Parking Erfurt Weimar Airport

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Parking Erfurt Weimar Airport

The Erfurt-Weimar Airport, also known as the Flughafen Erfurt-Weimar in German, is an airport that mainly serves the region of Weimar, as well as Thuringia and its capital, Erfurt. The airport is around 5 km away from the city center of Erfurt. The majority of the Erfurt-Weimar Airport’s flights are for leisure purposes and charter flights, so the airport is quite busy in the holiday seasons.

Airport parking zones

The Erfurt-Weimar Airport offers around 2000 parking spaces, for both short-term and long-term parking. Travelers who visit their loved ones or those who reside in the region can easily make their way to the airport, with no parking hassle. The airport has one of the most cost-effective parking spaces in all of Germany, ranking at number 2 for catering to passengers traveling on a low budget.

Short-term airport parking zone

There are two main short-term parking zones at the Erfurt-Weimar Airport, both of which are directly in front of the main airport building and nearby the arrival and departure terminals.

P1 short-term parking zone

Erfurt-Weimar Airport has a short-term parking zone with around 600 parking spaces. This parking zone is located directly in front of the airport building, and it takes approximately less than 1 minute to get to the arrival and departures terminal. Hence, it’s the most convenient zone if you wish to pick someone or quickly drop someone off at Erfurt-Weimar Airport. For 30 minutes, the district charges only EUR 1.50, which is incredibly affordable.

Due to heavy traffic at the airport, sometimes the parking at the P1 is full. In this case, the barrier will show you and restrict your entrance. For situations like these, you are requested to use the P2 short-term parking zone. Moreover, you are not allowed to park in specific spaces of P1 short-term parking zones, as they are marked and saved for the airport bus shuttle service.

P2 short-term parking zone

It was made after the P1 short-term parking zone to cater to high airport traffic; the P2 short-term parking zone has around 250 parking spaces. Located a few minutes’ walk from terminal B, the zone is exceptionally convenient for those who wish to drop off or pick up passengers. If you own a motorbike, you have to park in the designated space marked for bikes only.

The short-term zone is surrounded by a high fence, which does not allow any bystander to penetrate. Furthermore, the area has around the clock surveillance at its entrance and exit points to ensure that your car’s security is being effectively managed.

We recommend booking your spot in this zone before arriving at the airport to ensure you get a parking space. To do this, you have to look for a suitable parking ticket on the Erfurt-Weimar Airport’s official website and online ticketing portal.

Long term airport parking zone

For long-term parking, for travelers that wish to leave their car at the airport when traveling to their choice of destination, the airport has designated a separate parking zone. The zone is convenient not only for the airport’s heavy traffic but also for the airport’s management system.

Multi-story long term parking zone 

The multi-story long term parking zone at the Erfurt-Weimar Airport is an indoor parking garage, with around 800 parking spaces divided over four floors. There are no parking charges for the first 15 minutes, which means the zone is free of charge for a limited period. After this is over, it charges around EUR 15 for one week and goes up to EUR 95 for a month, extremely affordable. All types of vehicles are allowed to be parked in the garage. While the other cars do not have any restrictions on where to park, there are regulations imposed on bikes’ parking. If you wish to park a motorbike or a bicycle, you need to park it only in the designated space.

Inside the garage, there is 24/7 CCTV footage provided by Erfurt GmbH, a renowned security brand, for complete surveillance and security check. Similarly, the parking is patrolled by the airport management to ensure all cars are safely parked.

While you can buy your tickets on the spot, sometimes this can be a problem at this airport. Since there is only one long-term parking zone at this airport, there can be a lack of parking spaces found for long-term parking, especially considering its one of the most cost-effective airports in the region. 

To ensure that you do not face any troubles when parking, you can pre-book your spots using the airport’s official website. Find the ticketing portal’s desired tickets and choose your choice of parking zone – in this case, the long-term parking garage. The site will give you a printable ticket after you pay. Upon arriving at the airport, you can scan the QR code at the garage’s entry barriers and park your car in the designated parking space.

Disabled airport parking

Passengers that have disability issues can park at the Erfurt-Weimar Airport just like all the other passengers. They have a separate parking area at the short-term and long-term parking zones marked with the symbol “H” and “aG” following the EU regulations.

To further cater to those with abilities, the airport has offered concessions, such as parking is free of cost for the first few hours at the short-term parking zone. Similarly, they are given priority in parking if the designated parking spaces for the disabled are all occupied. To make use of the disabled parking privilege, it is advised by the airport management to place your impairment certificates at your vehicle’s front window, to ensure no hassle and difficulties for both passengers and the airport security when parking.

Other Services

Read below to find services available at the airport car park:

Luggage Lockers

For the long-term parkers, the airport management provides luggage lockers at the airport in the parking zones. These are in the parking garage on every floor. To avail of this facility of safeguarding your luggage, you have to pay EUR 2 every day. The lockers do not accept cards or paper money and only accept coins.

Electric car charging stations

The Erfurt-Weimar Airport offers an electric car charging station for passengers with electric cars. It is so that they have all the facilities available to them, as the airport management wants to ensure that the passengers are well-treated.

The charging stations are in the parking garage. To access them, you must make your way to the right side of the long-term parking garage, near the motorcycle parking spaces. You will find that the airport provides two charging points, each of 22 kilowatts output. If you wish to fully charge your electric car, it will take you two hours on average. 

To do this, you need to have an SWE charging card, which is available at the Erfurt Stadtwerke customer center. There are no additional charges for the charging, other than the usual charging charges.