Rotterdam the Hague Airport

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Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Adress: Rotterdam Airportplein 60, 3045 AP Rotterdam, The Netherlands
IATA Airportcode: RTM
ICAO Airportcode: EHRD
Alias: Rotterdam The Hague Airport en Airport Zestienhoven

With the passenger traffic of approximately 1.6 million passengers, Rotterdam Airport is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands, after Eindhoven Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol. Many leading airlines operate through Rotterdam Airport like BMI Regional, Arkefly, British Airways, Lufthansa Regional, Jetairfly, CityJet, Turkish Airlines, Transavia, and Vueling. Rotterdam central station and The Hague Central Station can be approached through the airport via RandstadRail metro and with Rotterdam city by bus.

Different parking lots are accessible at Rotterdam Airport, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The parking is always within walking distance of the terminal with a lot of other benefits. Like you can arrange your payment and book the parking area in advance. And on the day of your return, you can get in your vehicle and leave.

Rotterdam Airport Parking

Rotterdam provides the comfort of the vicinity to the terminal to his all five parking places: P6 comfort parking, P2 business parking, Park and fly, P10 budget parking and P3 Park and fly. All of the Rotterdam airport parking spaces are under surveillance 24 hours a day. P6 and P2 are closest to the terminal and P3, P1A and P1 take a maximum of a seven-minute walk whereas getting to P10 it takes no more than ten minutes. It is also easy to reserve a space in the parking area through the internet. The Airport also provides an economical choice in the form of P10. But it is mandatory to book through the internet for this parking.

Different Type Of Rotterdam Airport Parking Options

Different types of parking are available at all medium-sized and big Airports, which are priced according to the distance and convenience from the terminal.

The different types of airport Rotterdam parking are:

  • Daily parking
  • Short-term parking
  • Long term/Satellite parking
  • Sleep, park, fly
  • Off-airport parking
  • Valet parking

Other Parking Options

For a long time or short term airport parking at Rotterdam Airport, you can find a deal at parking partner of the airport. Because of the increase in passenger traffic, the Rotterdam cannot accommodate the number of vehicles that arrive. And it is also best to pre-book parking area at RTM so that you can have a sense of place for your car.

Terminal Transfer


RandstadRail attaches the airport, with The Hague, Zoetermeer, Leidschendam, Pijacker, and Rotterdam central station, whereas a slower option is also available with National NS service. You can catch trains to Paris, Brussels, and Antwerp. Whereas NS moves around the inner city as well as to the nearby towns. To use public transport, you will need a chip card from the newsagent at the airport. Visitors can also purchase anonymous OV-chip kaart for €8.00.


Rotterdam’s transport company RET provides transportation assistance between Rotterdam Central Station and The Hague Airport. Bus line 33, can take about 20-30 minutes to travel from and to Rotterdam The Hague Airport, during the day, which is also an option. A rechargeable OV-Chipkaart or RET 2 hour bus ticket can be used. The ticket for €4.00 can allow you 125 minutes on trams, buses, and metros in Rotterdam. Bus line 33 runs every ten minutes to and from the Rotterdam CS station. On public holidays and weekends, the bus runs every fifteen minutes.

Metro And Bus To The Hague

Getting to The Hague, the best option is to take the line 33 at Rotterdam The Hague Airport and go to the Meijersplein metro station. Which then will take you to the metro station of Slinge and Den Haag Central in the southern parts of Rotterdam. Where the bus takes 5 minutes to travel and travel time between metro station Meijersplein and The Hague is twenty-five minutes, and both run every ten minutes. It will cost you €4.39 for the combined journey with a rechargeable OV-Chipkaart, which is mandatory for this route.


Taxi is probably the fastest and the simplest way to travel to Rotterdam Airport. Taxi drivers are willing to pick you up from any place you want. It also stops you from waiting and walking with your luggage. Whether you need it for business or leisure objectives, our partners will ensure you will arrive fast and safe at the Airport or any other place in the Netherlands.

Book A Taxi From RTM To Rotterdam

You can book a taxi from the airport to central Rotterdam. Taxi drivers are professionals and know the routes in and around the city and know paths to beat the traffic. You can easily book a taxi from RTM to Rotterdam and payment can be done in advance or in cash to the driver.

The Benefits of an Airport Taxi

The idea of relaxing in a clean car without any worries of any other thing is quite pleasing in all forms. The standards of airport transfer have improved over the years. The increase in competition has also contributed to reducing the cost of hiring a cab.

Rent A Car At RTM

If you are unaware of the complicated procedure of getting around on the bus or the train. Or you like the freedom of having a car to yourself you can rent an affordable vehicle at Rotterdam The Hague Airport to make most out of your journey to the Netherlands. When traveling abroad, there is almost no time to experience the charming sights, and you don’t want to spend that time stuck in a taxi or a bus. A rental car can take you to almost every place and with the freedom of your own comfort.

Renting a car at RTM lets you travel at your fun and get to the places you want to visit in the Netherlands fast and problem-free. Car rentals services generally contain a GPS, providing you with the best chance to explore the areas without getting lost. You are free to take the care for a drive wherever you want to go.

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