Parking Groningen Eelde Airport

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Parking Groningen Eelde Airport

Groningen Airport Eelde is in the north-east of the Netherlands. It is near Eelde in the province of Drenthe, 4.8 nautical miles south of the town of Groningen in the province of Groningen. The airport served 220,710 passengers in 2015. The airport is also host to the KLM Flight School, the Noord Nederlandse Aero Club (NNAC), and the General Enterprises.

The airport began under the name of “Hakenkampsveld” in 1928 and was formally opened in 1931. In 1933, it was called “Luchthaven Eelde.” The Nazi troops seized the airport during the Second World War.

The history of Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) can be traced back to 1927, when Hayo Hindriks, former mayor of the municipality of Eelde, contacted the KLM (without consulting the community council). He realized that the KLM would be involved in an air link through Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Groningen. In 1933, the name of the airport was modified to “NV Luchthaven Eelde.” Stockholders were the counties of Groningen and Drenthe, the towns of Groningen, Eelde, and Assen, and the Chambers of Trade and Factories of Groningen, Drenthe, and the Peat Colonies. There was funding to improve the airport.

Cheap Parking Eelde Airport

You should reserve your parking spot in advance at the official parking area of Groningen Airport Eelde to benefit from the lowest prices, e.g., you’re going to have to pay €37 for eight days. The airport electronic parking system helps you to book your car park conveniently and comfortably.

However, figures indicate that airport parking is possibly the cheapest in the Netherlands. Per each parking area (P1, P2, and P3), however, a separate rate applies; this can be found online at the airport’s online booking portal. You can even book your parking spot up to 4 hours before you depart. There are no exclusive long-term or short-term parking spaces at this facility, and you can park at any parking spot and pay a charge for the length of the parking.

Long- and short stay airport parking Groningen Airport

You can find long term and short-term parking in the same parking lot.

P1 parking Eelde Airport

Groningen Airport Eelde P1 is also classified as the Gold Parking Area because it is the most luxurious of all and the nearest to the terminals.

You should book your parking spot in the P1 parking area at the airport of Groningen Eelde in advance. You can park your car at a reasonable price at the Groningen Airport Eelde P1 parking lot. All P1 parking spaces are within walking distance of the terminal. The P1 is in front of the terminal. The parking areas are also subjected to camera monitoring, and you won’t have to think about damaging your car or some theft: it’s all secured.

You can park your car and take the key with you when you’re flying; then, when you’re back, you can start your vehicle again. If you have reserved your parking spot in advance, you can access the airport with a license tag. The P1 parking area is insulated so that you can park your car comfortably without thinking about the heat. You can park your car for €35.00 at P1, for one day.

Park & walk

On the day of departure, you should travel to the P1 parking lot and park your vehicle. Then you should head to your terminal, which is just a quick walk ahead. On your departure, you can quickly walk back to the P1 parking lot where your car is parked and drive away.

P2 parking Eelde Airport

P2 parking is also known as the Silver Parking Area because it is cheaper than the Gold Parking Area and more costly than the Bronze Parking Area. It’s just 1 minute from the terminals. P2 is a very well-arranged and accessible parking space where you can park your car without any fear, as it has advanced camera surveillance. You can even hold your car keys with you when you’re on the drive. In many ways, P2 is similar to P1 but provides lower prices.

P2, much like the other Eelde airport in Groningen, is a 2-minute walk from the terminal. Baggage trolleys are waiting for you, so in no time can you be at the terminal because of the fast walking gap between the P2 car park and the terminal. So if you’re searching for fair prices and a range of facilities, then Groningen Airport P2 is a perfect choice. You will easily reserve your parking spot on the airport’s official website. After booking, you will provide an email with a rundown of the parking procedure. You will park your car in the P2 parking area for €28.00 per spot for one day.

P3 parking Eelde Airport

P3 parking is also known as the Bronze Parking Area because it is the cheapest of all parking areas and is 4 minutes away from the terminals.

You should book your parking area in advance at the official airport of Eelde in Groningen. At the P3 car park, you can park very cheaply relative to other Dutch airports! All the parking facilities are within a very limited walking distance from the airport. You will travel from the P3 to the terminal in no more than 7 minutes, based on the size of your luggage.

Security is an essential starting point when searching for a good car parking. P3 Groningen Airport has video surveillance. You can park your car in the P3 car park and hold the keys with you when you’re on the go. Groningen Airport makes fast parking by offering low parking prices. You can save extra time on your journey in this way. You will arrive at the terminal only a few minutes after you park your vehicle, and then you can continue your journey. You will park your car in the P3 parking area for €12.00 per room for one day.

Parking Groningen Eelde Airport for the disabled:

You can park your car in the P1 car park if you meet the criteria for disabled travelers.