Parking Madrid Barajas International Airport

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Parking Madrid Barajas International Airport

Madrid–Barajas Airport parking

Spain’s largest international airport, Adolfo Suárez Madrid– Barajas Airport, is popularly known as Madrid – Barajas Airport. Being the busiest airport in the area and the sixth busiest one in Europe, this airport recorded to have 57.9 million travelers using the airport in 2018.

A nearby city named Barajas has an underground station on the same railway line joining the airport; thus, this city is where the name of the airport comes from. The airport has several passenger terminals numbered T1, T2, T3, T4, and T4S. Barajas is an essential joint amidst Europe and Latin America and provides a gateway towards the Iberian Peninsula from the majority of Europe and the World. The airport mainly serves Iberia and Air Europa.  Therefore, almost 40% of Barajas’ traffic is due to Iberia. 

Parking at the airport

In the buildings of terminals T1, T2-T3 and T4, P1, P2, P4, are the seven public car parks in Madrid Airport besides, Express parking, Long-Stay parking, and Vip Car Park. Such parking facilities are usually for bikes.

The airport property is connected with more than 200 parking spots at low costs from the surrounding new section to the airport. Express Parking, at T1, T2, and T4, may be used for short-term parking. Limited numbers of parking spaces make the rates more costly. Longer visits will require Long Stay Car parks.

Short term parking

Including the many parking spaces at the premises for travelers, the Madrid Barajas Airport also has official short term car parking areas as shown below: 

Parking area P1

In front of Terminal T1 from about two minutes’ walk; are the car parks for the public. While paying the charges per minute, this is the easiest choice for travelers to carry or take passengers to and from the airport. It is also a helpful one for journeys less than four days.  This parking area consists of 2200 car parks with the height cut off for the cars being 2.10 meters, thus excluding any vehicle from above that mark. 

Car park P2 terminal T2 and T3 Madrid airport parking area P2

This public parking lot has two buildings containing seven floors, not taking the passengers too long to reach T2 or T3. It is the best option for trips less than four days. It is the most feasible to drop and pick people from or to the airport as it charges for every minute. More than 4400 parking spaces are available with a maximum height of 2.10m here. 

Car park P4 terminal T4 Madrid airport parking area P4

More than 4400 parking spaces at a maximum height of 2.10 meters can be accommodated for in this parking lot P4 diversified into a variety of buildings and separated into floors and sections.  These parking areas connect with the main hallway to the airport terminal T4. Parked into this parking lot, the passengers can get to the airport in only a minute.

Tariffs for parking areas P1, P2 & P4

  • From minute 0 to 30: €0.057 per minute
  • 31 to 120: €0.055 per minute
  • 121: €0.05 per minute
  •  €20.95: Max/day up to 4 day

Long term parking

There are numerous long term parking areas at the Barajas Madrid Airport for the traveler to use as listed below:  

Parking lots are outside the airport premises for long term car parks, and shuttle services are used to bring travelers, taking around 3 minutes to get to terminals T1 and 5 minutes to get to T2 and T3. Booking facilities are required to park in these lots and at a maximum height of 2.10m.

Long Term Car park Terminal T4 Madrid airport Long Term Parking T4

The facility outside airport property allows companies and long term car parkers to park cars and caters to more than 900 parking spaces. 

Free shuttle services are used to bring travelers to their terminals, and early bookings are important. Cars can be parked for a maximum height of 2.20 meters.

Tariffs Long Term Parking T1-T2-T3 & T4

  • One day: with reservation €16€ – without reservation: €22.20.
  • Two days: with reservation €19€ – without reservation: €22.20.
  • Three days: with reservation €25€ – without reservation: €32.30.
  • Four days: with reservation €33€ – without reservation: €42.40.
  • One week: with reservation €45€ – without €64.30.

VIP parking

Read below to learn about the VIP parking at the airport: 

VIP Car park Terminal T1 Madrid airport VIP Parking T1

Available at the unique parking are extra facilities such as car wash, refueling, minor maintenance, etc. Pick up and delivery of the vehicle in Terminal T1 Arrivals will also be provided. Bookings, however, need to be done for at least 3 hours before arrival.

VIP Car park Terminal T2 Madrid airport VIP Parking T2

The VIP 2 parking area provides exclusive parking and extra facilities such as cleaning, refueling, minor maintenance, etc. Pick up and transfer of the vehicle in Terminal T2 Departures Zone are available. A three-hour early booking is required. 

VIP Car park Terminal T4 Madrid airport VIP Parking T4

At the VIP 4 Parking Area, exclusive parking and extra facilities such as cleaning, refueling, minor maintenance, etc. are available. The airport provides Pick up and transfer of the vehicle in Terminal T4 Departures Zone. A three-hour prior booking is also required.  

Tariffs VIP Parking areas T1, T2 & T4*

  • Less than one day: €35.00
  • Less than two days:  €62.00
  • Less than three days:  €87.50
  • Less than four days: €105
  • Less than five days:  €115

Disabled parking

Upon arrival, disabled people or ones with a lack of mobility can also park their cars here, ensuring that the airport is informed at least 48 hours earlier, and more services may be rendered by calling the airport or referring to customer service.


There are many services available at this car park, such as:

  • Refueling
  • Car wash
  • Car maintenance
  • Electric car charging.