether they go out of the city on a short weekend trip or want to spend a month out for vacation, their car is safe in the long-term parking zone.

P31 long term parking zone

The P31 parking zone is an outdoor parking zone connected to the new P5 short-term parking zone. Housing around 700 parking spaces, the parking zone extends its services to travelers who wish to park for more extended periods. It is approximately 8 minutes away from the main airport building and the arrival and departure terminals. The Airport promises cost-effective rates for long-term parking, as they cater primarily to economy-minded travelers. They charge around EUR 70 to park for two weeks in this zone.

P1 service and long-term business parking

If you wish to enjoy the luxury of 24/7 surveillance and security parole and want little to worry about your car while you are away on vacation, then this is the best place for you to park your vehicle for long-term parking. It costs EUR 110 to park for around 14 days, and booking can be made before arrival through the online ticketing portals.

P12 long term parking zone

The P12 long term parking zone is also known as the Holiday Parking Zone. It is because travelers who go out of the city for weeks and months enjoy parking at this zone, as it provides complete protection and CCTV covered. It costs around EUR 96 to park here for two weeks, with an upward increase. If you purchase parking tickets via the Airport’s online portal, you will receive several discounts and parking coupons.

Payment at the parking zones

The parking fee system is a little complex at the Nuremberg Airport as it does not offer flat rates. The charges depend on the amount of time parked, and the parking lot chosen, be it for short-term or long-term parking. There are parking ticket machines installed at all parking zones. These ticketing machines accept all modes of transactions. You can buy your parking tickets using cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

Disability airport parking

The Nuremberg Airport has designated special parking spaces in all Its parking lots at the Airport. The areas are marked for easy identification. If you wish to park at these special parking spaces, you must have a valid handicapped ID for authentication.

Other services

There are many parking options available at the Nuremberg airport. Such as:

Valet airport parking

The Airport offers luxurious facilities to its passengers, including that of Valet parking. Upon your arrival, you can request for a valet parking service at the standard valet charges quoted on the Airport’s website. Your car will be taken and parked without any hassle, and you can get going on your vacation. This service is provided for free for those opting for business long-term parking zones.

Fueling and maintenance station

You can avail of special offers at Nuremberg Airport. While you’re away relaxing on your vacation, pamper your car back home at the Airport’s fueling and maintenance station. Upon your request, your vehicle will be thoroughly checked for any problems and will be fixed efficiently by our professionals. On your return, you can refuel your car whenever you want, at our fueling station before you leave from the Airport, back to your place.

Car wash

The Nuremberg Airport also offers a free car wash for its business parking space holders. Before you leave the Airport after your pleasant vacation, you can get your car cleaned up from both the outside and the inside, free of cost! Upon request, this can be done before your arrival as well, if you wish to avail our valet parking services and leave your car keys safeguarded with the airport management and security.