Parking Hannover Airport

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Parking Hannover Airport

The Hannover Airport is an international airport in Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany. The airport is situated 11 km away from the city center. Being one of the top 10 largest airports in Germany, the airport acts as a base for different European airlines, such as Eurowings, Condor, SunExpress Deutschland, and TUI. 

Short term parking at Hannover airport

There are several short term parking zones at the international airport that you can use for pickups and drop-offs.  

P1 and P3 “Kiss & Fly” parking zones

The Parking Zones P1 and P3 are designated for short term parking only, which is why they are also known as the “Kiss and Fly” Zones. Both the parking zones are within proximity of the terminals, with a minutes’ walk each. It helps to reduce time and unnecessary transfer for the passengers. The zones permit you to park your car free of charge for around 3 minutes, to allow the passengers to load and unload their luggage. 

After the time limit is over, the parking charges are applied. Hence, to park for longer periods, it is advised by the airport management to use the P11 and P33 parking zones, which are also near the main airport building. The P11 and P33 parking zones are free for all, for up to 30 minutes. After that, you will have to pay extra charges.  

P1 – P7 short term parking zones

The Parking Zones P1 through P7 are specially designed for short term parking. The parking spaces are in front of the main airport building, making it convenient for the passengers to make their way to the terminals without any hassle easily. All the parking lots, P1 to P7, which are in front of the terminals A, B & C charge the same one-hour fee. 

The parking fee for one hour is €4, with upward charges as the time parked in the zone increases. The airport management allows you to pre-book your parking spaces, as the airport has heavy traffic. The parking payment can be made through the payment machines on the spot via the easy park, or through the online portal on your phones and laptops before arriving at the parking zones.

P1 – P6 short term “6 hours” parking zones

The Parking Zones P1 through P3 are right next to the three terminals of the airport, namely A, B & C. Whereas, the parking zones P4 through P6 are right next to the fourth terminal, Terminal D. Similar to other parking zones, they charge €4 for one hour, with upward charges. However, these zones are strictly short term parking zones. If any car is parked here for over six hours without a proper hourly parking package purchased before the parking, you will have to pay a fine for the whole day. 

Long term parking at Hannover airport

For passengers that wish to avail long term parking at the airport, the management has designated separate parking zones.

P7 long term “Spar Plus” parking zone

The P7 Parking Zone is also known as the “Spar Plus” parking. The parking lot is specially designed to be a long term parking lot as it has a closed structure with 24 hour CCTV footage, to ensure your cars are kept safe at all times. The airport charges a fee of €22 for one day, with upward charges with an increase in days parked.

Parking at the airport is allowed up to one month, with charges at €83 for three weeks. The parking spaces are near the three main airport terminals, namely, terminal A, B & C, and will take around 15 minutes to reach on foot. For passengers ease, the airport has provided bus shuttle service to reach between the airport building and the parking area easily.

P10 long term “Spar Plus” parking zone

The P10 Parking zone is also known as the “Spar Plus” long term parking. Similar to the other long term zone, the P10 zone is an enclosed parking space. The P10 parking lot is one of the most budget-friendly parking zones at the Hannover Airport, making it the best option for passengers to park for long periods when going abroad for business or leisure. 

However, the parking spaces are kept strictly for long term parking with some rules and regulations. Travelers are allowed to park in the P10 zone for a minimum of 1 week. Charges for one week are €39. Parking at this long term zone is allowed for up to a month, with a parking fee of €49 for three weeks. The airport management provides bus shuttle service for their passengers ease when transferring between the parking lot and the main terminals A, B & C. 

Disabled parking at Hannover airport

Although there is no separate parking zone designated for the disabled passengers, all the parking zones have disabled parking spaces at their entrance. It makes the transfer to and from the parking lot to the airport easy for the passengers. The airport management also provides assistance, which has to be pre-booked and informed at the Airport Service Center for your ease. 

Parking for 24 hours is free in all parking zones for all those with impairment cards. To make use of the disabled parking privilege, it is advised by the airport management to place your impairment certificates at your vehicle’s windshield, to ensure no hassle and difficulties for both passengers and the airport security when parking. 

Other parking services at Hannover airport

The Hannover Airport provides other parking services as well, such as an electric car charging station at the airport’s parking lots. 

Electric car charging:

The Hannover Airport ensures that they look after the needs of all its travelers. The airport provides a free electric car charging station for passengers with electric cars. However, it is only available to those who park at the Exclusive Parking Zone, with parking fees starting from €8 for one hour, up to €17 for six hours.