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Parking Nantes Atlantique Airport

Initially built as a military airfield in 1928, the Nantes Atlantique Airport or the NTE Airport, now proudly stands as an international airport in Nantes, France. NTE Airport is considered the third largest airport in the West France region and faces a lot of international traffic every year. Almost three million passengers go through this airport yearly. The airport is only 8 kilometers South West of Nantes city, and 15 kilometers away from the city center, placing it at an ideal distance for an Airport.

Airport Parking Nantes

The Nantes Airport is right next to the city’s peripheral ring motorway. The motorway provides easy access to the airport through linking roads along the motorway’s length, joining all main roads and motorway routes to it. Each of the parking zones is at a walking distance from the airport terminal, avoiding any long walks or hassle.

Similarly, another point to take into consideration is that as the numbers increase in the parking zones, so does the parking rate. The P0 parking is the cheapest, while P4 parking is the most expensive.

Short term airport parking Nantes

Each parking zone from P0 through P4 can function as a short term or long term parking facility; however, depending on the rates, you can choose the most economical option for your needs.

The important thing is that under ten minutes, all parking zones have free parking, and only start charging according to their respective rates after the ten-minute mark. The parking zones have also been marked into North, South, West, and East to create further divisions within the parking blocks.

P0 Short Term Parking Zone

The P0 parking zone is the cheapest car park in NTE Airport, with a low rate of EUR 3, 60 for ten minutes. The rate goes up with the 10 minutes to 3-hour mark charging EUR 0, 30 per ten minutes, and twelve to twenty-four hours charging EUR 22, 90. It is ideal for those who do not mind a 10-minute walk and are merely looking to enter and leave the airport in no time.

P1 Short Term Parking Zone

The P1 parking zone is located at a five-minute walk from the airport, making it a great candidate for long-term and short-term parking. The rates for this parking zone are no different than the P0 parking zone, with the rates only changing after you hit the twelve-hour mark. For a parking period of twelve hours to a day, it will cost you EUR 25, 90.

P2 and P3 Short Term Parking Zones

The P2 and P3 parking zones are adjacent to each other and the closest to the Airport terminal, where a five-minute walk will take you straight to the terminal door. The P2 car park is the closest to the airport and only takes a two-minute walk to place you at the terminal. The prime location of the P2 car park makes it ideal for people looking to drop off or pick up people at the airport. Like the previous two parking zones, the rates in these zones remain the same for all periods until you hit the twelve-hour mark. Parking in this zone for 12 hours to a day will cost you EUR 31, 90.

P4 Short term Parking Zone

The rates for P4 are high and usually cater to people who are willing to spend more than usual. You can easily park your car here for ten minutes at the rate of EUR 3, 90, while ten minutes to three hours will cost you EUR 0, 50 per ten minutes. Looking at the hourly rates, twelve hours to a day will cost EUR 33, 90. The P4 car park is a covered and secured parking area that guarantees the surety and safety you need.

Cheap long stay parking

There are several long term parking options at the airport: 

P0 Long Term Parking

The P0 car park provides the cheapest rates to the passengers. After a full day, you will pay a total of EUR 38, 90 for three days, EUR 61, 40 for a week, and after exceeding ten days, you will be charged EUR 9, 00 per day.

The P0 parking is excellent for long term parking as it will be easy on your pocket while only being a ten-minute walk from the airport terminal. The P0 parking zone also has the most significant car park available with the accommodation of almost 3000 plus cars.

P1 Long Term Parking

At the P1 car park paying for three days will set you back EUR 41, 90, and EUR 65, 90 for a week. After ten days at the car park, you will pay EUR 9, 50 per day.

The P1 parking zone is another optimal candidate for long term parking since it is not too far from the airport while also being an economical option. There is great ease of access to your car straight from the terminal, whether you enter or leave.

P2 and P3 Long Term Parking

P2 and the P3 car park are viable candidates if you want to park your car near the airport for convenience. Parking in this car park for three days will cost you EUR 59, 90, while a week will cost you EUR 97, 90. Ten days onwards, you will pay EUR 13, 50 per day.

The location of this parking zone makes it ideal for when you arrive back home and do not have to walk a long distance to access your car.

P4 Long Term Parking Zone

The P4 parking zone is the final and most expensive car park at NTE Airport. A feature that sets this zone apart from the rest is that it has a covered car park. Additionally, the walkway leading up to this car park from the terminal is also covered, giving it an elite and high end feel compared to the other car parks.

The fact that this zone is covered is an ideal element for all those people going on long business trips, mainly five days and over. Knowing that your car is in a safe and covered space feels reassuring, and the protection will keep your car safe from natural elements as much as possible.

The rates for this car park are steep but worth it if you are looking to park your car for extended periods. Three days will cost EUR 69, 90, and a week will cost EUR 125, 90. Any day above ten days will cost you EUR 17, 90 per day.

Disabled Parking at the airport

Nantes Airport has reserved parking spaces in their car parks for the disabled. Mainly the P2 and P3 parking zones, which are the nearest to the terminal, to provide ease of access to the user.

Pre-Book Parking

With advancing technology, you can now book your parking spot well before your flight at your ease. 

Services at the airport

Read below to find the services at the airport: 

Valet Service

The feeling of arriving home after a long flight and then searching for your car and walking to it can be a daunting thought. NTE Airport’s valet service makes your journey back home comfortable and smooth. The valet service will pick up or drop off your car straight from the airport terminal without worrying.