Parking Seville Airport

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Parking Seville Airport

Parking Seville Airport

Seville Airport is located in the southern part of Spain, ten kilometers north-east of the country’s capital between the cities of Seville and Rinconada. The airport is also regarded as the airport of San Pablo.

The beautiful architecture points back to the tumultuous colonial history of Spain. It demonstrates three major influences: the Moorish heritage of Spain, the primary agricultural product of Spain originating from orange trees, and the building, a reference to the Royal Line of Spain. Passengers would be told of the orange grove as they first land at the airport. Currently, the airport is primarily associated with domestic air transport but has started to reach out globally, with more airlines providing routes to Europe.

Airlines operating at Seville Airport include Air Europa, BlueAir, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, EasyJet, Iberia, Lufthansa, Ryanair, SAS, Transavia & Vueling, and others. Around 6.3 million travelers went through the airport in 2018, up from 5.1 million in the previous year, a rise of 24.9 percent.

Seville is well linked to the rest of Spain’s large cities by road. The A4 motorway, or as it is more commonly called, the E05 in the International E-Road Transport Network, links the airport to the city of Seville and also has a link to the ring road that leads to Madrid.

Parkeren bij de luchthaven

Seville San Pablo Airport’s parking offering is diverse and wide, both within and outside the airport. Within the airport parking, there are three municipal car parks in separate locations. As well as outdoors, a few minutes away, you will notice a wide variety of low-cost car parks with various facilities at extremely affordable prices, both for quick at long visits.

Korte termijn parkeren

There are many car parks at the airport. Read below to find out the short term parking lots:

P1 Short term parking

This parking lot is the most accessible for travelers who have been staying in Seville for fewer than six days. Parking is about 2-3 minutes walking distance from the airport site. Moreover, it is near the terminal site; this parking lot is accessible for stays for less than four days (short/medium stay). The parking lot has 1,822 spaces spread across five floors. The legal height restriction for parking the vehicle is 2.10 meters. Make sure you reserve your parking spot sooner.


  • First minute: € 0.50
  • From minutes 2 to 30: € 0.016612 / minute
  • From minute 31: € 0.032117 / minutes
  • Maximum daily rate for four days: € 16.00
  • Maximum daily rate from the fifth day: € 15.00

Low-Cost parking areas, outside the airport premises

Low-cost car parks, including short-term and long-term car parks, in or near Seville airport grounds. As most of these low-cost car parks are far beyond the airport premises, you can pay lower fares and more services than those inside the airport area.

The airport of Seville has a small parking area for storing and retrieving the hire of vehicles. The car park is situated on the third level of the Arrivals, right after the entry to Parking P1. The door on the left is exclusive to rented cars.

Bus parking at Seville airport

Parking publicly or privately-owned busses and minibusses (tour service providers, airlines, etc.). The car park has 20 slots, and the entrance is on the Arrivals level, just after the entrance to the P1 car park. This car park is eligible for public or private busses and minibusses. It has only 20 slots and can be reached at the Arrivals point, at the Parking P1 entry.


  • First hour: Free of charge
  • Minute 61: € 0.472331
  • Until 90th minute: € 0.016286 per minute
  • From minute 91h: € 0.031487 per minute
  • Maximum daily rate: € 15.45

Langdurig parkeren

There are many car parks at the airport. Read below to find out the long term parking lots:

P2 long term Seville airport

It’s on the airport grounds, not too far from the terminal area. It has a minimum of 948 parking spaces.  Long-stay parking is positioned about a 6-minute walk from the terminal, and rates are the highest here.  It’s the best spot to park your car for more than six days. It’s a paved and covered parking area.


  • First minute: € 0.50
  • From minute 15: € 0.033333 / minute
  • Maximum daily rate for the first and second day: € 14.00
  • Maximum daily rate for the third and fourth day: € 7.00
  • Maximum daily rate from the fifth day: € 5.00

VIP valet parking

For travelers finding exclusive services, such as car selection, transport, and storage at affordable rates. It is the simplest and most open place to park, with parking reserved in front of departures and arrivals.


There are parking facilities, particularly for people with disabilities. Nevertheless, you should park here to make sure you agree with the EU Disability Regulations. Don’t forget to show a sticker for your disability.


There are many services available at the airport. Read below to find out.

  • Cash wash

If you wish to come back to your cleaned car, this one is the right option. You can get your car washed in this parking area, and when you come back, you will be back to your clean and tidy car.

  • Elektrische auto's opladen.

Finding slots to charge your electric car in an airport can be troublesome. Now you can park your car at Seville airport and charge your car.

  • Car repairs

At the airport, you can also get your car repaired well. The airport staff will take care of it.