Parking Valencia Airport

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Parking Valencia Airport

Valencia Airport

Valencia Airport is also commonly called the Manises Airport. It serves as the leading domestic and international airport that operates in the city of Valencia, Spain. It comes in the top ten busiest airports in all of Spain. It is also the second-largest in the country. It is located at a distance of 8 km on the west side of Valencia, in Manises. It served 7,769,867 passengers in the year 2018 and 8.53 million travelers in the year 2019 and more than 20 European countries in general.  

Valencia airport is the main hub and base of Air Nostrum, which serves as the national airline for the region of Iberia. The top ten destinations that travelers mostly use the Valencia airport for are Paris, London, Palma de Mallorca, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Ibiza, and Brussels

The airport has three terminals for passengers: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and the Regional terminal.

Valencia Airport Parking

At Valencia airport, there are many parking lots and facilities for its customers. These include both short term parking and long term. There are a total of 2973 parking spaces at the Valencia Airport parking lot. There are proper security measures in check here. The parking spaces include covered as well as uncovered car parks. To pay for parking at Valencia airport, five machines accept payment. You can find all of these in the car park building, 3 of them are located on the ground floor, whereas the other two are on the second floor.

Short stay parking at Valencia Airport

There are many official car parks for short term parking at Valencia airport. These spaces are for those passengers that need car parking for a short period. These car park spaces are convenient and easy to park. The rates for short term parking are:


1 minute: €0.66

These are the following options for short stay parking:

General car park 1

P1 general car park is one of the official short term parking lots at the airport. It is at a distance of just one minute on foot from the airport. You can find it under a blue signpost. It is open at all hours of the day. The capacity of this parking lot is 3,012 spaces. P1 is ideal for not only those travelers that want to park for a short period but for those travelers as well who want to stop by for a few minutes only, to get a drop-off or pick up, or if you want to stay for fewer than four days. To reach the general p1 car park, you simply drive to the airport and enter through N-220 or the V-11. However, if you face any confusion, there is always airport staff to guide and assist you.

Express parking

The express parking provides customer service 24 hours and is open at all hours of the day. It is located in close vicinity to the terminal, at the arrivals area right next to the terminal. Parking here for the first 15 minutes is free of any cost, making it the ideal parking lot for picking and dropping off travelers, giving them enough time to unload their luggage. The express parking provides shuttle services as well, and you can easily park your car at the car park and use the shuttle. You are requested to call and book this beforehand so your shuttle can arrive at your given time and take you to the airport. 

Travelers do not need to worry about the safety of their vehicles as the express parking lot is supervised and has security that makes sure all safety measures are being taken care of. There is a variety of daily tickets dependent on the duration of your journey that you can avail of and secure a spot in this parking zone.

Long stay parking at Valencia Airport

There are long term parking lots at Valencia airport too, for passengers who are planning to go for a longer trip that requires long term parking options. These car parks are ideal for you as they give you the best deals for longer stays at a good price. The rates for long term parking are:


Up to 4 days: €15.00

From the 5th day onwards: €5.95

P4 Long stay parking

The P4 can be used for longer stays, ideal for those travelers that plan on taking long vacations. The car park has 218 paces for long term parking, and you can find a sign in orange to locate this parking lot. It is at a distance of just 5 minutes on foot from the airport. Periods of more than four days will be charged EUR 5.85 per day. 

You can get to this car park through the V-11 or N-220 or ask a staff member to guide you in any confusion. The car park is in an open space that is not covered. There is proper security here for travelers to be able to enjoy their long journey with no stress.


The management staff at Valencia airport makes it a point to be accessible to all travelers; hence, there are reserved spaces for those passengers who may have any disabilities. The reserved spaces have signs that indicate they are for disabled drivers. There is the airport staff there to help you out; however, it is recommended to carry your disability permit/documents and avoid any form of conflict. You are requested to contact the airport beforehand for extra assistance. To get more details about disabled parking, you can call the information desk or reach out to them. 


The airport provides many other services and facilities to its customers as well, such as:

  • Autowasstraat

The parking lot staff provides services that include car washes, cleaning, and polishing. You can get external as well as internal washes for your car.

  • Parkeerservice

You can leave your car with the valet staff, who will then park it in the car park. On your arrival, you can inform the staff, and they will get your vehicle directly back to you. There is proper safety at the Valencia airport, with surveillance cameras, allowing passengers to travel stress-free.