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Parking Lille Airport

The Lille Airport, locally known as the LIL Airport or Lesquin Airport, is an international airport located in the region of Lesquin, 7km southeast of Lille. The Lille airport is considered the 12th busiest airport in France, with a sum of approximately over a million passengers passing through every year. The LIL Airport is placed at a convenient 15-minute drive from the city center of Lille and is accessible to all the neighboring regions in the North of France. The airport is rated as the fourth busiest airport for cargo shipment, so it overall has an integral role in the air travel of France.

Parkeren op de luchthaven

The Lesquin airport provides ease of access to its passengers, and you can conveniently travel to the airport through the railway system that directly connects Lille city to the airport. However, if you are looking for a parking solution, LIL Airport has you covered. The airport parking has areas divided into sections for long-term and short-term parking zones according to your needs. The parking is organized in a manner to provide you comfort and security as you leave your car for a few minutes or days.

Korte termijn parkeren

The great thing about the short term parking at Lesquin Airport is that it is located near the airport and does not require any prior reservations. The following are your short term options:

P2 parking zone

The P2 parking is specifically designated for all those cars, visiting the airport for a short time duration. With around 1169 slots available to use by the customers, the parking is located right in front of the airport. You only need a short five-minute walk to reach the airport entrance and easily pick up or drop off passengers from this location.

The parking has ideal prices and deals if you are looking to park your car in this zone for two days or less. The first fifteen minutes are free for this parking lot, as you look for the perfect spot to park your car or carry your luggage to and from the airport entrance.  After you cross the fifteen-minute mark, you will pay an additional EUR 0, 40, for every fifteen-minute interval. From noon to midnight, the charges are EUR 20, while two whole days in this lot will cost you EUR 34.

P3 parking zone

The P3 parking zone will provide you optimal comfort since it is located right at the entrance of the arrival and departure terminal. The parking is smaller than the P2 and only has 214 slots available, so it is preferred only for those who will be making a quick stop at the airport. The proximity of this parking is ideal for people who are simply dropping off or picking up a passenger. 

You will be charged EUR 10 for parking in this zone for fifteen-minutes, and after that, you will have to pay EUR 4 per fifteen-minute interval you spend in this parking. From noon till midnight, the charge is EUR 35, while two whole days will cost you EUR 45.

Langdurig parkeren

The long term parking at Lesquin Airport provides you with the option to reserve your parking space beforehand. You can easily choose the prime parking spot for your needs and park your car on the day of your flight without any hassle. Both the parking facilities available at the airport require you to make a reservation before your flight date.

Following are the options available to you:

P1 parking zone

The P1 parking has 1525 spaces available for you to park your car and provides you with ample choices to leave your car for a long time. P1 parking is an economical parking solution if you are looking to park your car for three days or more. Any duration less than that will not be entertained in this parking lot.

After you pay EUR 42 for parking here for a week, each additional day will only cost you EUR 4. Similarly, you can avail of many deals going on in this parking lot through the year, like paying EUR 5 per day for a two week parking period. The customer has the option to cancel their booking up till 24 hours before their departure.

P4 parking zone

The P4 parking is considerably the ultimate privileged parking zone at the Lesquin Airport, with a capacity to accommodate up to 134 cars. It is the smallest yet most luxurious parking space available to you at the airport. The parking is the only covered parking for your car’s safety and security as it remains parked for an indefinite period.

The P4 parking is placed next to the airport terminal, unlike the long term parking at other airports that are the furthest from the airport building. The parking connects to the arrival and departure terminal through an elevator, and it will take you a matter of two minutes to be inside the airport.

Your parking space is reserved before your arrival date at the airport, but it is also insured in your name. The car insurance is a facility that will further instill faith and trust in the parking while you are away since you will be covered for any loss or damages.

If you park your car from noon to midnight, you will pay EUR 50. From then on you are charged an additional 8 euros for each extra day you spend in the parking. A whole week’s stay will set you back EUR 98, after which each additional day is 8 euros.

Parkeerplaats voor gehandicapten

The Lille airport follows the current regulations for disabled facilities, and they have reserved a set amount of parking spaces in each parking lot, near the terminal entrance. They have been placed closest to the airport for the maximum comfort of the user.

Motorbike parking

Motorbike parking spaces are at the P3 parking zone, and you will be charged according to the P3 parking rates. Otherwise, you are free to use the regular car park spaces in the other parking lots.

Airport shuttle

The LIL Airport provides you with a shuttle service to take you from the long term parking lot, especially the P1 parking zone to the airport building. The shuttle operates every few minutes from the parking lot and will make your journey more comfortable.


There are many services available at the airport. Read below to find some of the services: 

Valet service

The Lille Airport has a separate parking space for all the cars that you hand over to be parked via valet. You can easily hand your keys over for your ease, and your car will be parked safely, without you having to look around for a parking spot or get late for your flight.

Car charging station

The P4 parking has an additional feature of car charging facilities available to the people using the long term parking option. You do not even have to worry about charging your car after you park it for a while in the parking lot; you can simply do it right there.