Táxi Roterdão Aeroporto de Haia

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Táxi Roterdão Aeroporto de Haia

Rotterdam The Hague Airport Taxis

Rotterdam, The Hague Airport, is 3 NM northwest of Rotterdam in South Holland, Netherlands, and is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands. It represents the municipalities of Rotterdam and The Hague, as well as their areas. The airport served more than 1.6 million travelers in 2016 and provides daily services to European regional and tourist locations. It is also commonly used for commercial aircraft, and many flying clubs and schools are at the airport.

Taxi from- or to Zestienhoven Rotterdam Airport

You can find the taxi stand near the entrance and exit of the terminal. For your convenience, the taxis are readily available, and you can hop on to reach your desired locations. The taxis are very convenient, with a range of classes available. The costs of the travel will depend on various features such as the duration, traffic, the number of people in the taxi, your luggage and the time you are going to travel. 

If you reserve a taxi in advance, the charges will be relatively lower. Moreover, if you are traveling at night, the charges can be higher compared to that in the day.

You can call the airport for more details and different kinds of packages.