Parking Santiago de Compostela Airport

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Parking Santiago de Compostela Airport

Parking Santiago de Compostela Airport

The Santiago de Compostela or SCQ Airport is an international airport in Galicia, Spain. Galicia is an independent, autonomous community that comes under Spain. Santiago Airport is the second busiest airport in the Northern part of Spain. The airport falls in the parish of Lavacolla, which is at a distance of 12 km from Santiago de Compostela. According to estimates, approximately 2 million passengers traveled through this airport in 2019.

The airport serves as a business hub for Ryan air in North Spain, and it caters to all neighboring areas in the Galicia region. There is only one operational terminal at the airport that is used for all passing traffic. The updated terminal can handle approximately 4 million passengers every year.

Parkeren op de luchthaven

You can speedily reach the SCQ Airport without any hassle using the autoroute A-54 that is a straightforward road connecting the city with the airport. Other public transportation like bus and rail are also at the disposal of the passengers.

Once you arrive at the airport, you can choose from several parking options near the terminal for your ease. There are separate specified car parking for the short term, and long term stays at the airport, and you can choose whichever one according to your needs.

You can quickly get a parking ticket at the airport to help calculate your total fare at the end of your trip. These tickets are readily available upon entering the airport, and you do not have to worry about paying right away. However, it is recommended that you pre-book your parking space to save money and ensure a spot. You can find many fantastic deals round the year that will give you much more discounted parking rates than those you will find at the airport.

Short term parking options:

There are several parking options at the airport. Read below to find the short term options:

Meet and Greet service

The official valet parking offers the Meet and Greet service at the airport. You can now leave your car keys with a valet driver at the desk, which is only a minute’s walk away from the terminal entrance. Your car will be safely parked without any troubles, and whatever time you specify for your arrival, you will find your car waiting for you at the entrance.

Express parking

As the name suggests, the express parking is the fastest route to access the airport terminal without delay or obstruction. The proximity of the parking to the entrance enables you immediate access inside the terminal, and it is excellent for a simple pick-up or drops off.

The parking in this area is free as long as you do not exceed the fifteen-minute limit, after which you will be charged the regular fare. The parking is specified for all those looking for a short term stay or only having to drop off passengers.

There are 55 spaces in the departures area and 32 spaces in the arrivals area. With these limited parking spots, the parking will only be available to you on a first-come, first-served basis.

General car park short term

General Car Park has 1300 parking spaces that are exclusively kept for short term stays. The parking is at the passenger terminal’s basement levels, and a few minutes’ walks will take you straight inside the airport. The parking is secure and provides around the clock surveillance for the safety and protection of your car.

The passengers can book a parking space online before their flight to avoid delays and ensure that they will have a parking spot on the day of the flight. The charges at this car park are affordable and economical for all those looking for a short stay at the airport parking. A full day in the parking will only get you back around 10 euros maximum.

Long term parking options: 

There are several parking options at the airport. Read below to find the long term options:

Goedkope parkeergarage

The low-cost car park has been specially created to accommodate all the vehicles staying at the airport in the long term. Even though it is an outdoor car park, it provides you ample covered spaces, so you do not have to worry about any damage done to your car. The covered parking will also protect your vehicle from any natural elements, and ensure that it is in the same way you left it.

The long term parking only has 132 parking spaces, and to get a spot, you must book a parking spot beforehand. The parking is only open in certain seasons, or during those times when the general car park operates at full capacity.

As you can tell from the name, the parking is targeted to be an economical option for people to park their car for extended amounts of time. You can safely leave your car in this parking area and enjoy your long trips or holidays!

Lavacolla Car Park

The Lavacolla Car Park is a privately owned car park within the boundaries of the airport that is 600 meters away from the main terminal building. The car park gives you the unique opportunity to avail of the free transportation services to and from the airport building, so you do not have to worry about dragging your luggage. 

Parkeerplaats voor gehandicapten

To facilitate all reduced mobility passengers, and all the drivers are transporting them to the airport, the SCQ Airport provides designated parking spots. These parking spots are kept as close to the terminal as possible to give the passenger maximum comfort and ease traveling. You will find that the airport has provided ramps and other infrastructural features to help passengers with wheelchairs etc.


Valet parking official

The Valet Parking is reserved for all those customers who choose to avail meet and greet service at the airport. The parking is the furthest from the general car park and is only used by the airport officials. The parking has limited covered parking spots reserved for the employees and the valet service.


There are several services available at the airport. Find some of them below:

  • WIFI 
  • Valet service
  • Shuttle bus
  • Autowasstraat 
  • Laden van elektrische auto's