Parking Ibiza Airport

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Parking Ibiza Airport

Ibiza Airport is also called “Aeroport d’Eivissa” officially in Catalan and is known as “Aeropuerto de Ibiza” in Spanish. The Ibiza airport is also the international airport for the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera in Spain. It is located on the southwest side of Ibiza Island, at a distance of 7 km from the town’s center. It acts as the main hub for Vueling as the island itself is a great tourist spot and one of the most exotic European holiday destinations. There is a high demand for flights in the summer holidays due to Ibiza being highly recommended and ranked as one of the top 10 party destinations in all of Europe. It operates intensively during that period. However, even during the rest of the year, it serves a high number of passengers with its domestic serves as well as its many routes across Europe. From the airport you can travel to other small Balearic Island Formentera through a 30-minute ferry boat ride, it is also known as a great Mediterranean paradise spot.

It has one single terminal for passengers. In 2017, the Ibiza airport broke passenger records by serving 7,903,892 passengers. The terminal has levels such as the ground level and the first level. The ground level has the luggage area and the arrivals hall. You can check-in at this level or access the gates to board from here as well. The services provided here include PRM meetings and many other facilities. The first level at the terminal has the departure area and many foods, snack and drink shops, as well as retail outlets for passengers. There are boarding gates from the left-hand side to the right, from the number 1 till 17.

Airport parking at Ibiza Airport

There is car parking available at a very short distance from the terminal at the Ibiza Airport’s parking lot. You can easily find them directly opposite to the terminal at a distance of 3 minutes by foot. The parking lot at the airport are not divided into Short or Long term car parks as they allow you to park your vehicle for as long or as short as you may want. There are 500 parking spaces available here.

The first 30 minutes of parking are free of cost. The rates per minute until the first hour are EUR 0.010583. The charges and rates will increase after that to EUR 0.0185 per minute. Parking for a whole day, 24 hours, has a maximum charge of EUR 10.80. It drops down to EUR 8.85 after five days of parking.

Short stay car park at Ibiza Airport

There are several short stay car parking options. Read below: 

Pick up and Drop off

If you want to drop off a loved one or a departing passenger, there are parking spaces available for this purpose right in front of the terminal building. These spaces can be used for pick-ups as well. However, they should be used for a maximum of 15 minutes only. The first 15 minutes are free of charge. It gives passengers enough time to load or unload their baggage. You are requested not to leave your vehicles outside the terminal, especially not unattended due to safety and security reasons.

P1 General car park

The P1 parking lot is in front of the terminal. It is at a distance of only 1 minute on foot. The parking lot allows surface-level parking as it is partially covered. You can make the payment by machines or manually as it has eight automatic payment machines and two payment points that operate manually. P1 has an integrated system that works as an automatic number plate recognition. There is staff from the management department in case someone needs assistance. Security personnel are there 24/7, making the safety of your vehicles a priority at the Ibiza Airport parking lot.

Long term airport parking Ibiza Airport 

You can find this car park at a distance of 6 minutes on foot, from the main terminal building. You can park here for a short or long period; however, it is more suitable for a longer stay. Motorists should keep in mind that you can access this area on booking only; hence you may book it online well in advance. 

Disabled parking at IBZ Airport

The parking lot at Ibiza airport provides reserved spaces beside the terminal building for those passengers who may have any form of disability. These spaces are kept extremely close to the terminal to avoid any inconvenience. It is recommended to carry your disabled parking permit to avoid any conflict. If you need assistance, the parking lot staff is present to help you out. 

Note that summers are the busiest time for the airport; hence it is better to book before your vacation or use the airport’s public transport that travels from the terminal bus line 10. 

Additional services airport

The airport provides many other services and facilities to its customers, such as: 

Disabled services:  

The airport management understands the need to be user friendly to all its passengers; hence Ibiza airport is a barrier-free airport with several facilities available for people with disabilities, injuries, and people with sight impairment. You can access elevators that are specially adapted. There are ramps and lifts that provide you access to the building’s upper levels and all other public areas in the terminal. All the bathrooms in the building have adequate toilet facilities. Payphones are also kept at a height that is easily usable by a person in a wheelchair. 

Car charging

There are car battery charging services at the parking lots for passengers with electric cars. These services are provided for free.


The airport provides shuttle services for passengers. These drop you off at the terminal to get more information you may call the airport’s information desk.

Bus services

You can choose to travel by bus services as well. The lines that these buses go from are:

  • Line 10
  • Line 9
  • Line 24

Passengers looking for more information or have any queries about the Ibiza airport can contact the office of information at the check-in area on the ground floor.