Parking Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport

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Parking Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport

The Malaga Airport or officially known as the Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport is an international and fourth busiest airport in Spain. It is the primary airport serving the Costa del Col region, and it receives the majority of the international traffic. The airport is at an excellent location, where multiple areas in the south of Spain can access the facilities at Malaga Airport. The airport is at a distance of only 8 km southwest from Malaga, while it is 5 km north of Torremolinos. It is estimated that approximately 16 million passengers traveled through Malaga Airport in 2018, indicating its integral and busy role in Spain’s air traffic.

Multiple access routes will place you at the airport gate without any hassle quickly. The primary approach from the MA-20 and MA-21 is a straightforward route to get from the city to the airport.

Airport parking Malaga Airport

Situated within the airport’s bounds, you will find six different public parking areas accessible to all vehicles. The parking lots have been strategically divided into short term, long term, and even VIP parking areas, given the massive traffic they receive on an everyday basis.

All six of these parking areas have been distributed between Terminal 2 (T2) and Terminal 3 (T3), the VIP section, and the General Aviation Terminal to facilitate all users. The T2 and T3 mainly serve the majority of the passengers that Malaga Airport receives, with flights from within Europe, and even domestic flights. The location of these car parks provide the passenger with comfort, and you can avoid any long walks to reach the terminal entrance.

Express parking

The parking is located on the upper floor of the Malaga Airport, where you will arrive towards the departure terminal. The airport’s entrance will lead you straight to the express car park where you can easily park your car for free for the first fifteen minutes. As the name suggests, it is the ideal parking solution for all drivers who plan to spend a few minutes at the airport.

The first hour here will cost you 6.68 euros, while each hour after that will cost you 6.38 euros. If you want to park your car here for the whole day, it will cost you 58 euros. If you are under the fifteen-minute mark, you can speedily leave the airport; however, any time after this would cause you to validate your parking ticket before leaving.

Short term parking at Malaga Airport

There are several airport parking spaces at the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport. Read below to find some short term parking: 

P1 car park short term

The access to this car park is only from the airport’s lower level, near the arrivals terminal. The P1 car park is covered, so it will provide you a safe and secure parking option, whether you are spending a few minutes, hours, or days.

Parking your car here will cost you 0.02 euros per minute from two minutes to half an hour. Similarly, after you cross the half an hour mark, you will have to pay 0.05 euros per minute. You will roughly have to pay 19 euros if you want to park your car for the entire day. After your car is parked here for four days, you will have to pay 16.50 euros per day.

Long term parking Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport

There are several airport parking spaces at the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport. Read below to find some long term parking: 

Picasso parking long term

The immaculate and well-kept Picasso Parking is an optimal solution if you are looking to park your car for an extended period. Not only that, but the parking lot has access to a cafe where you can grab a quick bite before you catch your flight.

Another feature that makes this car park attractive is the fact that it has its personalized car wash and maintenance facility, so you know that you are leaving your car in safe hands. Your car is under around the clock surveillance at this parking facility, and you will find your car in the same condition you left it in.

The car park has a shuttle service available and the option to inform the parking management before you arrive so that the driver can bring your car around for you at the time you will allocate.

P3 long term parking

The P3 parking is located at a fair distance from the airport terminals, so you have no option but to avail of the shuttle bus service. The shuttle arrives at this parking lot every ten to fifteen minutes, so you will have to plan your timing according to this window if you want to be on time for your flight.

The parking rates vary depending on the number of days you leave your vehicle, and the time of year you travel. The prices do not vary much between this parking lot and the Picasso Parking. So, either way, you will be paying the same amount.

Car hire parking

The parking area is reserved for car hire companies, and you will find these spaces on the ground, mezzanine, and basement levels of the parking. The areas have been marked with yellow lines and signals for your ease.

VIP Parking

If you are looking to hand over your keys to the valet, this is the option. The driver will take your car and park it safely, and you will be charged the sum according to how long your car stays at the airport. The parking also provides you with a car wash facility and one week in this parking will cost you 89 euros.

P7 general car park

Located near the General Aviation Terminal, this car park is reserved for private flights. The daily charge is 19 euros till you reach four days, after which it will cost you an extra 16.50 euros per day. The car park serves as a short term and long term solution.

Disabled parking Malaga Airport

The Malaga Airport provides 17 spots for reduced mobility passengers at the P3 long term car park. Additionally, you can show your disabled badge at the airport gate, and you will be led to park right in front of the terminal.


You can avail many services at the airport like:

  • Car wash 
  • Valet parking