Estacionamento do Aeroporto de Schiphol

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Estacionamento do Aeroporto de Schiphol

Parking Schiphol Airport (AMS)

The airport Amsterdam airport is Netherlands’ main international airport, officially known as Schiphol Airport. It is situated in the town of Haarlemmermeer, North-Holland, 9 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam.

P3 Long-term airport parking Schiphol

If Parking at P3 Long-term Parking, there are several places you can park your car. You can park either in the building of the car park or in the parking area. Parking in the car park building will allow your vehicle to stay dry; however, parking in the car park is cheaper.

Free Shuttle Bus To And From P3

The free express bus departs every 10 minutes, taking 5 minutes to travel to and from the terminal. The express bus stop is situated close to the car park at P3, and the taxi stand. The bus runs 24 hours a day, regardless of the number of people traveling.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Your electric car can be charged in the P3 car park if space is available. On the ground floor to the right of the entrance, you can find the electric charging stations. The electrical loading rate of consumption is € 0.36 per kWh, with a starting rate of € 1.21.

P1 Holiday Parking

P1 Holiday Parking is available for travelers interested in parking their car in P1 for more extended periods. The P1 car park is near the terminal. Typically parking lots can only be booked for up to 48 hours, but you are allowed to park in P1 for at least more than 48 hours with an exclusive booking for P1 Holiday Parking.

P1 Holiday Parking Rates

To use P1 Holiday Parking, you need to book the parking spot online. The price you need to pay is reliant on the length of time you choose and the length of time your car stays in the lot. If you arrive later than planned, you will have to pay for the additional costs. The price charged extra will be € 100 per day.

The Most Affordable Parking Spaces

P4 is one of the most affordable parking spaces. It is easily accessible from the motorway. Finding a parking space in this is area can be a little tricky.

P4 Easy Parking must be pre-booked online.  As a car park at Schiphol, P4 offers very stable parking prices. It costs much less than most parking spaces as there are fewer facilities here than you might find elsewhere.

P6 Estacionamento de manobrista

Drive up to the P6 garage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, park your car, and hand in your car keys at the desk at the P6 Valet Parking. Next, you need to walk to the check-in desk and get your car listed.

Your car will be parked in the open-air car park at Schiphol as you continue your journey. Your vehicle will be ready in the P6 parking garage when you return, so you can pick up your keys from the desk and drive off to wherever you wish.

Car wash service: When you return from a trip, you can drive home with a washed car from Schiphol.

Booking P6 Slot

Online reservation of P6 Valet Parking is required. The price you pay depends on the date you have chosen to park, and the period your car stays with at the valet. If you need to prolong your trip, when you return, you will be given your invoice with the cost of the extra time your car has been parked.

Short stay airport parking Schiphol Airport

Making a booking online is the easiest way to be sure about a short stay parking spot at Schiphol. We strongly advice you to compare the short stay parking tariffs at Schiphol Airport. Some providers are at a pricing level of 5 euro a day but Schiphol P1 is about 20-40 euro a day. Compare all short stay parking providers in our bookingtool.

Essential Parking

It is the best solution for staying for more than three days. The car must be parked for at least five days, though. It is located directly next to the Departure and arrival Area at the P4 parking area. It is linked by shuttle buses to the terminal, which will take the passenger to the airport in no more than 5 minutes. It is a safe parking area that provides the employees to take care of a left-over vehicle. The payment varies based on when the car is parked in the parking area, season, and capacity, but if the vehicle is left for more than the specified time, an extra charge of EUR 10 will be applied.

Excellence Parking

It is a parking area that is enclosed and is ideal for dropping off the car during work or other long-term trips. The vehicle is driven by the dedicated staff to the car park and is protected for any time required It is the nearest car park to the terminals between Departure Halls 2 and 3 and provides parking space of XXL size (each 3 meters wide). The fee is € 2.50 per 12 minutes, and the cost hits a total of € 43.50 per day and € 33.50 per day after staying for four days.

The car can be parked in the Short-Stop Parking area for up to 15 minutes, and the first 15 minutes are free here.

Car parks for people with disabilities

Those with limited mobility can park in the parking lot as well as in the car park. Reachable car spaces are located directly after the entrance in the car park building on the left and right after the entry in the car park. There are no additional fees to use these car parks. Just make sure your handicap card is evident behind all the windscreen before when you leave your car.