Parking Menorca Airport

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Parking Menorca Airport

Menorca Airport is also known as the Mahon Airport. It opened in 1969, on the 24th of March. It is located at a distance of 4.5 km on the southwest side of the city center of Mao, which is at the Spanish island of Menorca. It serves the Island of Menorca called Balearic. It reached one of its highest records in 2001 when the airport served about 3 million passengers.

 The airport is mainly a holiday airport with a high number of charter flights, especially in the holiday season, summers. Coves and beaches are the main part of Menorca’s landscape; that is also why people like to tour around and enjoy its natural paradise, the culture of the people and their traditions. Most of the travelers using this airport are from European countries. It had 3.495.025 passengers using its services in 2019.

There are bus links and connections from the Menorca Airport to all the cities close by. You can choose your destination and pick a bus accordingly. There are also several options to choose from the airlines that fly to and from the airport. These differ in prices and dates. The following airlines operate in the Menorca Airport:

  • TUIfly
  • Thomson Airways
  • Iberia
  • easyJet
  • Air Berlin

Airport parking at Menorca Airport

The car parks at the Menorca Airport are located right outside the terminal building, making them easily accessible within walking distance from the airport, facility, and services. There is short term as well as Long term parking at the Menorca airport parking lots. The parking for the first 30 minutes is free of charge; however, exceeding this time will lead you to be charged a cost. An hourly rate is €0.75, less than 60 minutes will cost you around €0.40.

Short stay car park Menorca

Passengers can utilize these car parks for a short period. Read below to find some short-stay parking options: 

Express Parking

The express car park is one of the most efficient services at the airport, as it is very fast. The express parking zone is at a very short distance from the terminal building. It also allows you to drop off and pick up passengers without any charges. The first 15 minutes of parking is free as well, giving passengers enough time to load or unload their luggage. However, for parking, it has only 40 spaces. The maximum rate is € 60.00. The rest of the charges are as follows:

  • For the first minute: € 1.0450
  • Minute 2 to 30: € 0.043581 per minute
  • Minute 31 to 60: € 0.077301 per minute
  • From minute 61: € 0.0123681 per minute

General car park P1

The P1 car park is used for short term parking. There are a total of 690 parking spaces for traveler’s vehicles. You can find this car park right opposite the terminal building, making it very close to it. The parking lot is in an enclosed space, and the parking spaces are covered as well. There are staff and security present at the car park, managing all issues and any problems passengers may face. The charges for the short term parking are as follows:


  • One minute: € 0,426992
  • Minute 2 to 30: € 0,014724 per minute
  • From minute 31: € 0,027652 per minute

Daily maximum up to four days

  • € 14.50 for high season
  • € 11.50 for low season

Maximum daily from the fifth day

  • € 11.50 for high season
  • € 9.10 for low season

The high season rates are more expensive due to the high number of passengers entering and limited parking spaces. The high season is from the 1st of April to the 31st of October.

Long term airport parking Menorca Airport 

These car parks are used for long term parking when travelers plan on taking longer vacations. They can leave their cars in the car park on good deals and stress-free as the airport has security and staff to make sure your vehicles remain safe. 

General car park P2

The P2 car park is for long term parking. It is located in a modern building and has three floors. The building itself is very close to the terminal. It has 464 parking spaces. The P2 parking is ideal for travelers who wish to park for more than four days as the rates are quite affordable. The rates are the following:


The first four days rate: 

  • € 14.05 during high season
  • € 11.20 during low season

From the fifth day onwards

  • € 5.75 per day

The high season starts from the 1st of April till the 31st of October.

The low season starts from the 1st of November till the 31st of March.

Menorca Airport Parking for the disabled

There are reserved spaces for parking in the airport parking lot for people who may have any disabilities. There are PRM friendly services at the airport. There are signs to indicate if the parking space is for a disabled driver. The staff and management are available to help you out. It is requested to take your disability permit along with you to avoid any misunderstanding. You can contact the airport beforehand for extra assistance or information.

You can pre-book parking spaces from their website, especially during the busy summer months, as the car parks are heavily crowded during the holiday season.


The Mahon Airport provides its passengers with many other facilities and services as well, such as:

Shuttle services

You can book these services before your flight to get good deals. They take you to and from the airport’s terminal to your vehicle in the car parks.

Disabled Passengers

The staff gives passengers with reduced mobility extra help; this help is available 24 hours. You are requested to contact the airport 48 hours before your flight’s departure to get assistance.

It is important to note that the summer month tends to get extremely hot, with temperatures as high as 28 degrees Celsius. Due to this, it is recommended to all passengers using the airport’s car parks to use windscreens or shades to avoid the car and its interior from heating up or any damage. Children or pets should not be left in the car unattended at any time.