Parking London Heathrow Airport

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Parking London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport parking

London Heathrow Airport is one of the largest airports, not only in the UK but also internationally. Moreover, it is the second busiest airport in the whole world due to heavy passenger traffic. In 2019 alone, the Heathrow airport handled around 80.8 million passengers, as well as 475,861 aircraft traffic. The main airport, as well as its management, is operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings, and the airport is a primary base for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways. The airport is situated 14 miles from London’s city center. 

Heathrow airport parking

The Heathrow International Airport offers around eleven official parking zones. These parking zones cater to all four of the airport’s terminals, through the short term as well as long term parking, making travel with family and quick business trips as easy as they can get. Moreover, outside the airport, there are independent parking companies that offer parking lots and zones close to the airport at lower prices. 

Short term parking

The short-term parking zones are a multistory parking facility. Each of the four terminals has its own designated parking lots, making it easy to approach the terminals from the parking lots. 

To park in the short-term zones, passengers have to get parking tickets with information about the driver, the car, and the number of hours parked. The ticketing system works through Automated Number Plate Recognition. Hence, it is also possible to pre-book your parking spaces at the short-term parking zones before arriving at the airport. On the day parking prices for all short-term zones start from £4.50 an hour and upwards. 

For passenger’s ease, all parking zones are close to their respective terminals through a walking channel, which takes between 4 to 10 minutes of walk, depending on which terminal you need to go to. Moreover, a free shuttle service of either bus or train transfer is provided by airport management, which typically takes around 20 minutes of wait. 

Heathrow’s meet and greet parking zone

The airport offers a meet and greet parking zone for quick drop-offs and pickups. Parking here is not allowed. However, this zone also provides a valet facility for an on the day price of £105.99 for one-week parking. For passenger’s ease, they must book a space here in advance as the booking rates are cheaper, starting from £85 a week. Upon the passenger’s arrival at the airport and the designated zone, an attendant will park your car for you. The meet and greet parking zone is a quick and hassle-free solution for travelers with either a lot of luggage or a lack of time, as they can head straight to their terminal without worrying about parking.  

Long term parking

For passengers who are looking to park for longer periods, the long-term parking zones offered by the airport are great for use. Although there are regular security patrols and 24-hour CCTV coverage in the long-term zones, it is recommended by the airport security for passengers to keep their car keys with them when traveling. 

For passenger’s ease, the airport offers official shuttle service through buses for easy transfer between the airport parking and the airport terminals. These shuttle buses run every 10 minutes from each terminal and take between 3-7 minutes to reach the desired terminals. 

Due to heavy traffic at the airport, you must pre-book your parking spots in advance, before arriving at the airport. The high parking demand also means high prices for on the day parking, starting from £51.99 a day. However, pre-booked prices start from £45 a day. 

Heathrow’s business parking zone

The Heathrow International airport also offers business parking for added comfort, ease, and reliability. The bus shuttle service at this zone has not only comfortable seating but also little to no waiting time or delays. The bus provides pickup and drop-off at the desired location at the terminals. There is free Wi-Fi offered on board to keep you connected before your flight. You must use these zones for long-term parking as well. 

Heathrow’s valet parking facility

The airport offers a premium valet parking service to help passengers keep a complete peace of mind before their journey. At the designated zone close to the airport terminal, a valet receptionist will be waiting for your arrival, on pre-booking. After you hand over your keys and make your way to the terminal, the valet will park your car securely.

You can get your live flight information, which will ensure your car is in front of the arrival hall on your return. The parking zone is kept safe with 24/7 CCTV coverage and regular security patrols. Moreover, the valet parking services also provide optional car care, which includes thorough interior and exterior cleaning with a small service fee. 

Heathrow’s disabled parking

The international airport ensures they go above and beyond to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities. All the short-term, as well as long-term parking zones, have designated disability blue parking spots, which are situated closest to the airport terminal. You should display your disability blue badge in your car’s windshield for easy identification and proof. 

Disability parking prices start from £5 a day. For more ease, there are shuttle buses with staff on hand to assist on-demand via pre-booking exclusively for people with disabilities to ensure their travel is comfortable. Moreover, there are separate lanes for pickups and drop-offs to facilitate those with disabilities. 


Read below to find more about more parking services:

POD parking

The Heathrow International Airport has introduced a parking experience like no other! The POD parking provides a driverless electric vehicle automating your shuttle transfers, on-demand, during the set operational hours. The POD robotic parking is powered by sustainable energy sources and hence avoids traffic congestion from parking on the roads and zero-emission. The futuristic-looking POD parking service is linked to Terminal 5 and can facilitate up to four passengers as well as luggage. 

Electric car charging stations

The Heathrow International Airport provides free electric car charging points at all of its short-term as well as long-term parking zones for passenger’s ease.