Aparcamiento del aeropuerto de Eindhoven

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Aparcamiento del aeropuerto de Eindhoven

Eindhoven Airport Parking

Eindhoven Airport is situated 7.6 km west of Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands. The airport catered to the highest amount (6.2 million) of passengers in 2018. Both civilian and military use the airport.

Short term Parking Eindhoven Airport: 

Eindhoven Airport has many parking areas. Find the short term parking below: 

Kiss & Ride Lane

You can access the Kiss & Ride lane from the roundabout. It is built to drop off travelers. The Kiss & Ride lane is also open to pick up travelers, although that is only available until the travelers are about to move in. Parking on the Kiss & Ride path is not authorized. If your passengers are not ready, you can park at any parking place on the P1. By using this lane, you can conveniently drop off your luggage and your fellow travelers and then travel to a long-stay car park.

P0 Gold Parking 

If you park at Eindhoven Airport, P0 Gold Eindhoven Airport is the most convenient yet by far the most costly choice. P0 Gold has two parts: with or without reservation. You will have to drive a little longer to reach P0. Also, you can park your car within easy reach of the airport. The P0 parking lot is situated adjacent to the terminal at Luchthavenweg 25, 5657 EA Eindhoven. While parking at P0 Eindhoven, you pay € 2.50 every half hour up to a limit of 6 hours.

After 6 hours, you will have to pay the regular cost, which you can estimate based on eight days of parking (full cost). You do exit the terrain thanks to the same device, so it’s necessary to insert the license plate correctly. Without an online reservation, you can easily draw a ticket and compensate for it when you visit.

P1 Gold Parking 

It is the latest and most luxurious car park at Eindhoven Airport. P1 Gold is situated in front of the terminals and is a nearly new parking location. You can park here in an enclosed, protected place, just at a quite high price.

The car park offers free space for the first 10 minutes: you will have to pay up to a limit of 2 hours every 30 minutes. If you park your car here for longer than 2 hours, you’ll have to pay the regular fee.

The address of P1 Parking Eindhoven Airport is Luchthavenweg 25, 5657 EA Eindhoven.

Long-term Parking Eindhoven Airport:

Eindhoven airport has many parking areas. Find the long term parking below

P3 Car Park Eindhoven Airport

P3 Silver lets you park your car at Eindhoven Airport. It’s somewhat more costly choice than others, and it’s a 5-minute walk from the airports. At P3 parking, long-term parking at Eindhoven Airport is fairly priced, comfortable, and near to Eindhoven Airport, which is why it is known as Silver Parking. You don’t need to book this parking space before your arrival. The parking rate begins at 17 euros. Parking at the P3 site of Eindhoven Airport means parking a car in an uncovered zone. It’s one of the most costly car parks at the airport.

P4 Car Park Eindhoven Airport 

P4 Eindhoven Airport is known as “Bronze Parking Eindhoven” and “Budget” at P4 Bronze. You may park at Eindhoven Airport, in the newly launched covered parking section. You’ll be at the terminal within 7 minutes walking distance from the car park.

In the case of online booking, you should get an access code that enables you to access the area after making reservations. Recognition of the license plate will take place when accessing the parking field. You will have the code and will have to use it for accessing the parking area and then pay.

P5 Car Park Eindhoven Airport

Parking at Eindhoven Airport on the P5 Bronze is as far as the P4; just the parking area is on the other side of the airport. The P5 car park is substantially inexpensive than the P4 car park as it is not enclosed. It ensures that you pay just the airport source rate, which is around € 68 for eight days. The location is only a 7-minute walk away from the terminal, and you can park not just easy, but also in the neighborhood. P5 parking prices continue at 10 euros a day.

P8 Car Park Eindhoven Airport

P8 Shuttle is the most inexpensive car park at Eindhoven Airport. It is just a 10-minute drive from the terminal, however. The shuttle also runs four times an hour.

Authorized airport parking spaces are expensive choices. However, Parking P8 Eindhoven has always been the most economical choice for a significant period if you’re trying to track down the official parking spaces at the airport.

Parking for Disabled 

You can park your car in any place accessible at the P1 car park for short-term parking. You will park your car at P1 for up to 2 hours. The very first 10 minutes are free. Also, you can park your car at P2 for long-term parking. Please carry your special parking card and a parking pass to the information booth when you arrive at Eindhoven Airport before departure. You will now be paying € 16, for the first four days. Beginning on day 4, you will be billed € 6, for a day. A picture of your restricted parking card will be available on your vehicle.


You can avail of many services at the Eindhoven airport parking area. Find the services below;

Car wash:

You can avail the services of a car wash at the airport.

Electric car charging: 

You can charge your electric cars at the Eindhoven airport;

  • level 2 and level 3