Parking Dresden Airport

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Parking Dresden Airport

Dresden Airport is an international airport in the capital of the German Free State of Saxony, Dresden. The airport was previously known as Flughafen Dresden-Klotzsche, a word in German. Being located in Dresden’s district of Klotzsche, the airport is around 9km away from the city center and houses airlines from across Europe.

Airport parking zones 

Dresden Airport is considerably spacious, offering over 4,500 parking spaces at the airport, all of which are very affordable. These parking spaces are divided between several outdoor car parks and different floors, as the airport has multi-story car parks for both short term and long-term parking. The airport offers a separate parking area for those who wish to purchase low-cost car park tickets, to ensure that the parking is reasonable by all travelers. Nonetheless, there is a short distance between the parking zones, the terminal, and the main airport building.

Short-term parking zones 

There are two main short-term parking zones at the Dresden airport, both directly in front of the main airport building and close to the arrival and departure terminals. 

PK1 short-term parking zone:

The PK1 short-term parking zone is right in front of the airport building. It takes approximately less than 1 minute to get to the arrival and departures terminal from the PK1 parking lot. Hence, it’s the most convenient zone if you wish to pick someone or quickly drop someone off at Dresden Airport. 

The zone charges around EUR 2 for the first 15 minutes of parking and goes up to EUR 8 for 2 hours. The PK1 parking zone has a time limit of no more than 2 hours. Otherwise, the driver has to bear a parking violation fee. All parking spaces at the PK1 short-term zone are available on the spot, and there is no option of pre-booking a parking ticket online offered by the airport. 

PK2 short-term parking zone:

The PK2 short-term parking zone is another car park near the airport terminals, taking around 1 minute to reach the airport building. If you wish to pick and drop a passenger but want to stay for a slightly longer time, it’s feasible to park here, as the first two hours of parking are free. Whether the passenger you’re picking is a friend or a customer, they can enjoy the shops and eateries at the airport for a bit, at no cost to you!

After the first two free hours, the zone charges EUR 10 for 3 hours, which go up to EUR 25, if you wish to avail all-day parking. However, the option of parking longer than that is not available. Due to heavy airport traffic, it’s hard to find the right parking spot in PK2; hence, you can book your parking ticket early on through the Dresden Airport’s official website, so when you arrive at the airport, there is little to no hassle faced. On top of that, the site offers a variety of discounts on pre-booking your parking space. 

Long-term parking zones:

For long-term parking, for travelers that wish to leave their car at the airport when traveling to their choice of destination, the Dresden airport has designated a separate parking zone. These have further parking garage divisions and an outdoor parking lot, to cater to all passenger’s economic feasibility.

Parkhaus long-term parking 

Parkhaus, or the parking garage, long-term parking is an indoor parking lot located in front of the main airport building and takes around 2-3 minutes to reach from the terminal. For traveler’s convenience, the airport is connected to the parking garage through a covered glass bridge.  

The parking garage offers three different cost-effective rates on different floors to accommodate all travelers: 

Classic car park 

The classic car park is the standard parking zone with no minimum parking time. The parking lot provides flexible parking at cost-effective prices. You can purchase tickets on the spot or pre-book your spot online through the website’s ticketing portal. In case you are buying a classic parking ticket online, you have to enter with the given QR code to ensure your ticket is valid. The charges start from EUR 20 for one day and go up to EUR 114 for 15+ days. 

Low-cost car park

If you wish to avail of a parking spot at the low-cost parking zone, which houses one of the cheapest parking spaces in the garage, you must make an online reservation through the Dresden Airport’s website. There is no on spot facility for purchasing a ticket for this category; hence, you must purchase it timely, to avoid any problems in your long-term travel. The minimum parking time for the low-cost zone is one week, which costs around EUR 15, and goes up to 21 days at approximately EUR 50, with a small pre-booking fee of EUR 5. You will find the low-cost parking spaces marked with blue on the garage’s level 4.

Special car park 

The special car park has a limited number of parking spaces, highly protected by 24/7 surveillance and round-the-clock security parole services. To purchase a special car park ticket, you must pre-book it online before arriving at the airport. The minimum parking time in this zone is set at three days, starting at EUR 28 and going up to one month at EUR 103. 

P4A outdoor long-term parking

The outdoor parking zone offers the cheapest long-term parking at Dresden Airport. If you wish to park for a few weeks, at the lowest cost, P4A is the parking zone for you. It is a five-minute walk from the airport terminal and the main building built in the airport’s western block. To buy a P4A ticket, you must purchase it via an online ticketing portal, as it’s highly unlikely that you find a spot at the ticket barrier due to high traffic. 

Payment at the parking zones

Every parking zone has its separate ticketing and payment booth. The machine accepts all mediums of transactions. You can make a transaction using EUR banknotes, as well as your credit and debit cards. The airport also offers a change machine for your convenience. If you face any problem with the ticketing booth, please contact the airport’s parking service center office, which is at level 0 of the multi-story car park in the long-term parking zone.

Building on the ground floor.

Disabled parking zone 

Dresden International Airport cares about catering to all its passengers. Although there is no separate parking zone designated for the disabled passengers, the airport has assigned different parking spaces for all those with disabilities. For more convenience, the airport management assists all passengers who request for it. 

For this, the airport needs to be informed before the passenger’s arrival, to either the airline or the airport service management. To make use of the disabled parking privilege, it is advised by the airport management to place your impairment certificates at your vehicle’s front window, to ensure no hassle and difficulties for both passengers and the airport security when parking.

Other Services 

Dresden airport has many services, such as:

Charging stations 

Although the Dresden Airport does not directly charge electric cars, it has allowed Drewag, a charging station company, to establish their stations at the airport. These are found near the airport’s parking zones to accommodate passengers with electric vehicles.