Parking Los Angeles LAX Airport

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Parking Los Angeles LAX Airport

.Los Angeles International Airport, the main international airport, is serving Los Angeles, California, and its nearby cities. 

LAX is in the Westchester district of Los Angeles, California, 18 miles (30 km) southwest of downtown Los Angeles, with the residential and business districts of Westchester to the north Owned and managed by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), an entity of the Los Angeles administration, formerly known as the Department of Airports, the airport occupies 3,500 acres (1,400 ha) of ground. LAX has four parallel runways.

In 2019, LAX dealt with 88,068,013 travelers, making it the third busiest airport in the world and the second busiest airport in the United States after Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. As the biggest and busiest international airport in the U.S. West Side, LAX is a significant regional portal to the United States and also acts as a connecting hub for foreign travelers.

Parking at the Airport

If you’re going to travel to the airport, it will be reasonable to reserve your parking spot in LAX. Los Angeles International Airport provides both long-term and short-term parking on the airport property. Parking at LAX should make it easy for you to drive back with big luggage. What you have to do is figure out how to get your luggage in your car.

Long-term airport parking Los Angeles LAX Airport

There are many options for long-term parking at LAX. Including, Parking Lot E and Main Terminal Parking Field. You may also use the off-site parking area, which also provides shuttle services.

Located east of the runway, Parking Lot E provides free shuttle service to and from the terminal gates. It’s going to run you $12 a day to use this parking spot.

Located in the middle of the city, LAX’s Main Terminal Parking Area is the most costly of the three, valued at $30 a day. It’s too costly, because of its nice location that it’s really easy to reach. Off-site parking with shuttle service is $9 a day.

Short term parking LAX Airport

For short-stay parking, Los Angeles International Airport provides all hourly and regular facilities. For hourly parking, you could use the main terminal parking garages situated at different airport terminals. We are ideal for pick up or drop off travelers. You’ll get Parking Lot E at LAX for regular parking. Hourly parking is accessible at the Central Terminal Parking Garages for $3 plus an additional $2 for an extended thirty minutes.

Regular parking is accessible for $4 an hour, with a limit of $12 a day.

Note that the parking costs at LAX above are not fixed and are bound to change after some time. They’re supposed to give you an estimation of the sum of money you’re going to pay. 

Parking Facilities Near LAX

The airport itself does not have many parking spaces. 

It is complicated to Drive through Los Angeles International Airport. The constant delays will mean you will take more time to reach the terminals. Because of this and to ensure you save on time, you can use the off-site parking slots. Each facility offers different rates for overnight parking at LAX, and it is best to check which will fit into your budget before making a decision. The following are off-site facilities around the airport that you can use for parking.

Parking Spot.

Los Angeles Regional car park providers have two car parks in the proximity of the airport. Notably, the Sepulveda Parking Spot and the Century Parking Spot. Each of these parking areas in the area of LAX offers closed and unlocked parking alternatives. It also grants covered spaces for valets. The rates for the three types of parking are not identical but vary from $4 to $31. Together with a comfortable shuttle that is accessible every 5-7 minutes, you can also get assistance with your baggage, free drinking water, a charging station, and a shuttle monitoring program.

105 Airport Parking.

It is next to the terminal; this complex provides over 1000 parking spaces. With a shuttle bus to the airport every 25 to 30 minutes, to the abundance of both covered and open spaces near LAX, this facility is perfect for you.

Airport Center Parking.

A well-lit and protected center situated one mile from the runway, the Runway Center provides both covered and open parking near LAX at a reasonable rate. Shuttle service to the airport is also accessible every 15-20 minutes. Running 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; this service provides you to move your luggage to make your parking offer sweeter.

Joe’s Airport Parking.

It is near the airport; this building offers long-term self-catering and valet parking. The parking prices are $15 a day, and it also offers bus facilities, car wash, a radio, and filtered water.

405 Airport Parking.

Built two miles from the airport, this long-term car park outside LAX provides a free shuttle every 15 minutes of the day.

Sam’s Park LAX.

For $10 a day, this is one of the best long-stay car parks you’ll find near the airport-combined with its daily shuttle service; it’s one of the locations you can trust to produce.

Value Park LAX.

This long-term car park outside LAX is about two miles from the airport. It helps you with facilities like baggage assistance, free airport shuttle service, tire inflation in case of a leak, and lets you get in your car. The shuttle goes every 15 minutes from and to the airport.

Disabled parking at Los Angeles Airport

Broad parking lots are found in many of the LAX parking lots and buildings, near to the elevators. Disabled parking spaces are marked with the conventional symbol on the blue sign (or “Disabled Parking”).

 Disabled parking, with free shuttle service to and from airline terminals, is accessible at Lot C on 96th Street, east of Sepulveda Boulevard, and Lot B on 111th Street and La Cienega Boulevard. Lift-equipped shuttle busses constantly run between Lots B and C and passenger terminals.


Read below to find some services provided at the LAX airport:

Electric car charging

If you drive an electric car, consider an LAX parking facility with a charging system for an electric vehicle. You can locate one at Terminal Parking Garages and Parking E at the airport. You would be able to charge the car with no extra costs incurred.


If you’re the driver of a motorcycle, you’re lucky. Parking at the LAX Garages Main Terminal Space offers ample LAX space for all bikes.

Valet parking

The lists, as mentioned earlier, provide off-site parking that provides a quick valet parking. The valet driver will take you from the site to the terminal and return your car to the parking spot upon your departure.