Parking Brussels Zaventem Airport

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Parking Brussels Zaventem Airport

Brussels Airport Parking

The Brussels airport is an international airport around 6.5 km northeast of Brussel’s city center. It is in the city of Zaventem, in the Flemish Province of Belgium. Being in the capital of Belgium, around 26 million tourists and locals have used the airport services in just one year, in 2019. Moreover, it acts as a domestic base for Brussel Airlines. It makes Brussels airport the 24th busiest airport in Europe.

Short Term Brussels Airport Parking 

You can park in the short-term parking lot for drop-offs and pick-ups.

The P1 Fast Zone Short Term Parking 

The P1 parking zone is also known as the Airport’s Fast Zone. The P1 parking area is right in front of the main airport building. It is reachable by a 2-minute walk, making this parking zone the closest to the terminal. The airport offers free parking for up to 15 minutes at this zone, to facilitate travelers who want to be dropped off or picked up. 

After this free time is over, the airport charges €5 for 30 minutes, and up to €7 for one hour. Although the P1 parking zone is a short-term parking zone, it also offers a long-term parking facility. However, the airport management advises parking here for no longer than five days. It is important to know that the parking zone has a height restriction of 2.10m for cars that enter the zone.

The P1 Front Short-Term Parking

The P1 parking zone is also known as the Airport’s Front Parking. It is the closest to the airport terminal, with only a one-minute walk. It is short-term parking; however, the airport allows travelers to use this parking lot as long-term parking for only up to five days. The first three minutes of parking in this zone is free. However, it charges €2 for 30 minutes and up to €4 for one hour.

The P2 Economy Short Term Parking

The P2 Short Term parking zone is one of the most economical and budget-friendly parking at the airport, which is why it is called the P2 Economy Parking. It is only a 4-minute walk from the terminal, making it easily reachable by the travelers. The first 15 minutes of parking at this zone are free. However, after the free minutes are over, cars are charged with €2 for 30 minutes and €4 for one hour. This parking area can facilitate up to 3,400 cars. The airport management advises travelers to park here for a week at most.

Long Term Brussels Airport Parking

There are several long-term parking zones at the airport

The P4 Long Term Parking 

The P4 long term parking at Brussels airport is close to the terminal. This parking zone charges €2 for 30 minutes. It is a 5-minute walk from the main airport building. The airport management provides all travelers with free bus shuttle services that run between the airport’s terminal and the P4 car park zone. These services run 24 hours a day, which makes it very convenient for travelers who want to utilize the long-term parking advantage at the Brussels airport. 

The parking zone’s structure is open-air. It houses around 650 parking spaces. Due to the airport being very busy, the airport management has advised all travelers to ensure they have pre booked their long-term parking spaces at the P4 parking zone.

The P1 and P2 Discounted Long Term Parking

The Brussels airport offers discounted parking spaces at parking lot 1 and 2. These two lots are situated next to each other, side by side. The parking zones charge €15 for one day. Although the parking zones are in proximity to the main airport building, the airport management still provides free shuttle bus services that function 24 hours a day. This shuttle service works between the car parks and the airport terminal and ensures maximum ease for travelers with a large amount of luggage or those with disabilities. 

Much like the other zones, both these zones are open-air and can park up to 1,100 cars in their lots. At the P2 parking lot, there is a height restriction of 1.90m. If your car has a height of more than the given number, then you can’t park your car at the P2 long term parking lot. Due to heavy airport traffic, you must book parking spaces in the discounted parking lots ahead of time.

The P3 Long Term “Holiday” Parking 

The P3 Parking Zone is a 6-minute walk from the main airport building and terminal. Much like the other lots, the P3 parking lot also provides a bus shuttle service facility between the car park and the terminal around the clock. The parking zone is free of charge for the first 15 minutes of entry, for traveler drop-offs and pick-ups. 

However, it charges €2 for 30 minutes. For long term parking, the P3 parking charges €4 for one hour and up, as the time increases. It makes the P3 holiday parking the most budget-friendly long-term parking zone at the Brussels airport.

The P-Lock Long Term Parking 

The P-Lock parking zone is an open-air parking lot, with around 950 parking spaces. It is a four-minute walk from the main airport terminal. There is a height restriction of 1.90m at the parking zone. It is recommended by the airport establishment to park here for a long period, such as a week or two.

Parking Area for the Disabled 

There is no special parking lot for people with disabilities. However, at the Brussels airport, every car park offers designated parking zones for those with disabilities. It is advised by the airport security to display your approved disability parking cards at the front of your car.

Other Services at the Airport 

The Brussels international airport offers electric charging stations for electric cars at the parking zones.