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Parking Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is a French airport in the region of Toulouse. It is generally referred to as TLS, a platform for Air France and Easyjet. 8.9 million travelers commute via its gates, helping to make it a major and important airport and access point to the metropolitan area. Commuters on departure flights and those who are just visiting may have several Toulouse Blagnac Airport parking services from which they can choose. There are also all the facilities that a person may use at a busy airport within the terminal building. Parking isn’t free, but the price levels are reasonable and fair.

The airport is at an elevation of 499 feet (152 m) above the mean sea level. It has two asphalt-paved runways: 14R/32L is 3,500 by 45 meters (11,483 ft × 148 feet) and 14L/32R is 3,000 by 45 meters (9,843 feet × 148 ft). Both Airbus and ATR build aircraft at local facilities and check them from the airport. The Concorde, previously owned by Air France with registration F-BVFC, is stored in the Aeroscopia Museum near the airport. Airbus and ATR use runway 32L/14R for flight research and supply operations, whereas runway 32R/14L is used by passenger flights landing in Toulouse (Airbus also utilizes this runway by training flights). The Airbus Delivery Point is also on runway 3.

Toulouse – Blagnac Airport SA is a limited liability corporation with a share capital of €148,000. Its members are the French Government (60 percent), the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (25 percent), the Provincial Council (5 percent), the Departmental Council (5 percent), and the Metropolitan Area (5 percent). Toulouse – Blagnac Airport SA has the right to run the airport until 2046 under a franchise arrangement issued by the French Government. The new CEO is Philippe Crébassa.

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Read below to find out the short-term parking at the Toulouse Airport.

Express car parks at Toulouse airport

There are 2 Express car parks at Toulouse Airport, just within a few minutes’ walk of the terminal center. They are still a great option for car parks, but vehicles could still only use such parking garages for a long time. The first is a drop-off area only, so people could use it for up to ten minutes. There are only sixty places in the field that drivers can use for vehicles at a maximum of 2.7 meters. It’s always possible to use the parking space for 10 minutes.

The second Express parking lot is better for you if you’re planning to stay for up to 3 hours. There are as many as 368 slots, and the first 15 minutes are fully free of charge. That would only cost 1 Euro for about 15 and 30 minutes, and it would cost 3 Euro for up to one hour of parking. In this parking field, the charge for two hours is EUR 4, and three hours is EUR 6. The additional hours in the region should have saved EUR 10 an hour.

The Toulouse airport Proxiparks P1 and P2

These two parking spaces are bigger, each with a total of more than two thousand meters. P1 has 2,528 spaces, and P2 has 2,801 spaces. Both are at the entrance, about a minute’s walk from the airport services. They are both enclosed areas and equipped with an automated network to guide the driver to the nearest accessible parking spot. You can conveniently locate the parking spaces available. The maximum car headroom for the Proxiparks is 2.10 meters.

Individuals who wish to park their cars for a few hours or days can use P1 and P2 car parks. The first 15 minutes are free of cost. It will cost you EUR 7 for 3 hours, EUR 12 for 9 hours, and EUR 15.90 for one day. Two to 3 days of cars parked would cost EUR 47,70, and a period between 7 and 9 days will also cost EUR 105.

Langdurig parkeren:

Read below to find out the long-term parking at the Toulouse Airport.

The Eco parks P5 and P6 of Toulouse airport

These car parks are the most cost-effective when travelers depart for a few days or even weeks. They ‘re not even in the center of the terminal. Even so, there are shuttle busses available for transport. Shuttle buses depart from the parking space every 12 to 13 minutes and begin from their allocated shuttle stop outside Hall D. Passengers should not wait more than 15 minutes for a ride. Even so, the additional time it will take for transport by taxi. Cars over 4.25 meters in height cannot park in P5. That being said, vehicles of all heights can use P6. Both car parks have 3000 parking slots available for user convenience.

Drivers at Eco parks will have to pay 12 Euro for car parks for around 10 and 24 hours, 34 Euro for three days, and 42 Euro for four days. 10 – 15 days of parking will cost only 61 Euros.

Parking for motorcycles

There is now a dedicated motorcycle parking area at Toulouse Airport with 190 parking spaces and two extra bike parks. The Motorcycle Park is in the Professional Park opposite Hall D, and the bike services are on the arrivals floor next to Hall C and Hall D. Both are free parking places. P3 is yet another airport parking lot, but it is reserved primarily for those who make reservations, which is about a 7 to 8-minute walk from the terminal center.

Parking for disabled

Toulouse Airport is accessible to people with wheelchair users, and disabled car parking is also accessible for anyone with other disabilities.


If you are looking for facilities at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport car parking area, then keep reading:


If you wish to find your car clean and all washed up at your return, then you can avail of the car wash service.

Elektrische auto's opladen:

You may recharge your electric car at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport if you have an electric car. You may inquire for more details from the customer support desk.