Estacionamento do Aeroporto de Dortmund

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Estacionamento do Aeroporto de Dortmund

The Dortmund Airport is a small-scale international airport in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia. The airport Is 10km away from the city center. The airport has a rich history, as it was used as the German airbase. However, now the airport is used mainly for low-cost and charter flights and it has served around 2,719,560 passengers in 2019 alone.

Dortmund airport parking

The Dortmund International Airport can cater up to 5000 vehicles as it has various parking lots, all of which are priced at different ranges to be as budget-friendly to the passengers as possible.

Short term parking at Dortmund airport

The Short-Term Parking Zones at the Dortmund airport are best for parking for a few minutes to pick or drop off passengers to the airport. These have enough spaces to facilitate more than a day of parking. However, you must park here for a few minutes or hours only. The parking fee applies on a per hour basis, depending on the time and type of parking zone you have parked in.

P1 “Kiss & Fly” short term parking zone

The P1 Parking Lot at the Dortmund airport serves as a short-term parking zone. It is known as the Kiss and Fly Parking Zone as it only facilitates passengers that want pickup or drop-offs at the terminals. The parking lot also features underground parking spaces that allow drivers to park directly at the arrivals and departure terminals.

Moreover, there are separate parking spaces reserved, especially for women at the P1 zone between level 0 and -2 to aid them. The P1 short term parking zone charges €3 for the first 15 minutes, with an upward increase in the fee as the time parked increases.

P3 – P6 short term parking zone

The P3 – P6 short term parking zones are the most economical and low-priced parking lots at Dortmund airport. They are only a few minutes’ walks from the main airport building and terminals. It is significantly budget-friendly for drivers looking to park for longer hours, to wait for their passengers, or to look for new rides. However, there is heavy traffic in this parking zone due to its low parking fees. Hence, the airport management has provided booking online to reserve your parking spaces before you come to the airport, to bypass all the traffic hassle.

Long term parking at Dortmund airport

The long-term parking zones at the Dortmund international airport allow drivers and passengers to park their cars for a longer period before their business or personal leisure journeys. The airport offers these parking spaces at discounted rates to ensure chaos-free long-term parking. Moreover, you can also avail of several additional services for a small fee, such as valet parking, car cleaning, etc.

P6 long term parking zone

The P6 long term car park is an underground parking garage at the Dortmund international airport. The parking zone ensures maximum security and protection to the passenger’s car through 24-hour CCTV surveillance and regular security patrols. The Parking zone allows long term parking up to one month, with reasonable parking fees and several discounts through coupons and codes, especially when booking your parking spaces in advance through the airport’s online parking portals.

P5 long term parking zone

The P5 Long term parking zone is an open construction multistory car park with three floors and over 1100 parking spaces for parking at extended periods. However, it is important to note that there is a height restriction of 2m for all vehicles that enter the parking zone. This parking lot has access to the main airport building. The easy access provides passengers with minimum walking distance and maximum comfort right before/after their flights.

However, if you are in an extreme rush and need assistance, the airport management has a bus shuttle service that can take you to your desired terminal for €2 per person. No bus ticket applies for children of ages six and under. The per-day parking charges are available on the airport’s website, and due to heavy airport traffic, the airport management has created online portals to reserve your parking spaces in advance, before arriving at the airport. Payment can be made on the spot as well as through the online payment portal.

P3 long term parking zone

Similar to the P5 long term parking zone, the P3 long term parking is also an underground multi storey car park with direct access to the airport terminals for easy transfer between the parking lot and the airport building. However, there is a height restriction of 2m for all vehicles that enter the parking zone. 

There is parking for around 1100 vehicles available in this garage. To reach the airport buildings quickly with no rush, the airport has provided the passengers with a bus shuttle service. Tickets for the shuttle service cost €2 per person. However, children of the ages six and below can travel for free.

P1 long term parking zone

The P1 Parking zone offers both short terms, as well as long term parking spaces. The P1 parking zone is the closest to the main airport building, with direct access to the arrival, departure, and other terminals of the airport. Hence, it is a traveler’s favorite car park. The parking fee is budget-friendly and encourages the passengers to park in this parking zone. 

Due to heavy demand, parking spaces fill up very quickly. You can pre-book your parking space before you arrive at the airport for discounted rates and cheap deals. A lot of times, the airport parking management allows parking here for a maximum of €6 on the weekends. 

Priority parking at Dortmund airport

The priority parking zone is the closest to the main airport building and the easiest access to the arrival, departure, and other terminals of the airport. The exclusive parking offers a limited number of wide parking spaces with maximum security and patrol. The car park guarantees minimum parking hassle and maximum assistance for an incredible and unforgettable experience at the Dortmund Airport. The parking fee at the priority parking starts at €39 a day.

Disability parking at Dortmund airport

The Dortmund international airport ensures all its passengers are taken care of in the best possible way. Although the airport does not have a separate car park for those with disabilities, it does have designated spaces, in the parking lots P1 and P2, especially for those with limited abilities. The airport also assists in need basis, on-demand. Moreover, it is very important to display your disability badges at your windscreen with the code of your disability to avoid conflict with the airport security.

Other parking services at Dortmund airport

There are various services available at the airport. Read below to find out:

Electric Car Charging Stations

To guarantee maximum comfort for the passengers, the Dortmund airport has electric car charging points in most of its car park zones, such as the P1 parking zone. Innogy/RWE e-mobility provides the charging zones.

There is no additional fee applied to the usage of these electric chargers; however, the regular parking fee will be payable. Payment is applicable through coins, notes, EC cards, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). Payment can be made either through payment machines inside the airport or the payment machines in the designated parking lots.