Parking Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

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Parking Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport is in Lyon, France. Earlier, these were known as Satolas Airport in Lyon. Lyon is amongst the biggest cities in France, making Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport one of the main and most influential airports in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region. The airport is approximately 11 miles from the center of Lyon.

The airport was opened by President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing on 12 April 1975 and reopened to travelers a week later. It was built to replace the old Lyon – Bron Airport, which is now mostly used in general aviation.

From 1994, the high-speed rail line LGV Rhône-Alpes introduced TGV operation to the city, delivering direct trains to Paris and Marseilles. The fan-shaped canopy of the Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupéry, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is the most prominent architectural characteristic of the airport.

The airport has become a focal city for Air France since 1997.

Parkeren op de luchthaven

The airport has parking capacity for more than 6000 vehicles, but the prices are fairly high. Private providers provide parking spaces at a short distance from the airport at significantly lower prices. Among the approved airport car parks, the “e-Park” airport in Lyon is cheaper than other airport car parks (€45 for up to 1 week, €55 for up to 2 weeks + booking fee).

Short term parking zones

The airport of Lyon-Saint Exupéry has several parking choices. Read below to find out regarding a short-term airport car park:

Drop off and Pick up

To drop off and pick up, the short-stay parking area (signposted “Depose Minute”), in front of Terminal 2 (pictured right), provides 20 minutes free parking, but after that, the prices are high, 1 euro per four minutes you park your car here. This parking space is just a few meters away from the terminal center, and 20 minutes here, you can say farewell and return to your vehicle or pick a friend who comes at a pre-arranged time.

P1 korte termijn parkeren

The P1 car park is an enclosed parking facility, right in front of the central airport gate. You can reach there with a minute’s walk, rendering this parking space the nearest to all three terminals. It’s right in front of Terminal 1. To park here, travelers will have to pay €4.90 for the first 15 minutes up to € 10.90 for one hour. The loading area also has a dedicated parking spot for trolleys to make it easier for passengers to bring their luggage from the lot to the terminal.

P0 short term parking

The P0 parking space is an underground parking structure just next to the P1 short-term parking site. Especially in comparison to P1 short-term parking, the P0 parking space is situated immediately in front of Terminal 1. While you still can park for up to 3 hours in the P0 parking field, airport management recommends not to park for longer than 1 hour, because this is a short-term parking lot. The parking area costs €4.90 for the first 15 minutes, rising to €10.90 for one hour.

Long-term parking zones

The airport of Lyon-Saint Exupéry has several parking choices. Learn below to find out about long-term parking at the airport:

P3 lange termijn parkeren

The P3 car park is the nearest long-term parking lot to the gates and central airport buildings. Like other sites, the P3 parking lot also has a bus free shuttle between the parking garage and the terminal throughout the week to make things easy for travelers. The car park has a flat rate of €48.30 for the first 24 hours, irrespective of how long you stay here for one day, and you can stay in this location for longer times only.

P4 lange termijn parkeren

The P4 parking area is immediately at the front of the train station and the bus shuttle service, offering convenient access for travelers. The P4 car park costs € 20 for one day, so you can park in for a long time. Airport authorities suggested parking at the P4 ahead of time through booking online. Passengers are also offered tempting discount vouchers and reduced rates when creating an online booking.

P5 long term parking

P5 long-term parking is the designated long-term parking location, and air traffic suggests parking here for longer periods. You are permitted to park in the P5 zone from 3 days to 90 days. The region charges €20 for one day, with prices rising as the number of days parked rises. The lot is situated near the train station, enabling travelers to enter the airport immediately via public transport. The P5 zone is the furthest away from the main airports and the three terminals. Nonetheless, airport management provides shuttle bus services for easier travel between terminals and the parking center, making it simple for travelers to enter the main airport structure.

Parkeerplaats voor gehandicapten

To accommodate individuals with disabilities, airport authorities have allocated parking spaces in the P0 parking area. Disabled persons will get up to 50 percent off at standard P0 parking rates by displaying the approved impairment passport. Nonetheless, it is recommended to pre-book restricted spaces digitally before arrival at the airport due to high traffic flows.

Services at the airport parking

There are many services available at the airport. Read below to learn more.

Elektrisch autolaadstation

The airport has six charging stations in the P4 parking field, devoted exclusively to electric vehicles. The charging station was designed in reaction to the environmental action taken by airport management.

Robotic valet parking services

The P5 parking area includes a digital car park of about 2000 extra car parks. Futuristic parking network is a robotic car park service where seven autonomous robots drive the cars to their assigned car parks after the passengers exit the cars to be stored. The robotic system provides a secure and fast valet parking service.