Estacionamento do Aeroporto Weeze

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Estacionamento do Aeroporto Weeze

Airport Parking Weeze


Weeze Airport is a small international airport in Germany’s Lower Rhine region. Ryanair uses this. The airport is located 3.7 km southwest of Weeze municipality and 7 km northwest of Kevelaer, about 33 km southeast of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and 48 km northwest of Duisburg in Germany.


Weeze Airport P2 is the official airport car park or can be booked online on Mobilitybooker. It is situated close to the airport so that you can park your car and it’s just a short walk from the terminal to this car park. In addition to the official airport car park, Mobilitybooker also provides you safe and reliable alternative car parking choices at the airport. You can quickly get a parking service of high quality.

The car park is wholly tarmacked, walled-off, well-lit, CCTV-monitored, and guarded by barriers to entry and exit. There is a parking facility for 24 hours a day. A security agency also patrols the area at night.

Important Notice:

  1. Just the cars have access to the car park. Parking is not allowed for motorcycles and other vehicles.
  2. The following size constraints should be noted: max length: 5 m, max-width: 2 m.
  3. Expanded stay: If you have surpassed the period of your visit, you will be expected to pay for any extra hours in line with the tariff at the pay stations of the car park (the highest approved note is EUR 20.00).

You must know all these details before parking your car.

Departure and Arrival

You can go straight to the airport on the day of your departure, where the driver meets you to drive your car to the car park. This will be done upon your arrival.

Additionally, you can choose the free shuttle service if you don’t like the idea of letting someone else park your car. Booking your parking space online at Weeze airport in advance will ensure your parking space is safe, and you will also benefit from low-cost pricing.

Shuttle Parking at Weeze Airport

In just a few steps, you can make your reservation online. Next, you have print your barcode, and you’re ready to go. You can access the parking area with your barcode on the day of your arrival. Once you leave the car park on the day of your arrival, you will also need the key.

More Options:

Ride in one of the free airport shuttle busses and reach the airport in 15 minutes.


You will be taken back to the parking area by a shuttle bus. Use your barcode again to enter the field. If you haven’t already paid, you can do that by accessing your credit or debit card as you enter.

Parking at The Airport

Please proceed to the terminal after accessing the entry portal from which you can drop off or pick up your visitors. Park your vehicle at the P1-P3 parking lot where you can park free of cost for 1 hour. At the carpark entry barrier, you can collect your parking ticket.

Short-term Parking For Up To 1 Hour: use the ticket to park the car park for up to 1 hour. At the ticket machine, you don’t have to check the fare.

Long-term Parking: If you leave your car for more than 1 hour or the duration of your vacation, pay your ticket at any of our ticket machines on your arrival.

Once you leave the airport, the barrier will lift itself. Within walking distance, more than 7,000 parking spaces can be easily accessed, but these parking lots are unattended. Make the parking fees in cash on one of the charging machines using EC / Maestro or credit card. Pay devices can be found both in the terminal and in the parking spaces.

Disabled Parking: Parking lots are reserved in the first line at P1 for the disabled people.

Online Booking = Cheaper Parking

You can also reserve your car park through the online website, and you will have to pay less if you book ahead, making your travel even more economical.

Easy and secure space all spaces are situated in the area of the airport, in P3. This parking area is guarded by walls and is controlled round the clock. We operate with Easy Airport Parking at Weeze Airport, one of the international airport official parking partners. It gives consumers the confidence that the activities are fully compliant with local laws and regulations.

 Handing In Keys Is Not Necessary

 In most of the parking lots, especially if you park your car yourself in most parking spaces. It means you don’t have to turn in or drop your keys back, so you can be sure your car can stay where you’ve left it. If you’ve picked Valet Parking, your car keys would probably need to be handed in. The mileage of the car is noted with the customer before carefully parking the vehicle in a safe place for Valet Parking customers.