Parking Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport

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Parking Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport

Montpellier is one of the busiest airports in France, has more than 1.1 million travelers per year, and is recognized by its official IATA MPL code. It also is known simply as Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport and is regarded to be the tenth busiest airport in the country in terms of passengers. The airport is quite well suited to its passengers’ needs and has large car parking spaces for those due to arrive in their cars. Airport parking spaces are often fairly priced for long-term and short-term parking visits.

Montpellier Airport is very close to Montpellier, in Mauguio, and is an airport in the southern Languedoc Roussillon area of the world. It serves the city of Montpellier and many other areas in the Hérault department. The major cities in the area involve Avignon, Arles, Nimes, Beziers, and Narbonne, and the A9 motorway is the primary thoroughfare closest to the airport.

The A9 provides access from the cities listed, and also Montpellier, to the airport. Motorists should exit ‘Montpellier-Est’ (exit No. 29) to reach the airport from this road. It’s about a 15 to 20-minute drive from Montpellier, a fifty-five-minute drive from Beziers, and a forty-minute drive from Nimes. Upon landing at Montpellier Airport, the parking spaces are very well-publicized, and there are distinct places for short-term and long-term parking. A minimum of 2,400 car parking spaces is open.

Short term parking at Montpellier Airport

Like other airports, travelers are allowed to drop off passengers and their baggage at the terminal entrance in what is sometimes known as the ‘drop-off’ section. Automobiles are not permitted to park here, only wait for a few minutes to let passengers exit the car. The driver may not leave the car unattended and is encouraged to sit behind the wheel. 

Additionally, a motorist cannot wait here for passengers to arrive in this place but might pick up anyone who is already waiting on the sidewalk. We advise you to use one of the short-stay car parks for the transfer or arrival of passengers to minimize traffic volume that passes through the terminal entrance.

P2 and P3 parking 

The airport’s short-stay parking spaces are labeled P2 and P3 and are next to the terminal center. While suggested for stays of just a few hours or days, passengers can use them for any duration of time. Mid-term parking P3 is a bit better than P2 because you would only pay €8.00 a day rather than €11.00 a day paid at P2. One day to two days of parking costs €26,00 in P2 and €20,00 in P3, and every day after that €15,00 in P2 and €12,00 in P3. Passengers have direct exposure to baggage carts from all airport parking areas.

P0 Parking 

The P0 parking lot, better known as the Car Hotel parking area, is another choice for parking at the airport. It is a professionally secured car park with valet parking facilities. The boarding area is also just a few meters away. Optional facilities are available at P0, such as washing cars, and consumers can order that their car be loaded with fuel when they are abroad. Subscriptions are obtainable for EUR 150.00 per month in this region.

A timestamp ticket may be given to the passengers at the gate to each car park, to pay for the parking period until you are about to depart the airport. There are many two electronic payment machines at the end of the terminal, or vehicles can pay by credit card at the edge of the parking lot. There is also a reserved spot on the second level of the P2 car park for any more inquiries.

Long term parking at Montpellier-Méditerannée Airport

Read below to find about the long term parking options at the airport: 

P4 parking 

The airport’s long-stay parking lot is known as P4 and is really far from the terminal building, but is still only a short walk away, and no additional transport is required. We suggest that you use this car park if you stay longer than seven days. Since 2003, Montpellier Airport has provided a fixed rate of just €18.00 for a parking time ranging between 7 and 15 days. The fee is only applicable for the long-term parking area and is accessible to travelers on all airport flights. Each transfer can be used just once and cannot be accumulated. You can get this unique park pass by travel agents, airline services, tour operators, and the P2 parking department.

Disability parking at MPL Airport

The airport is designed for the convenience of disabled travelers, with concrete stairs, bridges specifically lowered support desks, and adequate toilet facilities. There are also specifically designated parking areas for disabled vehicles or elderly people. There are specifically fitted areas in each parking lot that you can access for people who possess a remote control unit and certain designated spaces. There are twelve allocated spaces in P2, 6 of which are fitted with a hand-held system, and in P3, there are two spaces out of four that are installed. P4 has 15 designated spaces.

You can find many disabled parking options at the airport for those who are the blue cardholders. For more information, you can contact the airport information desk.


There are many services available at the airport. Some of them are mentioned below;


You can get your car washed at the airport, and when you are back from your trip, you will find your car clean.


You can find the ATM services near the parking areas.