Parking Berlin Tegel Airport

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Parking Berlin Tegel Airport

Berlin Tegel Airport 

The Berlin Tegel Airport is an international airport, which is also known as the Otto Lilienthal Airport. Located in Berlin, Germany, it is one of the capital’s largest international gateways. Due to its international reputation, it is the fourth busiest airport in all of the country, with around 22 million travelers in just 2018. You can reach the airport via the A111 or the Saatwinkler Damm motorway.

Short term parking at Berlin Tegel airport 

Around 2,500 parking spaces are available at the Berlin Tegel Airport, all of which are kept under control by Q-Park, which ensures efficient upkeep of the parking lots. The airport has special short-stay parking zones to facilitate passengers that wish to be picked up or dropped off at the airport terminal.

PK short term zone 

The smoothest short-term parking zone at the Berlin Tegel Airport is the PK short term parking lot. It is open 24 hours and joins the entrance of the airport to the inner ring of Terminal A, which is on an upper level. Terminal B is also in proximity to this parking area. The lot offers around 140 parking spaces, with special spaces for those with disabilities near the entrance and exit points of the terminal. The PK short-term zone makes the airport building easily accessible to all the passengers with a walking distance of 1 minute; travelers can effortlessly make their way to the departure entrance. 

Due to heavy rush hours, the airport management allows you to pre-book your parking spaces online. Although, spot parking is also available for €3 for 15 minutes, with an upward increase in fee as the time parked increases. To pay, the airport has installed automatic ticketing stations at the parking lot for your convenience.

It is important to note that the short-term parking zone has a height restriction of about 3.20 m and a weight restriction of about 2.5 tons for all the vehicles. 

Long term parking at Berlin Tegel Airport

For travelers that wish to park their cars for a longer period, while they are off to business or leisure trips, the airport management has designated separate long-term parking lots.

P1 Long term parking zone 

The P1 long term parking zone is an enclosed multistory car park, open 24-hours a day, with around 930 parking spaces. The parking zone has 24-hour CCTV footage and regular patrols to ensure the safety of your cars. The car park allows passengers to park in the proximity of Terminal A and Terminal B, making the airport easily accessible to them within 1-3 minutes, without any hassle or long walks.

The Long-term parking lot charges €44 for one day, Monday to Thursday, and €35 for one day, Friday to Sunday. To pay, you can either use the one spot automatic ticket machines or book or pay for your parking spaces online in advance before arriving at the airport.

P2 Long term Parking Zone 

Similar to the P1 Long Term Zone, The P2 long Term parking zone is also an enclosed multistory car park. However, this parking lot is next to Terminal D and Terminal E. The parking lot has a special level designated for those with disabilities, at E2. It takes around 2-5 minutes of walk to reach the main airport building and the terminals from the parking zone. 

The P2 Long term parking zone charges €49 for one day from Monday to Thursday and €35 for one day from Friday to Sunday. The car park is operable for 24 hours and has maximum security with CCTV surveillance.

It is important to note that this parking zone has a height and weight restriction of 2.0 m and 2.5 tons, respectively. 

P5 long term parking zone  

The P5 Long term parking zone is an enclosed multistory parking lot with three levels. The parking lot has around 940 parking spaces and is accessible 24 hours a day. The parking area offers additional parking space on the first floor to facilitate the maximum number of passengers during the heavy rush hours at the airport. The P5 zone is directly next to the Terminal C. The main plus point of this parking zone is the separate disability parking space right outside Terminal C.

The P5 parking lot charges €5 for one hour and for those who wish to park for a short time and €44 for one day. The charges from Monday through Thursday are €35 for one day. The parking zone also has the feature of automatic pay stations at the entrance of the parking lot. It facilitates spot payment. However, to secure your parking space during peak airport traffic hours and seasons, you can book your parking space in advance through the airport’s online parking portal.


Disable parking at Berlin Tegel airport

The Berlin Tegel International Airport ensures proper facilitation of those with disabilities, especially at the parking zones, to ensure they feel no hassle while pickups and drop-offs at the airport. There are separate disabled parking zones established at the following car parks: PK (short term), P2 (long term), and P5 (long term). For further ease, drivers with disability cards only have to pay a bare minimum as the fee. However, it is very important to display your disability cards at your windshield to ensure you are easily assisted at the airport parking by the airport management.

Other parking services at Berlin Tegel airport

The Berlin Tegel International Airport offers bus shuttle services between the main airport building and the parking lots. The shuttle service makes it easier for passengers to move between the terminals and the parking zones with their luggage.