Parking Frankfurt Hahn Airport

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Parking Frankfurt Hahn Airport

Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hahn’s international airport is the Frankfurt–Hahn Airport. The towns, Simmern and Traben-Trarbach, are at a distance of 20km from the airport whereas, the town of Kirchberg is just 10km away from it. The airport is roughly 120 km from both the cities, Frankfurt and Luxemburg if traveling by road. Major cities like Koblenz and Mainz are the closest to the airport compared to other major cities, at a distance of 70 km and 90 km, respectively. 

To use the car park, you may reserve spots beforehand. However, you can access it without reserving, but you might not get your preferred parking spot. You can park your vehicle up to 8 weeks maximum. If you want to park longer, you can send us an e-mail.

 It has a license to operate 24 hours; with that and its location, it also acts as a prominent cargo airport. The cargo turnover was 156,000 tons in 2019. The airport comprises two passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. The passenger terminals are identifiable by the labeling of A and B. They contain shops and restaurants, such as McDonald’s.

Short term Frankfurt Hahn airport parking

Their P1 is for the short-term parking zone, which is right in front of the airport terminal. Their charging system has a fee; you have to pay for the first hour and so on depending on how long you park your vehicle, up to a maximum regular fee.

1. P1 Frankfurt Hahn airport parking

The Hahn P1 parking lot is an authorized zone for parking at the Frankfurt Hahn Airport. They have high charging fees making it the most expensive parking zone compared to the other two car parks available at the airport. This is due to its comfortable environment and easy access to nature. You can easily reach this multi-story car park as it is located right in front of the terminal. By foot, it will only take you a few minutes to reach there.

P1 Airport Hahn is open and can be accessed at all times. Park and Walk services are provided by them in case you would like to drive your car by yourself to their multi-story garage. Keep in mind that they have a height restriction of 2.10 m and a length restriction of 5.50 m on P1. 

For your convenience, you can keep your car keys with yourself so that when you return from your trip, there is no hassle, and you can pick your car on your own without delay. Park and Walk ensure you have a comfortable and satisfactory trip back. Their 24-hour parking lot’s availability makes sure not to hinder your traveling plans, whether you have a night flight or an unexpected delay.

The parking options with their charging fees are as below:

– 1 hour: 4€
– 1 day: 19,50€
– 2 days: 39€
– 1 week: 99€
– 2 weeks: 198€

Long term Frankfurt Hahn airport parking

The P2 and P3 are available for long-term car parking. They are not as near as P1 but are within walking distance; they are situated next to the airport. Many of Frankfurt Hahn Airports car parks are here. Depending on what parking lot you want to be using for your vehicle, the charges vary from hourly to daily and monthly charges. 

These are ideal car park options for a holiday, vacationing, or any other type of trip. You can book/reserve these spots at lower costs as well. 

P2 Frankfurt Hahn airport parking

The P2 Hahn Parking zone is accessible 24 hours. This makes it easy for customers to enter or exit whenever, at their convenience. Like the other two car parks, there is no limitation on height or length for vehicles here.

This parking garage is divided into two parts, one for long term parking and the other for the short term. The long term parking space is at a distance of 4 minutes by foot from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport terminal, although it is a small space, it is free of cost.

 The zone is not enclosed. However, that does not compromise the safety of your vehicle. As strong control and precautionary safety measures are in place, such as CCTV cameras, fencing around the car park, and an entry/exit barrier to shield your car during the parking season. 

The Park and Walk facility are available in this car park as well. This service refers to parking your car by yourself in the car park and keeping your car keys with you on your trip. When you get back from your journey, you can access your vehicle and drive out without delay.

For the P2 the charges are as follows:

  • 1 hour: 9,50€
  • 1 day: 9,50€
  • 2 days: 19€
  • 1 week: 49€
  • 2 weeks: 98€

P3 Frankfurt Hahn airport parking

Out of all the three car parks at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, Hahn P3 is the cheapest option with the least charging fees. Hence, this is preferable for those travelers that wish to park their vehicles for a long period at affordable, budget-friendly prices.

The Hahn P3 parking zone is not a covered space; it is open but well controlled. There are proper security measures in place; your vehicle will be tracked by security cameras and barriers throughout the time it remains in the parking zone. The same height and length restrictions that are on the P1 parking zone apply here; your car should not be more than 2.10 meters high or more than 5.50 meters in length. However, if this is the case, there is no need to panic. Hahn P2 has no such restrictions or limitations; you can park your car there. 

For the P3, they are as follows:

  • 1 hour: 6,50€
  • 1 day: 6,50€
  • 2 days: 13€
  • 1 week: 39€
  • 2 weeks: 78€

Frankfurt Hahn airport parking for disabled

Frankfurt Airports managing team is aware that some passengers may have some disabilities and wants to make their facilities easily accessible to such customers. Disabled drivers with an AG, H, or BL certificate can use the Frankfurt Hahn Airport’s P1 car park without any charges. Passengers with any disabilities that might need help or any form of assistance from the car park to the terminal can contact their airline beforehand; the rest will be taken care of.

Services at Frankfurt airport

There are services such as the parking fees calculator and space reservation system where you can calculate your tariff to the exact minute that you spend at the Frankfurt-Hahn airport.

Rent A Car
If you would like to rent a car, there are six providers available that do so. Counters for each of them can be found at the airport. Avis, Buchbinder, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, and Thrifty are the rental companies at the Frankfurt Hahn Airport. 

Car wash and refueling 

At CC Car Check Frankfurt Hahn, you can get your car washed and refueled as well. At an extra cost. 

Electric car charging 

For those with electric cars can make bookings online at eParking. Then you can easily park and recharge your vehicle at Terminal 1 parking row 126 and Terminal 2 parking row U423. Electricity charges are included in the price displayed on the online booking. A parking space will then be reserved for you. Up to 11kW is guaranteed at every charging station.

At Terminal 1, entrance P2 parking row 1406 and at Terminal 2 parking row U323, charging stations can be found. The electricity is free of charge; you will only have to pay for the parking costs according to the valid terminal parking rates. However, there is no guarantee for a vacant parking space or an available charging station. You are requested to bring your charging cable (standard plug type 2) with you.

Free Wi-Fi services are available to connect to, for an hour. You can connect to the Telekom hotspots.