Parking Friedrichshafen Airport

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Parking Friedrichshafen Airport

Friedrichshafen Airport, also known as Flughafen Friedrichshafen or Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen in German, is an international airport in Friedrichshafen, Germany. While it is not a major airport, it features a substantial influx of flights between different European metropolitans and similar destinations.

The airport also hosts an annual general aviation conference called AERO Friedrichshafen. In its region, Baden-Wurttemberg is the third largest airport, which has served over 560,000 passengers in 2015 alone. The airport is 3 km from the city center, in the north of Friedrichshafen. Due to its closeness to the Austrian Alps, a lot of tourists make use of the airport during winter and skiing seasons.

Airport parking zones at Bodensee Airport

Friedrichshafen airport offers numerous parking spaces, located in different parking lots. With a variety of parking zones, the airport can facilitate travelers from all economic backgrounds. If you wish to find the price of an average ticket within your budget in any zone, you can calculate it using the parking fee calculator provided on the airport’s official website and ticketing portals.

Short term airport parking

There are two main short-term parking zones at the Friedrichshafen Airport, namely P1 and P2 short-term parking lots, directly in front of the main airport building and the proximity of the arrival and departure terminals. These zones are best suited for pickups and drop-offs of passengers.

P1 short term parking

The P1 short term parking zone is located right in front of the main airport building. It is less than a minute’s walk to the arrival and departures terminal, making it convenient for travelers to reach the terminal from their parking spots. The zone charges EUR 3 for 1-hour parking, which increases by EUR 2 every hour you have parked after that. However, it’s not possible to park here for longer than a few hours. The most you can park there are 6 hours at EUR 24.

The parking zone does not have the option of pre-booking your spots online. Hence, you can purchase the ticket only when you arrive at the parking zone.

P2 short term parking

The P2 Short term parking is opposite to the new terminal built at the Friedrichshafen airport. It’s the best zone for picking up and dropping off the passengers, as it is directly in front of the arrival and departure terminals.

Parking at the P2 car park is free of cost for the first fifteen minutes, after which you have to pay EUR 3 for one-hour parking. Parking for 24 hours is permitted here at EUR 36. However, after that, you are not allowed to park here and must park in the long-term zone. If you wish to dine in at one of the airport’s restaurants, the parking for the zone is free of cost for up to 3 hours. After this, the regular parking fee is applicable.

Long term airport parking zone

Best suited for travelers that wish to leave their cars at the airport when traveling, long-term parking is offered at two distinct parking lots at competitive rates. These are designated only to cater to longer stays.

P3 long term parking

In the north-east of the airport, the P3 parking lot is inside the P2 short term parking lot. The zone offers long-term parking only up to 3 days. It is usually used by frequent business travelers, who wish to avail of the parking zone’s facilities for a short amount of time at reasonable prices. 

The parking zone costs EUR 21 for three days, whereas it charges 1.5 EUR per hour if you wish to park for a few hours only. It’s recommended to book your spot in this zone before arriving at the airport to ensure you get a parking space. To do this, you have to look for a suitable parking ticket on the Friedrichshafen Airport’s official website and online ticketing portal.

P4 long term parking

For long trips away from home, this parking lot is the best option. The P4 long-term parking zone offers a wide range of parking spaces available to all vehicles in an open-air parking lot. The P4 zone is at an 8 minutes walking distance from the departure and arrival gates. Although it is further from the short-term parking zones and the main airport building, the airport provides shuttle services for easy conveyance between the terminal and the parking zone.

Since this parking zone offers long term parking, the charges are higher than the short-term zones. For one day, you have to pay around EUR 20, which increases by the days. The maximum you can park in this zone is for up to one month at around EUR 100.

You can find parking spaces on the spot by paying at the ticketing booth at the entrance of the zone. In case you’re unable to find any space, you can temporarily park at the P2 short-term parking zone and contact one of the airport information counters for facilitation. Due to heavy traffic and lack of long-term space, the airport recommends you purchase your tickets for the long-term parking zone before the arrival date. You can pre-book and buy your tickets on the Friedrichshafen Airport’s official website through their ticketing portals. Upon arrival at the airport, you will authenticate your online ticket and park in your designated parking space. 

Payment at the parking zones

There are parking ticket machines installed at all short-term and long-term parking zones. These ticketing machines accept all modes of transactions. You can buy your parking tickets using cash, credit cards, and debit cards. Passengers who have access to their Airport customer cards or Swatch Access cards can also use those to make a transaction to buy their parking spaces.

However, at P3 long-term parking zone, you cannot use cash. You can only make a transaction using your credit or debit card. American Express is not accepted.

Disabled airport parking zone

The Friedrichshafen Airport caters to all passengers, including those with disabilities, to provide the utmost convenience to all. All the airport grounds are accessible for disabled people, making it easy for them to go to and from all the essential spots at the airport. If they require any assistance, the airport services provide ample suitable facilities, especially transporting disabled passengers to and from the parking zones.

The airport has designated special parking spaces in all Its parking lots at the airport. The areas are marked with blue for easy identification and are at the entry and exit gates of the parking zones, so they are closest to the arrival and departure gates. If you wish to park at these individual parking spaces, you must have a valid handicapped ID for authentication. Upon your arrival at the airport, you must present your ID to the airport parking security and display your waver at your windshield before leaving.

Other services

The airport has several services. Read below to find some:

Car Charging Stations

Currently, the Friedrichshafen Airport does not have its car charging station and similar facilities for passengers with electric cars. However, there are several charging stations near the airport for passengers who wish to charge their vehicles when coming to and leaving the airport.