Parking Milan Malpensa Airport

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Parking Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan Malpensa Airport is the international airport in the metropolitan city of Milan in northern Italy. It represents 15 million people in Lombardy, Piedmont, and Liguria, as well as many residing in the Swiss canton of Tessin. The airport is situated 49 kilometers (30 mi) northwest of central Milan, adjacent to the Ticino River. The airport has terminal 1 and facility 2, with two runways and a designated cargo terminal.


Official car parks in Malpensa all come under the name of ViaMilano Parking and deliver a variety of short-term and long-term parking lots at both terminals. There is also a reserved section where you can pick up and drop travelers. You can use all of the car parks, no matter what terminal you’re entering, but some of the parking lots are nearer to one terminal than the other, so check out the terminal before you reserve a car park. 

Korte termijn parkeren

Short-term car parks are a smart option whether you are receiving a passenger or dropping them off and would like to reach the terminal and prepare for their arrival or help them with their departure. You can park in short-term car parks for up to 24 hours, although you would have to pay a full day charge after 5 hours.

Passenger pick up and drop off

When you head to the airport to pick up or drop off a traveler, there are places just right outside Terminal 1 on both the arrival and departure levels, where you can rest for 10 minutes free of charge. It is named 10 Minute Zone or 10 Minuti Region. This area is purely a stop area, and you cannot leave your car unattended. If you decide to drive longer than 10 minutes, you will stop in a short-term car park.

The only exception for 10 minutes is where the movement of the customer is compromised. For this scenario, you will continue for up to 4 hours, but you would need to complete a questionnaire before entering or no less than three days after entering the process.

Terminal 1

There are four short-term parking spaces on the arrivals level at Terminal 1 and 2 on the exit site. Parking charges are €3.00 for the first hour, €2.00, for the next 30 minutes before you hit the 5th hour. You must incur a complete day fee of €29.00 at 5 o’clock. Payments may be rendered by electronic meters at the airport or in booths.

On the arrivals floor you will find the following areas:

  • P7 – The first parking area located on the right-hand side.
  • Arrivi Sud – The second area located on the left-hand side.
  • P8 – The third area located on your right-hand side.
  • Arrivi Nord – The final area located on your left-hand side.

On the departures floor you will find:

  • P9 – The first parking area located on your right-hand side.
  • P10 – The second area located on your right-hand side.

Terminal 2

There are two places for short-term parking at Terminal 2. They’re a little simpler, with one field for arrivals and one for departures. The expense is €3.60 an hour for each of the first 3 hours, accompanied by an average rate of €29.00.

Long Term Parking

Long-term parking lots are ideal for those spending more than 24 hours per day. There are five designated parking lots with a capacity of 10,330 parking spaces. The car park has a specific rate, so some are cheaper.

P1 “long term”

The car park is open, has a capacity of 1,200 spaces, and is a 4-minute walk to Terminal 1. It’s the best of all car parks with visits of 7 days or more. The price for the first seven days is flat €45.00, and if you only decide to claim for one day, more parks would be better. The cost is €80.00 for 14 days.


This parking lot is the most comfortably located in Terminal 1. It is enclosed and split into three sub-areas: Executive, Top Car, and Genius.

P2 “Executive”

This location has 2,700 spaces and has ready access to the check-in center. It costs €27.00 for one day, €98.00 for seven days and €168.00 for 14 days.

P2 “Genius”

This location has 500 parking spaces and is a 2-minute walk to the check-in point. It is ideal to traveling for seven days or longer, which would cost €79.00 for days 1 to 7, which €114.00 for 14 days.

P2 “Top Car”

It is the most costly of all parking lots and is for luxury cars. There are 130 spaces situated 2 minutes’ walk from the check-in location. It would cost €30.00 for one day, €180.00 for seven days and €320.00 for 14 days.

P3 “Express”

The 1,600 space car park is not enclosed and is a 3-minute walk to Terminal 1. Charges are €25.00 for one day, €65.00 for seven days or €100.00 for 14 days.

P4 “Holiday”

The 1,200 space parking lot is uncovered and is a 4-minute walk to Terminal 1. It is suitable for stays of 7 days or more, with a fee of €59.00 for days 1 to 7 and €94.00 for 14 days.

P5 “Easy”

It is the most comfortable parking for travelers entering terminal 2, only a 2-minute walk from the airport. It’s uncovered, and it’s got 3,000 spaces. The price is €19.00 for one day, €49 for seven days and €84.00 for 14 days.

Many of the above fees are focused on advanced internet bookings. If you don’t book electronically, the prices can be higher. You can get a quote, or you can reserve an approved car park.

External long-term parking

There are several private operators outside of the airport that provides long-term car park options at lower rates than the official car park listed above. Such operators are much farther, typically about 5 kilometers, but provide a free shuttle to and from the airport. For both providers, you should anticipate a transfer period of fewer than 10 minutes, and it’s always quite comfortable. The lowest rates you can reach are as follows:

  • €10.00 for one day.
  • €20.00 for seven days.
  • €35.00 for 14 days.

Parkeerplaats voor gehandicapten

There is special parking for those with limited mobility. You can contact the airport for more information.


There are many services available at the airport, such as:

  • Taxi's
  • Autowasstraat
  • Laden van elektrische auto's