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Parking Tours Val de Loire Airport

Airport Parking at Tours Val de Loire

Tours Val de Loire Airport, also known as TUF Airport, is located in the Loire Valley, France. The airport serves as a hub for (inter)national flights. The Tours Airport facilitates the people of Tours and its neighboring localities. The airport is well connected with the city of Tours, through the main highway routes of A10 and A28. Similarly, the primary access to the airport is through the D910, which is a fifteen-minute car ride from the city center.

The Airport parking has two different areas at the location, which serve as short term or long-term parking solutions. Tours Airport is one of the few airports in the world that does not charge for parking. You can drive your car into the parking lot without any hassle or stress and drive out without worrying about packing slips.

The Tours Airport is relatively smaller, and the parking area can hold up to 400 cars. About 120,000 passengers go through this airport per year, out of which only a small percentage utilize the parking facilities, especially the long term parking zone. Given the low traffic that the airport receives, the number of parking spaces is well-matched with the number of passengers per annum.

The Tours Airport is a small and rather straightforward airport, and so is its parking system. The parking zone at the airport is in divisions. It has two divisions- one for the short term and one for the long term. The parking is open 24 hours, all seven days a week, and is free to avail by all passengers.

Korte termijn parkeren op de luchthaven

The short term parking area is a small area that can be found near the terminal entrance, making it easy for you to drop off the passengers at the airport. The parking area can accommodate you from a few minutes to a maximum of two days. You cannot park for Any duration longer than two days in this parking lot, and we advise you to choose the long term area.

Long term parking at Tours Val de Loire

The long term parking is located further away from the airport terminal and would require you to walk for a few minutes before you reach the entrance. However, the location is excellent for people looking for a long term parking solution. You can easily park your car here, for free, for however long you wish to. The Tours Airport also provides the customers of the long term parking with the shuttle bus service. Once you park your car in the desired spot, you can be transported to the terminal in comfort via the shuttle. 

However, an important thing to keep in mind while using the Tours Airport extended parking facility is that there is no surveillance system to check on the cars. The airport uses its location in a countryside area to be all the protection they need. In such circumstances, if there were any damage to your car and you suffered a loss, you would be the sole bearer of it. The airport has merely provided a free parking space for its customers and holds no further responsibility.

Disabled Parking 

The Tours Airport try their best to accommodate all passengers that use their facility. An allotment of four parking spaces is reserved especially for the disabled. These parking spaces are kept the nearest to the terminal entrance to make it as easy as possible for the reduced mobility passengers to navigate their way around the airport. Similarly, if you require further assistance, you can find a wheelchair option available to you at the information desk, and wheelchair ramps constructed next to the entrance staircase. 

Drop Off Lane

Considering that the Tours Airport receives less air traffic, you are further facilitated through a drop-off lane right next to the terminal entrance. You are not allowed to park the car or leave it unattended for any amount of time in this lane, but it gives you the supreme comfort to pull up closest to the terminal while you are dropping off the passenger. Your visit to the airport is made more accessible and time-saving through this drop-off fast lane. 

External Parking Option 

The parking at Tours Airport may be free, but it comes with its risks. If you are looking for a monitored and secured parking lot, then you are in luck! Only 200 meters away from the airport, you will find a car park facility available to you. You can choose a parking spot of your choice and leave your car in safe hands.


The airport hosts many flights; moreover, due to the high traffic of passengers, they ensure to provide the best services. Read below to find some of the services passengers can avail at the Tours Val de Loire Airport:

Car Wash

You can avail of the car wash services at the airport, so when you return to your car after the trip, then your car will be waiting for you in clean shape.

Electric Car Charging

You can charge your electric car at the parking facilities as well.  However, you will have to ask the airport information desk for more information regarding the parking lots providing this facility and the charges.